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  1. There's been a ton of updates in the last few years.
  2. bersi sighting! there's an old name!
  3. The synchronization between the Live and Training servers has been updated so that the Training progress is copied from the Live server to the Training server. This should allow anyone that's completed the training on the Live server to log into the Training server without the need to go through training again. Let us know if you experience any issues.
  4. Very cool to watch!
  5. Like blkhwk said, QA tested them all and verified them prior to the release...our QA team is pretty friken good. It seems forrest confirmed after release as well and those numbers match up pretty close.
  6. easy huh? lol...
  7. awesome!
  8. One big feature that has been added into this hotfix patch is the re-enabling of in game Polls! You will see the poll on the Welcome screen, right after the game loads. Be sure to cast your vote to help CRS get information which helps to make better decisions for the future of the game.
  9. One of our Devs spent a lot of time looking into fixing this issue and you would be surprised how "just move the camera back" turns into so much more. Everything from clipping to being unable to get into or out of tight places were's still a work in progress but it is on the list.
  10. Quite the achievement! Congratz!
  11. The issue with units being locked for all subs has been resolved.
  12. is now LIVE! See the full readme here:
  13. Run over kills is actually something that is on the short list to get fixed...hopefully within the next few releases