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  1. As stated in another thread, we already have fixes in place and are planning to get them to QA in the next few days. Also, as a reminder, you have the ability to disable HUD Waypoints at any time by going to Preferences -> HUD. I just tested this in game, again, and it seems to work just fine and doesn't re-enable them on respawn. Are you sure you're hitting the "Save" button?
  2. HUD Waypoints can be disabled within your Preferences -> HUD menu. We're looking into a hotkey to disable them while spawned.
  3. lol funny how this comes up as we noticed the same tool a few weeks ago, as xoom said.
  4. Thanks for the info.
  5. Yes, just as you can disable the current Origin/Target HUD Waypoints now.
  6. @jwilly lol don't get too crazy right off the bat. The introduction of loadouts is planned to start out slow, with just the basics of loadouts with different numbers of bombs or different sizes of bombs. After everything is proven to work as intended with the playerbase, we will progress loadout options further in other releases. @morant That's the plan, eventually we will get there. As I said, we're trying to take things slow with the introduction. HATCH is still working some research and verification for the basic loadouts options for their initial release.
  7. We're hoping within the next few releases to get an initial version of Loadouts out to the players. At this stage, the plan will begin with bombs and possibly fighter/bombers as well but that may change. We have them working but they still need a bit more testing to make sure they are working properly and not breaking other things.
  8. This should now be fixed.
  9. I believe we've got stats working as they should again. Sorry for the long delay in getting them fixed up after the colocation move. As many of you are aware, things have been pretty busy behind the scenes. Everything from the HC Tools and Billing site to the Beta Server and the 64bit client is all being worked on. Let me know if you see any issues with yours or anyone else's stats.
  10. No, its purpose is to get stats and a few other services back online.
  11. I believe I've got this fixed now.
  12. According to the website, FPA players do have access to trucks which can tow light and medium AAA/ATGs.
  13. 1) Store your new payment information 2) Submit a ticket to let us know, and to confirm the type of subscription they desire ( 3) Then we'll process by hand the subscription