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  1. The Ju87 G-2 is not the same Tier 0 Ju87B. Where are the Allied buzzsaw tailguns? As merlin said, this game is not red vs blue so not everything is going to be fully equal. We have to maintain historical accuracy and work with the vehicles and tools that we currently have. We have a lot of good vehicles in store for this year, these won't be the last.
  2. why was there no recoil?
  3. Like b2k said, a Stats rewrite is due and is planned for this year.
  4. We are aware about there not being any third person sound of the HT SPAA shooting. We have it fixed already but we will need to push out a patch in order to get everyone the fix within the next few days.
  5. We uncovered an issue with the ability to allow for Paypal transactions, for now the old site has been re-enabled.
  6. GrAnit, I hear ya and we will look at maybe updating that so that it makes more sense, especially if you're already a premium player. Just for everyone's SA, we have now completed the cut over from the old Account Management site ( to this new one. Please let us know if you find any broken links or other issues.
  7. thanks for posting the pics!
  8. In case anyone else was wondering, the Memorial Statues are the City Markers, each city has one. If you look on your map and find a town's name marker, that's where the Memorial will be. It is working, you have to walk up to it, and will be updated in the next patch. The other statues that silversoil mentioned are Builder Statues and they are spread around to different locations for where the specific builder that got one wanted it.
  9. Ya it's a tricky thing with mobile sites and trying to show all the necessary information. With the Account Management Site, you as the user needs to see a lot of tabled information and tables just don't play well with mobile devices.
  10. The hamburger menu issue, on mobile devices, is now fixed.
  11. lol na, it's not because of that I was able to see the same issue with my android. It should be a fairly simple fix.
  12. Drloon, a Community-Development member, put a lot of hours into getting a new and modern web application up and running together with an old backend system and what he's given us is a great new looking Account Management Site. What we are now needing is the community's help to test out the new site before we cut over fully from the old Account Management Site. Below is a list of items that need to be confirmed to be working for everyone. Login Confirm all of your information is showing correctly Confirm that updating your information works Note: This site is LIVE and will effect your LIVE account
  13. yay, good work!
  14. The webmap is caught up now, btw
  15. Like B2K said, they are normally up to date but during the intermission a DB connection stopped and didn't start back back up like it should have. We corrected the issue and the data is now catching up. It's going to take a bit for it to catch wouldn't believe how much data gets moved about for this game is the official webmap with BGEM being another excellent choice.