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  1. cn always take the fb back to the ao but yes makes it more aggravating when you see hc on yet no reply if your an hac officer and your on you can make a call regardless of branch
  2. can do that now and have been able to put your atg on opposite side of a burm or hillside and fire HE even more effective is to have a spotter works great as well with CS tanks can always be out of sight to the enemy takes a good spotter and gunner and of course a mortar does the same as well.
  3. and we can build snowman armies so allies wont know how maney we really are, but yes like snow on occasion as well.
  4. Yes Please would like to see this would open so much more possibilities for the game. Great job Rats
  5. Thought it would be nice to have a message pop up as to when someone joins or leaves your mission so you dont have to always look at mission briefing tab while in the heat of battle.
  6. Look great but already have heard players on game stating what great sniping and camping purpose they would have, feel there is enough of that already more encouragement not to attack more WW1ONLINE. I do understand they would be nice to have for a defense on a town or maybe even a gun/observation position above a town or along a road/FB area. Like most things always worth a try to see how it goes at the moment i just see it as something to encourage more static warfare. Also more encouragement for lonewolf play (i'll build my own fortress up on this hill and sit for ever til something comes by lol). Keep new ideas coming.
  7. I like that idea alot, as hillstorm said ppl dont always look at the message and sometimes i will hit it more than i think i do some sound would let me know it registered at least.
  8. wow lets check numbers do do do lets play 1 side at a time not check other sides same time yer hc on 1 side lets see if you can play a square fkn game before you can say what needs to be done
  9. running low or out of aircraft happens alot with frontline af's,maney new players still learning and joining the game no need to cut everyone elses fun. hear ppl constantly saying newbies wasting all the good supply now you sy nobody should have any lol. i dont think the numbers should be cut except get rid of naval infantry and cut the number of destroyers and leave the fg42 only in airborne brigs.
  10. My problem is the fact that maney play both sides at the same time , happend maney times to me busting an fb someone spawns in my mission or even just sits in town i originate from sees MS location and i have Tanks and infantry all over MS 2 minutes after i put it up, maney of my MS for busting fb are out of audio rang yet enemy goes right to it, or join mission takelead and delete my MS. Would like to see an notification on screen or chat screen when a player joins your mission. Nothing against having more than 1 account, but to maney are playing both sides same time. Also know the Rats are looking out for it and need players help with it using .report.
  11. grats eagle
  12. so this thread has absolutly no value
  13. can we throw the rocks ?
  14. Biggest problem as i see is people lacking in game the want or need to fight for the side there on, stat whores who help kill an underpop side worse than just being underpop, dont watch anything dont use comms seen to maney times 3+ players on an underpop situation camping a efms while enemy caps cp's in town they dont mark nor cover they want there stats better than yours and most of the ppl that gripe are the stat whores. Play for the side you are on to your best. been on recieving end of massive underpop maney times and still capped and won towns, organisation and willing to play as a team, good comms between hc down to the guy that just started is key. Thats something CRS cant change thats player attitude. What i hope for is in game comms not discord or any 3rd party stuff something CRS can watch keep ppl from playing both sides same time, Im checking there supply great for saying im cheating, heard hc on both sides talk how they monitor other sides chat . Lame crap its not CRS that controls that thats players ethics and fact they suck i dont care what there K/D is, easy to be top just kill yer 2nd acct over an over. I do think as choad says lets give side lock a try for a campaign it is worth a shot.
  15. takes 2 charges on the same gear wheel to track a tank doesnt work on all which that hasnt really changed.