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  1. what specific URL are you trying to use?
  2. I've passed on the recommendation to the forums team as the Comm-Dev team doesn't support the forums.
  3. The new WWII Online website is actually being worked on at this time. got any suggestions for it?
  4. OHM already put out that the new campaign will start tomorrow.
  5. Added to the Player Made Guides @rise27 that's a topic of recent discussions, not sure when it will be added though.
  6. We're aware of this and I'm currently working on a new website for WWII Online and that is one of the things we're trying to solve with it. thanks for the input
  7. the search feature doesn't work for you? unfortunately the game is friken huge, that makes documenting it that much more difficult. Especially when you're doing it after the fact.
  8. nice shooting for sure. It's crazy how you get the feel of how far to lead them. The shots where you think theres no way they are guna hit and then poof poof poof lol
  9. -> CP Ownerships
  10. woulda been nice to have that info up on the WWII Online Wiki...
  11. need to disable your "Leader" and "Origin" waypoints if your guna make a promo video
  12. with win10, open the start menu and type "offline", it should pop right up if everything is installed properly.
  13. you mean, like this?'s_Maps
  14. I guess you missed the below message on the homepage of the wiki? Keeping the wiki up to date is a full time job. I spent many hours getting it back running from the previously dead version but I do not have the time to go through and update everything to where it needs to be nor do I know all of the information. If you have the drive to go through and update information, PM me for an account. I was a bit bummed how few people actually asked for an account to contribute. Everyone seems to be quick to judge but when it comes time to contribute, they don't.
  15. I remember my first squad, The Dogs, had ownership of the Aarschot area. I can remember before AOs, spawning into town and running around checking the area for EI that were trying to sneak in.
  16. Maintenance has always occurred on mondays and fridays if i remember correctly...
  17. i'm unsure about that one, i'm not involved with the changes on that level. who did you hear it from? because if it's not a RAT that's involved with the current plans/changes, then id take it with a grain of salt. what I just said was from information thats already been made public. I'm not sure about that one either but it brings up a good point. I know we have discussed that we do not wish to return to way back in the day maps where the north was british and the south was french...
  18. why/how are people still confused about how 1.36 is going to work? Each town is tied to a size, small/medium/large, depending on the size of the town dictates the amount of supply in that town. There's no where that states the entire map's supply would be available per town... As stated, i believe even in this specific update, the allied countries will be controlled by the HC on which country takes ownership, and thus supply, of a new town...all of th allied countries will not be in a single town with their own supply.
  19. thats actually on the todo list for the next update but it will most likely have to wait until it get's tied in with the Steam stuff