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  1. Thanks for the update Mingus! I'm glad you finally figured out what the cause of the issue was. Our game is 100% dependent on network traffic and thus should probably never be played on Wifi. Even if you're sitting a few feet from the Wifi router, you still have the ability to be dropping packets over time. It would be nice if we had some sort of tool that allowed players to "test" or "confirm" their connections are working at a level that's acceptable.
  2. As mentioned before, the immediate upgrade from 32bit to 64bit isn't going to unlock all sorts of cool and magical things. Doing this will allow us the ability, in the future, to do all those things but those things in of themselves are not small tasks and will require a lot of rewriting of code. So, for now, just get things upgraded so that they work when 32bit goes away and then in the future, enable magical powers.
  3. Pretty cool!
  4. The percentage needed to be tweaked so that it would get to 100% later today so that the Game Manager would be home from work to do the actual change over to Tier 3.
  5. There's been a ton of updates in the last few years.
  6. bersi sighting! there's an old name!
  7. The synchronization between the Live and Training servers has been updated so that the Training progress is copied from the Live server to the Training server. This should allow anyone that's completed the training on the Live server to log into the Training server without the need to go through training again. Let us know if you experience any issues.
  8. Very cool to watch!
  9. Like blkhwk said, QA tested them all and verified them prior to the release...our QA team is pretty friken good. It seems forrest confirmed after release as well and those numbers match up pretty close.
  10. easy huh? lol...
  11. awesome!