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  1. I make that 1500 PST? I can log in an hour later after work, but not on time. Does that work?
  2. I can't find the mission! EDIT: Never mind.
  3. Screwing TS, I'll see if I can get on.
  4. Servers and passwords are on page 10, posted by sbuzzard.
  5. If the list isn't updated just spawn in, we'd be happy to have another E-1 pilot.
  6. Just to double check - a belly landing or a crushed prop still counts as RTB, right? Because my landings aren't the smoothest.
  7. You can log in and check, but I don't think so.
  8. If I converted the times right it is one hour fifteen minutes to launch.
  9. Agreed. Maybe another set of 8 E-1s or E-4s as available slots?
  10. Never mind, got a joystick so I'll be flying as a fighter pilot.
  11. Hey, just got a joystick for my birthday, so I'll actually switch to a 109 E-1, if I can switch my shift at work with someone.
  12. I was wondering if I could get a couple practice runs in a He111 as a bombardier before the Aldertag event. I am usually on for about an hour between 10 and 12 PM West Coast Time. I only need a couple runs, I will have the charts for the altitude of the targets and such with me on Aldertag, I just need some practice actually doing it.
  13. Are the factories all at the same locations as normal? Or are they in a new spot? I want to set the bombsight as we take off so I can concentrate on shooting until we get over the target.