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  1. Hi guys, I have managed to programme my Saitek X52 with a macro and on testing within the Saitek software the macro works fine. However when I try to use the macro within WW2 online it wont work. Doea anyone have the same issue or have solved this issue? Both myself and Igor from SODS have been bashing our heads trying to get this to work I am using windows 7 64 bit and the latest SST Software for the macro. All drivers too are current and up to date on my system and with the joystick itself. Any help or assistance would be greatly appreciated All the best Nadir
  2. Hey guys, I have been approved for joining you guys but am waiting to have forum access granted so I can get the TS info etc and get fighting alongside you all :-) All the best and thanks in advance for any help Nadir2020
  3. I got in I have to say ... at the moment all looks good. Thank you very much indeed :-)
  4. Well guys I am not a trial account but a 6 month account and I have the same problem ...although I was trial account just before all this happened. I have had a ticket submitted since last night about 8pm (UK Time) and have had no reply or response yet. So for me signing up to a 6 month contract this isnt the best start I have to say.
  5. S! Guys, I have applied to join your fine outfit and look forward to fighting alongside you all very soon :-) All the best Nadir2020
  6. S! Nobi Thank you for the superb advice and I have made an application to the 91st. Many thanks indeed mate Regards Nadir2020
  7. Hi guys, I am looking for a good Axis squad to play alongside. I am a mature 41 year old living in Scotland, UK and have played this game a few years back and decided it wasd time to get back to it. I have forgotten most of it so in effect I am a noob lol. In terms of commitment I will be able to make it on regularly, in fact most nights I reckon and have all the required equipment such as Mic, headset, TrackIR etc. Anyway fellas if anyone can help I would be greatly appreciative All the best Nadir
  8. Yip same thing happening to me also on the main page as well as not being able to get into game due to an 'Authentication Failure' for the last 24 hours. Seems like everything is going down the pan server wise lol
  9. I am getting the same thing and I have a full account ... I was a trial account but signed up for 6 months .... and cant get in the game. Not good at all and I have uninstalled/reinstalled etc etc .... to no avail. I can get on the training server but not the main server !!!
  10. Sorry guys think I worked this out .... My TrackIR 5 was causing the issue I think when I had it on whilst logging in .... took the vector clip off and then tried and it worked fine ... just got the TrackIR today so a noob with that too lol Sorry folks
  11. Hi there, As a total noob to the game lol and having signed up for 6 months I am trying to get in game but cant. When i start the game it automatically tries to log me in after I click agree to the terms and conditions. It wont allow me to enter my password Any help would be greatly appreciated guys. Best Wishes