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  1. Thanks Motormouth.
  2. Yeah, still no answer to my ticket. This is starting to get daft. It seems a significant number of people cant connect, we all have the self same problem and we're all trial accounts. Haven't even had so much as a 'Sorry, something is FUBAR, we're looking into it' from the support team. Whats the normal waiting time on tickets etc? Does it normally take 2 plus days to even get a basic response, or is this just a really really bad week for the lads in tech support?
  3. Yeah, still no reply to my ticket. I'm also put off the game, the longer this take. Personally, I don't know if I want to spend so much money a month if I don't get anything. Its been two days now and no substantial answer, no answer to my ticket and no update regarding the cause of all these problems.
  4. Yeah, it seems we are all newly setup trial players.
  5. Does anyone know if there are actual moderators that deal with the help section, or if its just community input only. I'm really disappointed that there seems to be no solution and that I'm arbitrarily unable to play.
  6. Yeah, its really frustrating that I can do all the training missions, access the event server, but that I cant actually play the main game. I've searched these forums for fixes and none of them seem to work.
  7. I just started playing tonight, did the basic tutorials on the training/event server and connected fine. I come to play on campaign server and the loading bar just keeps stopping at authentication. This then fails and the only option is to close and start again. I have reinstalled once already and the launcher says both servers are up and running, so I'm at a loss for why this isnt working. Nothing has come up from either my firewall or antivirus, so not sure why it isnt connecting properly. Please help, thanks.