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  1. Wow, thanks for posting this, I had no idea my monthly payment was going up to $17.99 as I was on a monthly plan. I've now changed this to $12.99 Easypay 12 month plan.
  2. Count me in as Allied, just watched Greatest Tank battles of WW2: Kursk, last night so this sounds like hella fun!!!
  3. 1 109E4 Kill - Teetwo 3 109E4 Damages. I had to pop out as He111's were entering BC line (had to pick up girlfriend) so only got to lift after drop, raced east and got into a big furball over the sea. Was fun! Will be going again in 2 hours for the next run!
  4. 1hour as GMT is currently 14:00.
  5. Yup GMT is currently 14:00 but in Britian the time is 15:00 as we are GMT+1 for british Summer Time. Would be a lot easier of these things were posted in server time.
  6. I'll be in for the single fighter event I think, unless I fly wingman with mevan. I am not really understanding the format for it though. Is it 1v1 or 6v6 but each person gets their own score?
  7. I'm in. Is it only recruits and rookies that can take part in the 1 v 1 competition?
  8. Allied Spitfire or Hawk 81.
  9. I enjoyed it, have good footage of shooting my squadmates down (Tzulscha & Hiiamben) in the ir He111 over the English coast. A few things for the future to consider though: There should have been an assigned leader for each side who created missions and assigned players to seperate flights and to their aircraft, it was a free for all really, a lot of peaple were unaware of the targets and we never had a clear mission plan. The whole of the RAF spawned Spitfire mkIa's, making the pre event equipment lists meaningless. More numbers would obviously have helped too, especially on the Axis side. Was hoping for a huge formation of he111's like back in the day, would be good to have a few seperate event style scenarios that can be run when we have intermission, as I know a lot of players are unwilling to leave the live game server to take part in the events, (fools don't know what they're missing out on!).
  10. the link from tha main page is dead got in by using start/program files/CRS/Training
  11. repeated the test trying Forcewaer drivers 169.04 169.02 169.21 175.19 177.79 and using bot 6600GT and 8800GT I still get this anomaly, one thing I would add is that the canpy and the gunsight both bounce around like crazy in the air and at very high alt it's impossible to aim. When reverting back to 162.18 Forceware drivers everything is back to normal, there is still a little bounce in the gunsight and canopy, but nowhere near the levels of the newer drivers. Sadly the 162.18 drivers are not compatible with the 8800GT