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  1. steam stats and achievements will be comparable or the same to our own reworked stats and achievements on our stats site
  2. negative...did you see the new American Para in UR4? now just imagine cockpits and 6DOF...
  3. I believe I actually fixed Baghdad Bob this evening...hurry up and win the map so that we can confirm it on the live system
  4. Was it easier because you just loaded the community site and then the new articles were just right there in the middle of the screen? The tricky thing with that style of site is that it made it very difficult to "sell" the game to new prospecting players that are coming to the website for the first time or to come find information about the game. That's the reason we had two separate websites for a while, one being the "selling" site and the other being the "community" site. Combining those two into a single sight is a tricky thing do to. I decided to have a specific menu just for the community because you all should be more hardy in finding the information that yall need. We have to have a WWII Online face to the website as a whole. There are the latest articles on the homepage, they are just a few rows down from the top. So if a player doesn't want to navigate over one page, they can just scroll down and see if there was something new posted. Any suggestions?
  5. A few weeks ago I added the categories and the most read stories to the News area. It does make that area look a bit wordy, do you think moving those things down into their own row will help to break up all the words? The wordiness all comes down to how they create the articles, if they do not use any imagery to spice up the intro to the articles, that's all we get. I also added links to the Categories, Featured Articles, and the RSS Feed. I'm not sure if you're aware but the Featured Articles page shows that last five articles that have been highlighted. Also, the RSS feed gives you the ability to get emails sent to you whenever there is a new article posted.
  6. a group of crack shots could really shut down CAS/CAP over a target! at what range do you think you're averaging when connecting?
  7. After Steam is when other things will begin to be looked into again. I've got an idea how to currently track RDP bombing but we shall see if it works out.
  8. you do realize it's spelled "Xoom" with an "X" and not a "Z", right?
  9. we're all here and reading the reactions to these changes and we're weighing the options on what can be done.
  10. thanks for the input yall, we're good for the time being.
  11. Just something that shows the specific branch at hand and also isn't changed from what the game actually looks like. I still need to add a section where people can see the different article categories. thanks for the ideas We had a discussion about that very thing...I actually like the current logo as it looks more "war like" but the truth is that we just don't have a horizontal logo in the yellow color.
  12. Perfect, I've updated them all. This is why fresh eyes are a good thing, I must have read through everything at least three times and still missed things... Bloo is a Retired Rat and Scotsman falls under the production team. Thanks!
  13. I'd planned on taking some new screenshots so that we don't run into that issue. Also, some of the images are Axis heavy so I'd like to take them so that they show all the countries. thanks!
  14. what specific URL are you trying to use?