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  1. some just spawn in there 2nd and stay inside the fms and drive there tank near by to camp it why game is gettin [censored]tier grats stat bastage cheaters
  2. Yes the DP cables are nice much better than hdmi and serial.
  3. Should be able to offline and i think on training server may have to check that. Also if you just do the min acct get access to some.
  4. Anywhere can see new engineer class abilities ? Great stuff.
  5. i stop that by hitting both wheel brakes RWS. seems to work soon as i spawn in.....always grab a beer before i start lol
  6. prevent someone playing on the OP side from spawning in 4 different accounts and probly at least 1 of those on the opposite side
  7. Unless you want new players to learn how to work in a campaign or you can just let them learn sniping and camping then scream an holler on campaign that no ones capping.
  8. The Flong awards ......Coming soon
  9. Very well deserved and again long overdue. Loo
  10. Nice work Mycat, overdue.
  11. Great job Rats runs great when i ran the beta works great now.
  12. tieto, nj
  13. I have had same thing happen with a rifle maybe the cause in your case looks like you shot at it same time as and atg or tank and just a geuss but maybe system ran you as the killer being you shot it same time as probably the true killer. Like i said ive gotten simular results from time to time seems more so in the air.