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  1. Tip #17 dont play fair or with any values.
  2. LOL yes bersi i want a lackey to.
  3. Think this thread is done, and as eagle says crybabies now we know who they are.
  4. Looking forward to integrated voice comms, I used teamspeak which was good (had my own free server for years), but integrated comms are much better as there made for the particular game. Would like to hear more about it, great job guys keep it up. Discord just not user friendly, seems designed for peoples phones, why do i need voip on a phone ? LOL
  5. I see no problem with the MP-40 or MP-34 they shoot fine, as i recall the RATS adjusted it already to appease the same gripes years ago , of course not with MP-34 it was not around then but again i see no issue, havent really tried maney allied weapons but that MAS i'm suprized i ever die to it LOL. Will the .30 cal for the Allies have a buttstock, somewhat as they had for Paras ? Or just the standard issue style on a tripod ? Great job by the way CRS.
  6. Kool whats the back look like ?
  7. brought it upon yourself OHM lol
  8. Sounds good I''ll try it out on SuSe, haven't played game since some of the recent updates on Linux looks like a good time to do some testing. At one time long ago i had it running without Wine or any other program. Thanks
  9. Congrats to another squadie great job elvs.
  10. Congrats Rockhit well deserved a great squad co and friend.
  11. My biggest concern is that i make most of my missiond from a brigade not on the front for FB busting and a towns defence so if someone has taken all the engineers which not maney anymore anyway then i will not be able to do this effectively anymore, if you make the mission from the town thats being attacked its hard to get out and even harder to do so without being detected.
  12. Great now i will never have engineers lol OK sure i will i'll just take them back while someone else is stealing them from brig i'm in
  13. when you download the game are you connected directly to the internet or wireless, just asking when i tried wireless downloads there always messed up and i had same issue your having. I remember the widowmakers welcome back sir!
  14. I dont care so much about someone switching sides as long as they can be honest about it, going over counting othersides supply situation or running 2 accounts at the same time on both sides is a ptoblem that kind of thing destroys games. All in all a person should have the ability to go back an forth but with some kind of penalty/reward along lines of pittepete's idea could be something to look in to, what kind of nightmare that could turn in to with game fluctuation would or could be a problem.