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  1. Tnks Taz, sorta figgered taht one out. I got all my stuff worken except AFV. I figgered out a work around, for some reason I gotta open up keymapper and just click save changes. Not messing with anything. Its like game and seeing joystick only for AMF. Weird stuff, then everything works as before the patch. Don't seem to have this prob with atgs and trucks, just AFV. Dang, i read the readme perty good and didnt see any info on the cmfl files being moved. Shoulda been a note, squaddies pullen hair out atm, S!
  2. Along with many of my squaddies, haven lots of probs with the new keymapper settings. Lots of stuff not worken like they been for years. Many of the old timer very unhappy. Question-Now that the cmfl files are located in doc and settings, does one even need the files in the data folder of the crs directory?
  3. CRS, plezzz address sound issues soon. My game is so not any fun,
  4. Audigy Gamer Hardware 64 sounds I've been fighten with poor sounds since things got messed up back when, 1.25 maybe, Rats would know. All my squaddies complaining currently. Basically difficulties with tracken ets and trucks. Silent sachels charges at fbs. On guy hears em nuther guy dont. Xanthus helped my out with a tweak so my sounds are better, but I have the weirdest thing going on now. I look at et, hear it perfectly. Look 90 degrees right, hear it perfectly in left headphone. Look 90 degrees left and I got nuthen in right headphone. My biggest disappointment with the 1.27 release is nothing mentioned about sounds issues being addressed. Really need to address these sound issues. I had perfect sounds for the first three years in game, I know what perfect sounds are like. My sounds been substandard for at least last 6 months.
  5. TUNE 43 S!
  6. Run with the pack on 43, S!
  7. I've got a X-FI now and have the same probs. But I had the same prob since sounds got porked in last big patch. Replaced my old audigy, waste of money. Prob is in the game, IMHO! Try running card in windows at basic acceleration. Helps, but still no SA when vehicles are close. Many peeps in my squad have the same prob and they have a variety of sound cards.
  8. Tune 43 S!