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  1. grats eagle
  2. so this thread has absolutly no value
  3. can we throw the rocks ?
  4. Biggest problem as i see is people lacking in game the want or need to fight for the side there on, stat whores who help kill an underpop side worse than just being underpop, dont watch anything dont use comms seen to maney times 3+ players on an underpop situation camping a efms while enemy caps cp's in town they dont mark nor cover they want there stats better than yours and most of the ppl that gripe are the stat whores. Play for the side you are on to your best. been on recieving end of massive underpop maney times and still capped and won towns, organisation and willing to play as a team, good comms between hc down to the guy that just started is key. Thats something CRS cant change thats player attitude. What i hope for is in game comms not discord or any 3rd party stuff something CRS can watch keep ppl from playing both sides same time, Im checking there supply great for saying im cheating, heard hc on both sides talk how they monitor other sides chat . Lame crap its not CRS that controls that thats players ethics and fact they suck i dont care what there K/D is, easy to be top just kill yer 2nd acct over an over. I do think as choad says lets give side lock a try for a campaign it is worth a shot.
  5. takes 2 charges on the same gear wheel to track a tank doesnt work on all which that hasnt really changed.
  6. Mos never gets mad he just takes lead of your mission and deletes your fru.
  7. Wouldn't it just be easier to allow Paratroop MLs to set up ammo boxes like NCOs? agree with that, until then just take an nco with ya and plane land somewhere ahead of time or after para drop.
  8. Would make a good event tho. See how allies try to take england lol
  9. maney fear it with no reason they try going head to head straight forward and die then say its unkillable and log.....whiners acton always gives up first day now i geuss he gives up before start I dont give up acton
  10. Sometime theres something left go to docs and delete the game file there and any under user as well backup anything in them you want to save like screenshots and cfml files you may have changed for preference. In otherwords search and get rid of anything to do with game then restart and install new version. hope that will solve tho old file issue for ya.
  11. Count down timer sounds good i know due to lack of use on one hand i have hard time chatting quickly and typing commands, also something to keep other ppl from setting new MS without saying anything. Completely agree with XOOM's point if you had squad only ability players not in a squad and new would all be walking to battle or walking out of the game.
  12. Pisses me off constantly, ppl takelead and delete it and leave happens now and again or somebody grabs a truck and goes an moves it. One person first time said ( why is fru here ? i dont like it. ) took lead deleted it and left 30 min or less later he was on the other side, it was a mission to bust there fb. It gets done completely intentional by some players and its BS
  13. Kool thx for reply good to know more coming......and like i said i dont mind the drive lol.
  14. Distance from the Gouda cp and spawn seems a little far, we capped it 3x but it just took a few allies to keep you from getting to the cp (no game breaker but annoying). Distance from Gouda to Tiel is around 50k drove it 2x once to blow the Tiel - Zaltbommel FB and again to try an recap Tiel first ms was still south of the river so remade north of the river with a new mission. was curious if there will be an FB added between, doesn't bother me much but i know maney will never make that drive.
  15. icky