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  1. you gota hit up OHM about em andddd it's done
  2. I've saw it myself but this one is going to be tough to fix unless we can figure out a way to replicate it reliably.
  3. Added to a ticket. B2k and Drloon did some great work on bringing back the World@War Gazette!
  4. the 28 hours of stats after 1.35 was released weren't able to be saved. This is most likely the reason that there is going to be stats discrepancies. it sucks, but it is what it is.
  5. thank you
  6. the Squad Tools project is currently being worked on.
  7. some work is being done to try and recover some of those lost's going to take time though. CSR will go up and down over the next few days.
  8. ping is ICMP there used to be a test batch script for this. not sure what happened to it though
  9. to me it looks like the shots are hitting the center of your screen, where they should be, but the pistol is turned a bit to the left.
  10. they are tracking this bug already, hopefully it will be fixed soon.
  11. Yup, tracking. WireTap (BEGM), WebMap, Gazette, and CSR are all down until some database work gets completed.
  12. they do go work, thats for sure
  13. it's on "the list"
  14. they are tracking the issue, currently all assets are focused on 1.35 atm
  15. thnx This is now fixed.
  16. This issue is figured out, its going to take the night for the replication to finish and the fic should be good to go.
  17. wiretap is reporting 18 hours but .du shows 16 hours atm, odd
  18. I believe that page only shows squaddies that have played the current map. Would squad COs find that page more useful if it showed all squad members, both active and inactive? What other information would be useful? Last login dates?
  19. looking at the database, they are all there...not sure why they arent all loading. I'll let you know once i have something figured out.
  20. Excellent work!!
  21. this is already fixed, it just needs to be published in a patch
  22. looks great!
  23. ie wake xoom up even if its 3am to fix the training server? got it!
  24. give it a try now
  25. anyone got a tape drive reader? seems b2k got all the punch cards and 5in floppies and i got all tape drives... S!