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  1. My offer still stands to hop in game and do some testing with you. Multicrew a 110, look at the same target at the same distance and go from there.
  2. Gray circle range begins at 4km and the aircraft max LOD (level of detail) is out to 6km, at this time. There's been talk of extending that but I'll let HATCH respond to that.
  3. Page added:
  4. why do you hate snipers?
  5. The new campaign will start tomorrow.
  6. That's being discussed currently.
  7. I was wondering this also. I recognize the name but don't specifically remember them to a T. I do recall the old team setting up scenarios every once in a while on the Training/Event server, like one that played out a specific RAF raid to the mainland that roughly had 50-100 bombers/fighters meeting 50-100 LW fighters over the channel. It was quite impressive as us bombers all had different leads all leaving from different AFs in England. Found this in the above linked thread.
  8. Do a full uninstall and reinstall. If the problem persists, contact
  9. It didn't make this Maintenance Release but it continues to come up and is a major issue. I believe hatch and xoom have team members looking into it right now.
  10. Pretty neat, to them. I also think it further proves the point that those graphics heavy type games are unable to compete with a large persistent game world like ours and thus are just another shoe box shooter game.
  11. You've got to remember that RDP bombing effects the resupply time for what it takes a killed unit to return to the spawn list and it doesn't limit the total number of units within a spawn list. So, for example the current resupply timers are set to 15 hours. With RDP bombing, one side has the ability to double to default resupply timers which means if the Axis bomb the French to 50% damage, that means the entire French forces have a 22.5 hour resupply timer for units that are lost in battle. If the Axis continued to bomb the French to 100% damage then the French resupply timer would be 30 hours to resupply units that are lost in battle. So, in your example, if the Axis bombed the French to 50% damage could the Allies just swap out that town's Garrison with a British or American Garrison in order to get fresh supply in? That's not really how it works. Whenever the Allied HC manually changes a Garrison in a town, the Garrison is changed out but there is a penalty for how long the supply trickles back in. The timer is the same as the RDP resupply timer. The Americans use half of both the British and French total sum of their RDP output. Meaning, if the French are bombed to 100% damage, then the Americans have a 50% damage rate for their resupply.
  12. Every single player can come up with bugs that THEY would like to see fixed. There are actual on going fixes happening for some of the specific items you've listed. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't being look at or worked on. You wouldn't believe how many issues, features and updates are ticketed and just waiting for someone's time to look at them. The issue is the complexity of some of these items is beyond just changing a few things around to fix it and the developer's time. We're volunteers and we do not do this 8 hours a day, we can only work with what we are able to do. Sorry if that's not quick enough for you. There are players that have requested the ability to bomb FBs again and they have been asking for it for years.
  13. We do have it and it is on the list of "things to do".
  14. Other than the M1919 LMG, which shows 90% complete and stuck at the animation phase, I don't think any of the other stuff is even on anyone's lists of "things to do". Did a RAT post those items for this year's roadmap? The roadmap is there for a reason, it's what the plan of attack is for the different items that are on it. So asking about random ideas is sort of pointless.