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  1. shoot it in the arse upper right close (with PAK36) sometimes takes 3-4 shots. BE DARING.
  2. Will try to post something on this today, but basically after downloading the Runtime 2010 go in to the containing folder and extract the cab containing the missing .dll to a folder on you desktop or wherever you prefer, I then just copied and pasted the the .dll that was giving the error to the CRS folder containing the ww2ol.exe file, the system32 folder and the syswow64 folder, thats pretty much it. There were some other things that needed done first always run a good antivirus/ adware removal tool now and again I personally reccomend Malwarebytes and Spybot Search and Destroy both free programs that in my opinion work well together and are free. Running updates for your graphics card is not always a good solution, in this case we had to install a previous version due to the fact the newest version has issues with Winblows 8.1. Will try to put this in a better way with steps in order for all to see, I'm not the best writer in the world but i've done alot of PC troubleshooting and repair (stupid degree in computers and networking lol ).
  3. Ive shot down over 25 planes with a rifle and was the cause of there death viper. Had a bunch of squadies as well gaurding an fb allies wanted bad everytime a enemy plane flew over we used the old russian east front method everyone shoot, we brought down a few with just rifles. Doesnt matter what anyone says your gunna just blame something or other or tell everyone there full of bs.
  4. My post wasnt an argument but if you take it that way so be it. Its silly to show the enemy all your cards, this idea would, again as in another idea that was posted, eliminate any FOG of war, therefore eliminating any covert specops type missions, people like myself like that FOG of war it is a big part of the appeal to more than just me. Maney ideas I have seen posted are good ideas as long as we keep pumping out good or not so good ideas, the RATS will think about things as well maybe use parts an pieces forming more ideas in there heads.
  5. Ya what i love is new players after being told not to cap, or blow efms and then live campaign starts and thats what they do then hear ppl complain the new ppl need more training because they dont gaurd or know how to blow an efms or fb. intermission is a good time for old players to help out new players learn the campaign. I often grab a couple new players and help them out with things on and off campaign, ive learned some things from them as well from a different perspective.
  6. I would probably log for the campaign if i died during an FB bust after driving 20k as i often do, and couldnt come back on my own mission for any amount of time, FB's rebuild it would eliminate ppl doing spec op type commando ops. Even if i did come back i wouldn't be able to get an engineer as some of the suggestion goes as you say. Cant see that not allowing people to go back to the mission there on for any amount of time. What if right when they spawn in a bomber just unloads in area they spawned in they die now there penalized.
  7. deploy at position 2 then go to position 3 should be able to use the gun. Sounds like thats what your doing are you using the Axis or allied SPAA, and check to be sure what your keymapper has it at.
  8. British 2lbr can take out all german armor as well and comes out of an ms. Same with the French 25mm killed a tiger (making it virtually unusable in battle for very long ) on the training server. I test things out off and on so I know what can kill me on the battlefield.
  9. far as i know free play only gets rifle from here forward
  10. Stanyus is absolutly correct ive taken out matties before audit and after, been doing it for years in this game churchills to, they dont pop like but you make there function stop so it worthless so mattie crew cant do nothing. Y ou have to hit them in the rear sometimes can do it on a rear side shot, once there stopped then go to the turret move around it while there vision is blurry get closer and keep shooting they will despawn and you get the kill. M10 shoot the turret first take out there gunners then take your time shoot rear shots or side rear it will pop unless they despawn first which usually happens. S76 again directly in rear or top rear side they will pop. Just depends if yer lucky or not but aiming at the proper points increases that luck, i'm one of those guys when i hear ppl say it can't be done i go out and do it, PAK 36 is 1 of my favorite ATG in game quick to move and deadly, also has more HE so can use as arty effectively with a spotter prefered ( thats on another thread ). Think i got a kill on a matty last camp you was in Stanky I was at about 300m.
  11. Go Go Propa
  12. In the past i have used the PAK 36 and PAK 38 as arty park them on a reverse slope and i had a squadie spot and correct fire. With the CS tanks i havent tried that yet but great idea dre21 and monty.
  13. May have ended up in the desert but was intended for BEF. The other armoured brigs weren't that beefy on there TO&E so probable they intended it on paper as a spearhead brigade.
  14. Jwilly sorry ppl mentioned the TO&E not actual i gave the TO&E of the 4th armored brig in france sorry next time i will anticipate that TO&E is actual not what was the planned TO&E I can talk real numbers with you all day you wanna come an correct me when my statement was correct. Go fk yourself Of course no brig ever has TO&E as written, didnt think this was mention everything in the history of military order sorry