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  1. Well i disagree with many CRS decision in the past, but i kept coming back to check the forum & login to see if there are any motivation for me to resub. TBH 4.99 is not expensive, and I am not leaving as some sort of protest (There are huge protest weekly in Hong Kong, I am exhausted, i don't have interest to protest for non-RL matter). The reason why i am not going to pay for 4.99 or more monthly is becuz I am tz3 player, and the game pop of tz3 is extremely low. Most of the time there are no action, so i just logout. The time i truly spawn in and enjoy playing is less than 1 hour per month nowaday. So paying monthly fee is not an opinion for me as i cannot enjoy the game. Bye hillstorm & axis, love u guys!
  2. I was waiting for DLC that available to non steam account With the cancellation of DLC & f2p, it is time for me to say goodbye
  3. It is useless to capture AB before capping all link cps nowadays as the enemy just "rewarded" with new supply from all linked towns
  4. Bring back most/all the flags for attack Garrison supply number should reduce to pre 1.36KM infantry supply number, and cannot spawn at fb, so the limited supply can only be use to defend
  5. This is much better hate the map without flag
  6. no one want unlimited supply people just want reasonable & balanced supply
  7. As a tz3 guy, the thing that keep me online is the action on map everytime if i login and found there are no action on map (both AO & DO light ews, just 1 or 2 mission, no hc online) i usually don't brother spawn in. If there are action on map like HC leading attack, heavy ews on AO/DO, CP captured / spawn down, i will give it a try I tend to stay online longer when my side is losing momentum, meanwhile still have the ability to capture town (Hard AO) - Hey axis need me, we can do this! I will start log in shorter periods of time and less frequently when: My side is winning (capped both antwerp and brussels) - OK fine we are winning, axis don't need my help We are down to facilities town - It is over i will wait for next campaign Extreme unbalance game pop(e.g. 3 axis online, double double ews in DO) - i am not joining the Great Marianas Turkey Shoot
  8. flare for night armoured train becuz why not AI bot for low pop time zone and low pop side
  9. I think CRS need to prioritize working on their bill system or at least make dlc more attractive & allow organic players to buy them
  10. i want ai bot for underpop side and low pop tz
  11. i want ai bot, armed train and flare
  12. axis side channel is for general/fun/junk talk, people shall use channel 10 for AO DO information
  13. Stop deleting forum post like chinese internet police people find out rats del their post = more anger in their mind more negative posts Just let people talk it out
  14. para are always fun too bad f2p now cannot join para op anymore
  15. Great, i want to buy DLC with my website account too