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  1. Thanks, we'll look into it.
  2. Give it another try.
  3. You should now be fixed, give it another try.
  4. wut? log in and find out...
  5. It's not missing, the I icons next to the different level of account directs you to the information that you're asking about...
  6. lol if it were HTML5 based, which it's not, the new UI would have been done long ago. Unfortunately it is not that easy.
  7. We hoped that we would be able to hit both the 1.36 Hybrid-Supply and UI target at the same time so that they both would be finished around the same time. Unfortunately due to other requirements and many other things, we are not able to meet those expectations without massively delaying both of the projects. This is why we are now focusing on getting the Hybrid-Supply out to the players as soon as we can. Do know that there has been some work done on the new UI and it's looking much better than what we currently have but it won't be released until after the Hybrid-Supply part of 1.36.
  8. This was my same experience while I was in as well...
  9. for about the fifth time in this single
  10. It was just discussed last week.
  11. Great feedback, thanks!
  12. All being paid six figures probably...
  13. Where do these BS rumors come from? Do people just make things up and then toss them at the side channel and hope people think that's the truth and then they go run with it or what? As b2k broke down...going from 32bit to 64bit is not an easy task and not anyone who knows C++ can come in and convert everything over to 64bit. There are many areas of the code that fundamentally change and thus require more changes on top of them in order to accommodate the new code. Many things are tied together and don't allow for changing of a massive portion of the code without effecting other parts of the code. Do know the 64bit upgrade is still happening but also know that there are many other aspects to the game, many that players do not see, that need constant attention. Some of those things are critical to keeping this game going and while those are being taken care of, 64bit cannot be worked on at the same time. Also know, we are VOLUNTEERS...meaning we do not get full/part time pay, we have other full time jobs, we do not work on the game 8 hours a day, we have families, we have a life that is not WWIIOL and we also want to play the game as well. There is not a single aspect to this game that is simple or easy to deal with. Everything from websites, graphics, 3D models, vehicle data, databases, billing service, servers, networks, marketing, community relations and the actual codebase. None of it is simple nor easy to manipulate, update or fix. There are multiple teams of multiple people that deal with these different aspects of keeping this game going and helping it to get better, so do not clump all of it together as if it were only a single person working on everything because that's not how things work.
  14. I'm failing to see how a Calculator app compares to 1 million+ lines of code that it takes to run this game...? Everyone assumes that the code that runs this game is super basic and anyone that knows how to "code" can come in here and "fix it up" in a week. If only you knew...
  15. Nope, everything is changed over to
  16. Negative, only inf atm.
  17. Thanks for the update Mingus! I'm glad you finally figured out what the cause of the issue was. Our game is 100% dependent on network traffic and thus should probably never be played on Wifi. Even if you're sitting a few feet from the Wifi router, you still have the ability to be dropping packets over time. It would be nice if we had some sort of tool that allowed players to "test" or "confirm" their connections are working at a level that's acceptable.
  18. As mentioned before, the immediate upgrade from 32bit to 64bit isn't going to unlock all sorts of cool and magical things. Doing this will allow us the ability, in the future, to do all those things but those things in of themselves are not small tasks and will require a lot of rewriting of code. So, for now, just get things upgraded so that they work when 32bit goes away and then in the future, enable magical powers.
  19. Pretty cool!
  20. The percentage needed to be tweaked so that it would get to 100% later today so that the Game Manager would be home from work to do the actual change over to Tier 3.
  21. There's been a ton of updates in the last few years.
  22. bersi sighting! there's an old name!