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  1. I agree with brady great way to rank air force points is play infantry, grab an inf or aa in air branch just need someone to make a mission for you or tow you to the action....rank faster than blowing bridges and taking up an bridge ao. Also agree with delems 2 weeks plenty of time to rank up and test the game to see if they want to sub not just have a f2p account to tow.
  2. Was having issues as well then updated security cert for the server windows wouldnt allow me to go to web page or log in.
  3. Thx Xoom wasnt able to get game to start with the patch downloaded on yer link worked perfect. I first tried patch no go tried full dowload no go then link you provided worked perfect.
  4. Is that just for MAC users? Went to download for PC and version is 1.35.7
  5. have you tried dl full install, exe file should be in CRS folder
  6. could also be possible if game installed on 2 seperate partitions or seperate hard drives, then try 2 monitors, workaround for that may need 2 keyboards interesting may check it out myself
  7. Thx for link great stuff im sure i will contribute my time for this project
  8. Agree we need more HC, past couple weeks been bad with no HC on. Dre21 makes a good point to which can be done before an HC leaves when there is none other on he can make players in certain brigs in key points OIC of thet brig so they have some control til a regular HC gets on.
  9. they are great bunch to work with
  10. thx figured out after i posted i on the wbs event so marked as free to play lol, be back on soon regular
  11. Been away awhile guess no axis forum and allied now? Anyway all hope to be back in game soon had some medical issues going. Miss all, love the game.
  12. My granfather served in the 32nd ID from New Guinea to the Phillipines. His brother 1st provisional army air corps infantry captured at Bataan in May'42 spent entire war as POW an forced labor. His other brother served during the aleution campaign as AAgunner then to the ETO just in time for the Bulge and rhineland campaigns. My grandfather was dischrged a month before the end of the war for shellshock and was not supposed to ever re-up but when the USAF was created in '47 he joined that, was in for a little more than 2yrs till they figured it out lol. Also 2 great uncles in Germany 1 in the Luftwaffe as a mechanic other in supply in the heer. Almost forgot another that served in the 41st served in New Guinea as well.
  13. no help?????
  14. That should be built in to your graphics card unless your laptop is really old