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  1. Agree Kizmet let me guess the people who complained about not having easy mode are probably not even playing the game anymore. I think having a simulator over arcade mode the simulator population will stay and boost this game up with teamwork and squadrons. Also the easy mode and arcade types probably have a very short attention span anyways and will not stick with it and will go on to something else if it were easy mode or simulator mode.
  2. YES YES and YES. I agree with everything about this. You have to keep your bearings at all times or you can be lost. If you are lost than try to find your way back. This can be very fun. Also no tags would be bad ass you really have to learn what each airplane looks like and get close enough to see if it is friend or foe. I think it would bring out the best in the air war and really bring more to it. It is so damn gamey the way it is now. Retarded circles around airplanes and live gps icons on all of the freindlies on a map.I want to play wwiionline as a harcore simulation not an arcade game.
  3. If alot of you are saying that atgs and tanks are far superior now on the battlefield can we please make bombs more effective towards tanks without having to get a direct hit on them. Gives pilots stuff to do and also gives pilots a reason to defend the area. It also gives me a chance to actually kill a tank. I think I have 1 tank kill out of the millions of bombs I have dropped lol.
  4. I agree with Stonecomet on everything. This is a change long over due and is heading in the right direction. As long as sides are somewhat even I don't see the problem. If everyone is teaming up and working together things can happen. High population or low population. Even if it's fighting for one town to be captured during low pop it should still be rewarding if it was a team coordinated attack. And everyone online at the time was working together.
  5. Are you the Ronbo from IL2 sturmovik birds of prey squadron?