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  1. I keep getting around 25/30 fps with this game. and the real weird thing is if i play on maxed out and a 1920 res it gives me the same fps as when i turn everything off. Even vsync on gives me the same amount of fps. still befor my new rig comes in i have to play with this crap . any clues?
  2. I kinda know my cpu is the worst part of this system..... Thats why i ordered myself a new rig intel core i7 blablabla its a amd athlon x2 4000+ what i use now. Even to i get around 30 fps (wich i dont understand because my gpu sucks to ATI Radeon hd 5450 512 mb ddr2). Shouldn't i have to see differences in fps when i play on high settings and low settings? because my cpu,gpu both suck ... even my ram sucks its 6 gb of ram but still its only ddr2 400 mhz. So i have to play with this system (Wont call it a rig because its garbage )till my new rig is available (Prox 2 weeks from now).
  3. ok, im running win 7 64 bit right now on a amd athlon x2 5000+ processor. my problem is wich one makes my game run faster (FPS). 1.using win 64 bit what i got now with 3 gb of ddr2(400 mhz) and 2 gb of ram (older modules of 333 mhz) 2.getting win 32 bit and just use the 3 gb (1 stick of 1 gb ddr400 and one of 2 gb . my card is ati radeon hd 5770 thanx
  4. Well i bought a new rig ..... problem solved
  5. I see u need a pretty high end pc to be able to get some nice fps (i only get around 25/30 max) So how they did it back then?.. i mean their where only 32 mb cards out their the time this game was released!
  6. Me to verdana.... I mean this game aint about visuals and the trees wont make it any better. U have to know i just bought myself a new rig for this game lol deliver time 2 weeks .... Till then i have to keep playing with 25 fps :S:S:S