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  1. The Tragedy Murders in Barcelona Protect that Basilica. They were gunning for it.
  2. the BritGren doesnt kill tanks any more, right?
  3. The CRS Q&A states that there would "be little point to having an AO in the Zees if the axis objective is Sedan" I have to strongly disagree. Winning the Zees and getting an airfield at Vlissingen most CERTAINLY advances AXIS objectives. It gets us a better, more balanced RDP bombing platform. The allies have a very short flight from Metz to axis factories.. Axis would do well to push the Zees first, since Sedan is usually in impossible AO.
  4. having changed nothing on my rig, i am getting this now, after the latest patch release. cannot DL new patch... as soon as i start up the game, this happens, and it quits.
  5. Pay him or lose players. Or buy me a copy of windows.