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  1. I'd like to think that the ten minutes or so I kept his guns trained behind him instead of on the town below, I managed to accomplish something for the team even if I couldn't take him out right away. It was that same thought that had me kicking myself for not taking out his ammo crates and opel before shooting him. Think of all I could have saved... "I could have done more."
  2. Well, I can testify that nothing I hit the Tiger with frontally, at any range, dented it. I needed some good ol' fashioned Tom Hanks Sticky Bombs maybe.
  3. Regarding the topic of the thread, and in response to Kgarner's comment about his sortie and the fact that his kills were not infantry, but rather armor, the perception could be that all of those tanks he killed came out of Hastiere. That would not be the case. I drew 3 shermans from Dinant to the north and 1 from Flavion. I know others were spawning from Flavion, too, although I don't know how many. A lot of the ATGs came out of various depots, and not the main AB supply. Don't know how that impacts the overall conversation, but I think its good to keep in mind that when players adapt to battleground realities, there may be unexpected decisions that transcend one town's supply lists, etc.
  4. No problem, Mike. I was 2k away when I was chatting with you. I wouldn't have been on your map unless you zoomed way out. Choad: you are seeing the photo correctly. That was in fact how he had his tank positioned throughout. In one of my earlier sorties, I actually drove all the way from Flavion and put a bunch of rounds on him from the far west hill. However, from where I was at, and how he was positioned, it was difficult to hit him except on his front armor. As I was drawing this conclusion and trying to re-position, he killed me. This is why I decided to drive from Dinant instead. I knew I needed to get an angle on him behind his armor, and that was not possible unless I came from the east. At that point, it must ultimately be my fault things went wrong. I trusted the fact that I was very close to him and hitting him in the rear and rear treads, and assumed this would do the trick. It did indeed get me the kill, but left him alive. Next time, I will make sure I'm better protected before laying into a tiger. You'd think being close enough to reach out and touch the tiger would be close enough, but evidently not.
  5. @kgarner I wrote up your sortie from my perspective.
  6. Kgarner was parked on a hill SE of Hastiere, about 1.5k out. He proved impervious to everything that hit him, while from his lofty position, he could dispatch everyone at ease. Seeing that the fate of Hast rested on the ability to control the hills, I attempted to dislodge him. This ultimately meant driving all the way from Dinant, to the north, flanking wide to the east, and coming up literally behind him. I approached as close to about 150m, and then fired. Fired from this distance... Astonishingly, after dealing devastation to him, generating smoke, and dumping a bunch of rounds into him--actually getting the kill, he turns and fires on me. (I should have maybe killed all his ammo before engaging). Sortie results show me getting the kill, with him killing me. Ridiculous, indeed. WELL. I was not going to let THAT stand. So I mounted up again from Dinant and did the same thing. I approached more from the south this time, getting a clear shot at his tracks and the rear at an angle. This time, he was not caught unawares. He already had his turret facing me. I used the crest of the hill and concealed my position by a bush, which I fired through until I saw a great explosion! Unfortunately, as I drove up to gloat over his smoking body, I discovered that what had gone boom was not him, but the OPEL, which was obscured by the bush I was firing on him through. Before I figured out what had happened, the one who went boom was ME. The humiliation. WELL. I was not going to let THAT stand. The return trip took longer for a variety of reasons, not to mention that this time there were other Tigers on the hills between him and I which I had to avoid. I vowed to do what it took to have my revenge. When I finally arrived, he was again expecting me. I fired from a little further away, again from a slightly 'hull down' posture. As he fired over my head, I re-positioned, and hit him again. Then I displaced again, and hit him again. Now there are JUs and 110s overhead. I feared they had been called for help. This diminished by ability to really close in for the kill. I fired smoke into him to mask my movement from him, put in a few more shots, and displaced. When the smoke cleared this is what I saw: I crept up to him as delicately as I could, hugging what tree lines I could find, before finally verifying, and I mean VERIFYING, that he was dead. THEN, I gloated over his carcass! I couldn't stay long due to the EA above, and plus there was still a battle going on for the last depot we held on the east side of the river. There wasn't time to spare, so I made haste to lend a hand there while it still mattered, and was bombed by a JU for my efforts. However, although it took 2 hours to do it, my main objective was achieved: kgarner was dead by my hand. Below are the sortie results for your enjoyment. [Link to his sortie]
  7. Hey, Piercer! Welcome back! I was delighted to see you in my list of kills recently.
  8. I'll give that a try, Merlin. Thanks.
  9. That's not an option for me because I use multiple monitors. An OS screenshot grabs an image of all of the monitors at the same time. I suppose I've never investigated whether or not I have an option to make it only grab the primary.
  10. Seems that files other than the images would be impacted if I used the sym links, with unpredictable behavior. Otherwise, I think that would be more than sufficient for what I'm going for. The problem with batch converting and then deleting the bitmaps is that it seems the game will create new bitmaps to fill in the blanks between spaces, starting from the beginning. So, if I have SShot1 and Sshot 3, the next file is going to be Sshot2. Or, if I have SShot2 and Sshot3, the next file will be Sshot1. If I do anything, the result is going to be a bunch of files with the same name, distinguished only by the date which it was made. That's 750 potential duplicates! And in 5 years, perhaps, I have the same problem. Maybe what I need to do is to do the batch conversion but also look for a program that will rename them, too. Eg, Sshot1 becomes Old_Screenshot(N), where N is the corresponding bitmap number. Then I delete all the bitmaps. The game starts over at SShot1. But, at least the names are much more easily to distinguish. Merlin, does your recommended program do that? I used to have game screenshots back to the beginning of the game, but I accidentally deleted most of them, thinking they were duplicates. I want to make it harder for me to do something like that again! Thanks for the input.
  11. My screenshot directory is getting quite large... the size is about 4gb. I'd rather not have that on my main drive. However, I don't see a way to change the directory that screenshots get saved to. I have some external drives that would be perfect for them. And no, I don't want to delete them. I thought a decent work around would be to move the existing files to the external drive. However, then the 'counter' starts over. That would mean I would have a second Sshot1, a second Sshot2, and so on. That's just a recipe for trouble. But when I tried to 'trick' the counter, by trying to force it to add on to the last one, while having all the other ones gone, the program just filled in the gaps, and again gave me files that would have a duplicate name elsewhere on my system. I think being able to change the directory that screenshots are saved to would be nice. Not a priority one project, I suppose, but then I figured it should be easy enough to change the settings file so that you could set your own directory... Anyone have a solution, barring that?
  12. I am looking to pick up a laptop and want, on a casual basis, to be able to play the game on it. The price difference between dedicated and integrated graphics are sometimes pretty steep, and I don't NEED a dedicated card for this device, except that I want to play the game. I have asked around and it seems like some people are playing using in integrated graphics card. Maybe its not ideal, but is it possible? Are people having good enough performance with it? I see this as the min requirements: Is this still accurate?
  13. It is ironic that none of the main capitals are actually on the map. Not London, not France, not even SgtHenning's underpants. Taking another look at a map, I can see why, except perhaps for omitting London. There is a lot of real estate Germany's western border and Berlin, and even Paris is a little 'out of the way' relative to the current game map. But I like the idea of tying victory conditions to the capitals like that. I suppose if we were ok with a somewhat contrived game map wherein the capitals were not strictly speaking accurately placed, geographically, but roughly so, something like that could be done.