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  1. The new UI is a high priority to complete, it is being worked on.
  2. @OHMwould be the best one to answer this question.
  3. To add onto what scking said, the short codes can change with the addition of towns as well. I still need to update the webmap.
  4. @foe2Fixed.
  5. Submit a ticket and they can look into the permissions issue...
  6. Thanks, we'll look into it.
  7. Give it another try.
  8. You should now be fixed, give it another try.
  9. wut? log in and find out...
  10. It's not missing, the I icons next to the different level of account directs you to the information that you're asking about...
  11. lol if it were HTML5 based, which it's not, the new UI would have been done long ago. Unfortunately it is not that easy.
  12. We hoped that we would be able to hit both the 1.36 Hybrid-Supply and UI target at the same time so that they both would be finished around the same time. Unfortunately due to other requirements and many other things, we are not able to meet those expectations without massively delaying both of the projects. This is why we are now focusing on getting the Hybrid-Supply out to the players as soon as we can. Do know that there has been some work done on the new UI and it's looking much better than what we currently have but it won't be released until after the Hybrid-Supply part of 1.36.
  13. This was my same experience while I was in as well...
  14. for about the fifth time in this single