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  1. No, its purpose is to get stats and a few other services back online.
  2. I believe I've got this fixed now.
  3. According to the website, FPA players do have access to trucks which can tow light and medium AAA/ATGs.
  4. 1) Store your new payment information 2) Submit a ticket to let us know, and to confirm the type of subscription they desire ( 3) Then we'll process by hand the subscription
  5. Insufficient funds....
  6. Putting this out there again, players DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT OR NEED TO LOG INTO PAYPAL in order to pay their account subscription. There is a "Pay with Debit or Credit Card" option which does not need any login to Paypal at all.
  7. Looks like XOOM responded to this thread:
  8. Not really.............isn't more RATs replying to forum threads...............a good thing?
  9. If you're referring to the thread...... in the Barracks...... go count again......
  10. This was posted by XOOM elsewhere.
  11. Allowing players that don't have the rank or access to multi-crew a higher level vehicle is already possible. They have to be the "crew" and they cannot be the "commander".
  12. It doesn't need to download/install DirectX or the VC libraries each time you install a new version of the game. The only time it's really needed is on the initial (first) installation. There are check boxes on the last page of the installer which you can uncheck which means they will not be downloaded/installed again.