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  1. ah ok that make sence
  2. With a new map coming up, the 617 Dambusters will be back laying ruins to the Axis Factories! come join us for some great fun!
  3. why oh why on a sunday?!?! thats 3 am monday for me....and i have to be at formation at 6am... *sigh* i woulda liked to to all the events, oh well maybe next time...
  4. i just got a secondary monitor, and i was wondering is it possible to play the game on the second monitor? maybe making the game from full screen to a windowed screen? then moving it over to the second monitor?
  5. i thought of somthing....use one monitor with the Nvidia 8600GT vid Card and the other use the ATI internal vid card on the mobo. BUT is it even possible to do somthing like that? ive taken out the vid card and loaded all the drivers for the mobo vid and the game reconizes it just fine. but once i stick the vid card back it it takes over and the game and other monitor no longer see the mobo vid card....ive been trying to look throught google but i havnt found anything about enabling both... any suggestions?
  6. i dont know what it is, but every once in awhile it happens to me. once lastnight and again this morning, and multiple times before that. i will be flying along, fighter or bomber, and all of a sudden the screen goes black and the engine sounds get really loud. all of the gauges on the top left of the screen go haywire. it happens some times when im on auto pilot and some times when im climbing. i am able to despawn just fine, untill i do the loud engines are still going. it goes to the AAR screen like nothing happened but if i try to respawn it just happens again as soon as i spawn in. so i gota restart the game in order to keep on playing. anyone have any ideas? thnx
  7. hmmm thanx guys, the registry fix works but i am still unable to move the game over to the second monitor. is there a way to do that? is there a windows shortcut key or a program that will send what ever is on the primary monitor to the second one?
  8. DB7 high group plz (or with the rest of the Dambusters)
  9. does CRS they know about when having the game running a person can not open any media, launch TS, or get a second account running on the same computer? has anyone heard anything about a fix for this? its really fusterating
  10. thnx to reddog i found out it must be somthing to do with the sound. when i turn sound off in the game settings and play the game, i can start up a secound account, and play media all while still playing the game... just thought id let yall know
  11. how do u set it to non-directX mode?
  12. ALT tabing isnt the problem, i can get to my desktop fine. its when i try to play a song with a media player that doesnt work, it just freezes it, or when i try to open TS it doesnt open till i shut down the game, or when i try to login another account all it does is freezes that account but the main one works just fine
  13. after this new patch, i can not open up TS or play anything on any media players. The player will open but when i click on the song to play it just sits there and freezes up. As soon as i close down the game TS will pop up and the media players will work just fine again. anybody have an idea what the problem could be? i have downloaded the newest driver for my sound card, but that did nothin, and i have done windows update, but the same thing. S! thx
  14. same problem with this patch? any1 know if there is a fix for the problem? S!
  15. ya it always worked before. thx i just read about the patch. supose ill just sit back and play without music till they bring a new patch out, hopfully monday TY S!