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  1. Can one run WW2OL in window mode?
  2. I played IL-2 and other flight sims, then some players introduced ww2ol to me at november 2003. Been playing this game on and off. I have played this game under three nicknames and this is the second iirc. The one I created at 2003 was banned forever or something like that. I do not even remember why. But they did not ban my credit card
  3. Was Lithu the first p-38 who got shot down by a stuka?
  4. Thank you sir! Working just like a dream. 1680*1050 resolution, all game settings full, no aa and 40-50 FPS at ground in the city where I spawned in. I changed ww2.exe to run with nvidia card.
  5. Just resubscriped and installed game. Game doesn´t regonize my nvidia card, only the HD3000 intel card. I can´t spawn in, it crashes while loading. Same happens offline. All fonts look blurry. Latest Nvidia drivers and other drivers too.
  6. Tested Thrustmaster hotas, and linux does recognize it and I can calibrate it, but game doesn't. I think that problem might at at wine.
  7. Currently don't use any, I have one but I did some research and it might be painfull to get it working. Tried to get apt-get install jscalibrator but it seems that it's not anymore with ubuntu. So I play at ground only untill I figure out solution. Performance is actually pretty much the same than I had in win7 64bit... And I use radeon, and ati is worse in linux than nvidia, or atleast that what I have heard.
  8. Yesterday I decidec that F**K Windows and installed Ubuntu 10.04 into my home desktop. Today I started installing some games into wine. 1.3.28 Wine + WW2OL 1.33.4 are working out-of-the-box, only 'tweak' I had to do was winetricks and netframework installation. And win2000 setting from wine cfg. And I am total noob in linux!
  9. Okay, took the 12.99$ deal and premium subscription. Did fly one sortie and all was fine. This thread can be removed.
  10. OK, I tried flying offline, no problems. At summer I tried flying and it was rear airfield and there was stutters or freezes. I can't fly now, I am on extended free trial offer since it prevents me for testing aircrafts. I tried some infantry game online and it was okay, few stutters. But overall FPS okay and smooth. What are the IP adresses for server so I could test ping/packet loss? The indicator in game might not be accurate..?
  11. Also some weird lines in boxes.. Using latest catalyst drivers 11.8 Shouldn't those boxes have solid lines???
  12. The indicator of white dots isn't a line in my client. It shows only really few random dots. Otherwise connection is OK, less than 200ms. I use windows 7 64 bit, and firewall is on default settings. I tried this at summer, and it had same issue. I have tried different ADSL modems, different firewalls, no firewall, etc. No effect. FPS is good, but there seem to be some random freezes when I tried flying online. Is there any particular setting that has to be enabled when using W7 64 bit? I know that some games don't do well with windows 7 64 bit, but most are ok with default settings. Do I need to set any compatilibity mode?
  13. Switched backwards to catalyst 11.4 and no more freezes. But massive packet loss towards ww2ol server still bugs me (
  14. I have similar problem... I created free trial over week ago, tried to play, impossible. FPS is good over 50, but ever few seconds, it drops to 5 or lower. No matter what I do, graphics, change ADSL box, take AV/firewall off (F-Secure), nothing helps. I am amazed since other games are working well, WoW, EVE, perpetuum, and IRC/MSN all no problemos. P2P also working well. I would love to play this game since there is bazookas coming, but it's impossible! I updated every driver few days ago to latest. Ati catalyst 11.6