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  1. yay, good work!
  2. The webmap is caught up now, btw
  3. Like B2K said, they are normally up to date but during the intermission a DB connection stopped and didn't start back back up like it should have. We corrected the issue and the data is now catching up. It's going to take a bit for it to catch wouldn't believe how much data gets moved about for this game is the official webmap with BGEM being another excellent choice.
  4. I just verified that we have the ability to add this ability to the Squad Tools and allow squads to set their own recruit pruning days. When I get it added, I'll let yall know.
  5. this is ticketed btw
  6. fixed for now
  7. I'd like to hear why you're asking the question at all, what is missing from the homepage that explains what this amazing game is?
  8. from colorado? ps. I'm planning on fixing this tonight
  9. A lot of changes to the Training Tutorials for the upcoming Steam release that will solve these types of issues. For now, just use ".graduate true" if you get stuck within the training tutorials.
  10. Tracking the miss-reporting of the population levels. The webmap gets its info from Wiretap and that gets its info from the game. Some numbers didn't get cleared out properly and thus they are stuck and making the population numbers higher than they should be.
  11. ya, I've been messing with it for the past hour or so and when you do the primary change, it plays havoc with the mouse input as well so it makes things tough. You're little program works for the purpose, it just took some tweaking to get it over to the proper screen. Good Job! ps. i spoke with the DEVs and even though you can actually get the game into a "windowed" mode, it's not draggable so it kinda useless. Something more to add in a ticket about.
  12. an easy route that used to work, can't see why it wouldn't still, is to launch the game then alt tab and then make your second screen the 'primary" within the windows display settings. then launch the second instance and bam, you have it on two screens. I'm sure it could be scripted in order to make it much easier to do but thats the basics.
  13. yup, it's enabled for this campaign.