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  1. Thanks! A lot of people put in a lot of their personal time to try and make the game better.
  2. We do have it and it is on the list of "things to do".
  3. Other than the M1919 LMG, which shows 90% complete and stuck at the animation phase, I don't think any of the other stuff is even on anyone's lists of "things to do". Did a RAT post those items for this year's roadmap? The roadmap is there for a reason, it's what the plan of attack is for the different items that are on it. So asking about random ideas is sort of pointless.
  4. Again, what are you talking about? .du then .ne (like scking said, this is pointless for Garrisons)
  5. No, that means there are St0-23 du to there being many towns that start with "St.". Your script was used, with minimul alterations to deal with "."s in town names. I think the confusion is that there's a difference between the unit code, that's used with .commands and the nickname. Unit Code Full Title Nickname GsnAnt0 Antwerp Central Army Garrison GsnAntwerp Central0 GsnAnt1 Antwerp Central Navy Garrison GsnAntwerp Central1 GsnAnt2 Antheny Army Garrison GsnAntheny0 GsnAnt3 Antwerp South Army Garrison GsnAntwerp South0 GsnAnt4 Antwerp South Navy Garrison GsnAntwerp South1 GsnAnt5 Antwerp South Air Force Garrison GsnAntwerp South2 GsnAnt6 Antwerp South Airborne Garrison GsnAntwerp South3 GsnAnt7 Antwerp North Army Garrison GsnAntwerp North0 GsnAnt8 Antwerp North Navy Garrison GsnAntwerp North1
  6. The eventual goal of getting to a WWIIOL 2.0 is still there but there is no current work towards it at this time. Take a look at the current Roadmap to see where the current goals are.
  7. Where are you seeing this? I just logged in and checked and confirmed what I'm seeing in the database... GsnHue0 and GsnHue1 The reason you cannot depend on using the short codes is stuff like this, GsnSt23 which is St Martin-Osmonville Army Garrison.
  8. It's not been looked into yet but it is on the long list of things to do.
  9. The wiki does get periodically updated every once in a while by players. In order to keep all information up to date and fill in all the missing areas, it would basically require someone to do it full time as a volunteer. The game is so vast and there are so many specifics to different things, it is a pretty big project. Last year's KE/HE audit dealt with both round penetration and shrapnel.
  10. This is all sort of a moot point as we will be moving onto the New UI soon and these will hopefully be a thing of the past
  11. You'd need to ask @HATCH about information like that as it's not publicly available at this time.
  12. It's on the Squad Tools "to do" list but priorities are focused elsewhere at this time.
  13. You're talking about two different aspects to RDP/Factory Production. One being the links needed to "deliver" supply from a factory location to a town's location. The other is resupplying timers, as in when the factories are damaged they will slow the resupply time it takes for supply to show back up after being killed. I believe the way aismov explained it is the way it currently works. I'm not sure why you'd think that would be a bug? Each town has its own Garrison supply, meaning the troops are always there and just waiting to be "activated" rather than troops that are falling back from one town to the next, like with a Brigade. So, what's happening whenever a pocket is closing is that one side just took another town within the pocket and now their side activates the newly taken town, giving them new supply. In turn, the losing side's inactive town within the pocket activates and those troops are able to be used as they aren't coming from the factories. Once they are used up, they aren't able to resupply themselves as there is no link from the factories. This situation allows for more a "realistic" pocket capture, where there are still troops fighting within the pocket (think the battle of the bulge) and also have the ability to break out through the pocket, instead of one side just walking right through the other one's empty towns.
  14. The new UI is a high priority to complete, it is being worked on.
  15. The reason they don't have Army Garrisons is due to each location not having an AB. It's not a huge problem, as those areas of the map get next to no activity but I'll pass it onto the Terrain team and get them updated for whenever the map does extend to those locations. The Eastbourne Shore Defense location does have an Army Garrison but the town is "Inactive" as it's not "Frontline" (connected to an enemy town), "Backline" (connected to a frontline town) or "Reserve" (has an airfield or docks). It's indicated as being "Inactive" by not having any Dots or Flags next to the name and the background for the name is transparent rather than being dark, along with it being described in the tooltip (mouse hover) menu.
  16. To add onto what scking said, the short codes can change with the addition of towns as well. I still need to update the webmap.
  17. wut? log in and find out...
  18. It's not missing, the I icons next to the different level of account directs you to the information that you're asking about...
  19. The WebMap is back up and running now.
  20. lol if it were HTML5 based, which it's not, the new UI would have been done long ago. Unfortunately it is not that easy.
  21. We hoped that we would be able to hit both the 1.36 Hybrid-Supply and UI target at the same time so that they both would be finished around the same time. Unfortunately due to other requirements and many other things, we are not able to meet those expectations without massively delaying both of the projects. This is why we are now focusing on getting the Hybrid-Supply out to the players as soon as we can. Do know that there has been some work done on the new UI and it's looking much better than what we currently have but it won't be released until after the Hybrid-Supply part of 1.36.
  22. This was my same experience while I was in as well...
  23. for about the fifth time in this single