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  1. i just wanna watch and drink a pint
  2. skinks gratz would like to mention he was not the only one west, we had an ms just south of the spawn before that we had one west of it
  3. nerco gratz
  4. and a job well done at trier docks yesterday as well
  5. sir grats
  6. Great job
  7. FMS spider web: try to blow an EFMS and you cant move away from it or get up sometimes you even slowly slide around it kinda funny but sucks to lose an engineer or 2 also has been mentioned spawning with atg at fms bug turning upside down an such also happens with infantry at fb and spawning at ab getting stuck in tent or walls have noticed if the fms is on side of a burm or to close the atg bug happens havent had it happen on flat ground unless someone builds a dam PPO right by where you enter keep up the good work when we get flying monkey aircraft carriers ? an dont tell me you call them fallschrmjaeger lol
  8. To all my brothers and sisters on this day that gave the ultimate sacrifice.
  9. and congrats guys both great an dedicated players
  10. to all my brothers and sisters
  11. thnks again understand its alot was just hoping be back up when i got off work be on tomorrow
  12. thnks reply young jedi
  13. cant get on and dowload link is where is new link
  14. I agree with brady great way to rank air force points is play infantry, grab an inf or aa in air branch just need someone to make a mission for you or tow you to the action....rank faster than blowing bridges and taking up an bridge ao. Also agree with delems 2 weeks plenty of time to rank up and test the game to see if they want to sub not just have a f2p account to tow.