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  1. awesome!
  2. One big feature that has been added into this hotfix patch is the re-enabling of in game Polls! You will see the poll on the Welcome screen, right after the game loads. Be sure to cast your vote to help CRS get information which helps to make better decisions for the future of the game.
  3. One of our Devs spent a lot of time looking into fixing this issue and you would be surprised how "just move the camera back" turns into so much more. Everything from clipping to being unable to get into or out of tight places were's still a work in progress but it is on the list.
  4. Quite the achievement! Congratz!
  5. The issue with units being locked for all subs has been resolved.
  6. is now LIVE! See the full readme here:
  7. Run over kills is actually something that is on the short list to get fixed...hopefully within the next few releases
  8. I believe I now have the SMG Top Players corrected. Your totals for the MP40, MP34, and IT SMG are sitting at 188 and that's what now shows on the Tops list. You have to remember that the SMG Tops list only counts Inf, Trucks, ATG, and AAA kills. Some info was missed with the addition of multiple different SMGs and other units over the past couple busy years. I've got a few other things updated so I hope it helps a few of the Tops lists. As B2K said, we now have another member on the Community-Dev team that specializes in big data. So the hope is that we can get the currently used queries fixed up in order to make them quicker and then once that is all complete, he will start looking at all of the data as a whole and figure out some more methods to show players more statistics for yall.
  9. very cool pics!
  10. how'd it go?
  11. great pics!
  12. The Ju87 G-2 is not the same Tier 0 Ju87B. Where are the Allied buzzsaw tailguns? As merlin said, this game is not red vs blue so not everything is going to be fully equal. We have to maintain historical accuracy and work with the vehicles and tools that we currently have. We have a lot of good vehicles in store for this year, these won't be the last.
  13. why was there no recoil?
  14. Like b2k said, a Stats rewrite is due and is planned for this year.
  15. We are aware about there not being any third person sound of the HT SPAA shooting. We have it fixed already but we will need to push out a patch in order to get everyone the fix within the next few days.