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  1. 1 hour ago, lonepilgim said:

    One other thing and this has been happening ever since I was playing 15 years ago on a laptop..when I start the game the box where it says choose online or training server has the 2 choices over lapping..its hard to explain but when I was trying to figure out what settings would fix this issue at one point that went`s not important but I could never understand why it did that and may possibly have something to do with this

    Another thing just happened as I was typing this..apparently there is a new update which is odd because I just got one yesterday which took a while to install so I assume it was a major update ?  When I started the game just now it gave me another update..eventually I got an error message saying uninstall and start over..that just seemed not quite right..the game has always worked well on this computer except for these rather small issues

    It sounds like you have both the old version and new version of the game installed. Uninstall the `Battleground Europe` version of the game.

  2. I just talked to the team about the issue of being unable to adjust the "green tag" n00b color like you can with Squad Members, Mission Members and Mission Leaders (under the preferences menu). I'll take a look at getting it added to the next release since we are doing it with other tag colors already.

    The second issue you brought up about the map player icon size is a known issue and has to do with the "scale" settings that you're using for windows. What size monitor, resolution and scale are you currently using? The times I've saw it, and I deal with it as well, is with higher resolution monitors that require a different than 100% scale setting in the Display Settings (right click on the desktop -> Display Settings).

  3. 5 hours ago, rommel33 said:

    Those few pixels dont really stand out from clear sky background to make them practically visible. I'm not going to strain my eyes to death infront of a monitor, doing the 'find that pixel' game for an aircraft which only supposed to be 6km apart.

    The problem is the circle fades out too quickly.

    There's actually two parts to the grey circle. One is the distance that it starts to fade in at, 4km, and the other is the fade itself. It's supposed to represent a "focus" by the pilot looking at an area. This means that the grey circle just doesn't pop up at full brightness immediately, you've got to look at the same area for a few seconds.

  4. 8 hours ago, zaltor said:

    As you continue to prove the 6km vision distance is not possible take note below.

    from the icons Manual in game. 

    6000+= Full Circle 3400m = 3/4 Circle 1500m = 1/2 circle 1499m = Color change (red = enemy, Blue= friendly) 499m = friendly Squad name visible 400m = 1/4 Circle


    Let me know when this becomes true again.

    For the 10th time, yes we know what the manual says. I also said this, " There's been talk of extending that but I'll let HATCH respond to that.". It was HATCH's call that we not extend the grey circle range beyond 4km. It's also been like this since at or before 2005. If HATCH wants to go into more detail, he will.

    The in game manual will be updated to reflect the proper distance that the grey circle appears at.

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  5. On 6/17/2019 at 5:13 AM, rommel33 said:

    You can test it yourself offline. Duplicate your aircraft in air and watch them dissapear around the distance the black circle becomes full.

    That grey circle disappears at 4km and if you look closely enough, you will still be able to see the little, only a few pixels, of the plane out to 6km.

  6. 36 minutes ago, zaltor said:

    I wonder if different video cards dont see the spec. Becuase I hear alot saying it's nowhere near 6km myself included no matter what Sniper62 says he sees I've tried 3 separate cards and cannot see the past 3-4 km. Nvidia gtx 680, nvidia rtx 2070 and ati HD 6950. Sadly the best vis view setting is by decreasing settings down to balanced which is beyond odd  seems to reduce the haze a bit. if I'm at 6 km and fly over an ao I cannot see the circle of ea till about 4km and the not on the ground 

    My offer still stands to hop in game and do some testing with you. Multicrew a 110, look at the same target at the same distance and go from there.

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  7. 11 hours ago, raptor34 said:


    @Kilemall What exactly was Docs Bloody Battles? I’ve heard the name before but I wasn’t around for that event or wasn’t playing at the time. 

    I was wondering this also. I recognize the name but don't specifically remember them to a T. I do recall the old team setting up scenarios every once in a while on the Training/Event server, like one that played out a specific RAF raid to the mainland that roughly had 50-100 bombers/fighters meeting 50-100 LW fighters over the channel. It was quite impressive as us bombers all had different leads all leaving from different AFs in England.


    Found this in the above linked thread.


    "Bloody Battles" was an experiment I designed to accommodate a vision Gophur had but placed within the existing game engine/terrain of WWIIOL. It had a number of alternative ways of reaching either side of the map which opened up supply and other variables according to the various paths that success or failure in each individual battle would influence.

    The idea was to use as much of the map as possible, reach an end game (victory/defeat) but over a semi-fixed number of battles. While the number of battles was fixed in advance, from start to finish, the intention was to have a large number of alternate paths to that end result, and to use as much of the existing terrain as possible.

    Really we just wanted to try and maintain the unpredictability of the campaign experience within a fixed series of battles so that starts and ends (resets and maintenance that have to be done at each ending to set up a new beginning) could be managed better and player expectations could be nailed down to definite duration's, and to work out ideas and kinks that our early ideas of v2.0 would naturally produce as we moved forwards.


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  8. You've got to remember that RDP bombing effects the resupply time for what it takes a killed unit to return to the spawn list and it doesn't limit the total number of units within a spawn list. So, for example the current resupply timers are set to 15 hours. With RDP bombing, one side has the ability to double to default resupply timers which means if the Axis bomb the French to 50% damage, that means the entire French forces have a 22.5 hour resupply timer for units that are lost in battle. If the Axis continued to bomb the French to 100% damage then the French resupply timer would be 30 hours to resupply units that are lost in battle.

    So, in your example, if the Axis bombed the French to 50% damage could the Allies just swap out that town's Garrison with a British or American Garrison in order to get fresh supply in? That's not really how it works. Whenever the Allied HC manually changes a Garrison in a town, the Garrison is changed out but there is a penalty for how long the supply trickles back in. The timer is the same as the RDP resupply timer.

    The Americans use half of both the British and French total sum of their RDP output. Meaning, if the French are bombed to 100% damage, then the Americans have a 50% damage rate for their resupply.


  9. On 5/26/2019 at 8:29 AM, ian77 said:

    I wish we could have real bugs/problems fixed rather than just making attacking and sustaining an AO that much harder.  Or the dozens of new towns we have never fought in and probably will never fight in. The god-awful spawnlists from "The Hardest Campaign Ever" that seems to have lost us so many players.

    How about fixing the engine audio bug?

    The satchel audio/no explosion at FB audio bug?

    The UI to make setting missions easier?

    The audit of Air Craft damage models?

    Spawn in green button bug?

    Supposedly we have a great physics engine but a 232 or opel when it collides with a tiger will send the tiger spinning off the road!!  A tracked tank bounces up and down uncontrollably!


    Any chance of these being "fixed"?


    If you want to help the flyboys how about the rain/grey skies and fish bowl? I don't fly but I hear lots of complaints from fliers about these - very few requests (none actually) to be able to bomb the Veh Spawn at an FB.

    I know the RATS are volunteers and god love them for it, but we seem to be fixing things that dont need fixing, and ignoring long term bugs.


    S! Ian 

    Every single player can come up with bugs that THEY would like to see fixed. There are actual on going fixes happening for some of the specific items you've listed. Just because you don't see them doesn't mean they aren't being look at or worked on. You wouldn't believe how many issues, features and updates are ticketed and just waiting for someone's time to look at them. The issue is the complexity of some of these items is beyond just changing a few things around to fix it and the developer's time. We're volunteers and we do not do this 8 hours a day, we can only work with what we are able to do. Sorry if that's not quick enough for you.

    There are players that have requested the ability to bomb FBs again and they have been asking for it for years.