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  1. Yup, it was Direct X. Thanks.
  2. Getting this dll error on launch. Any help with this?
  3. Does anyone have a solution to this one yet?
  4. Supposedly the netcode has been drastically improved so deathlag should go away. This should help with graphics rendering more quickly as well. We'll see.
  5. Bet he played Allied
  6. Awesome way to keep track of the game state when not ingame. Great software from Xiper, a veteran WWIIOL player.
  7. There is NO reason whatsoever to be overclocking any dual-core or quad-core CPU for this game. Unless you enjoy CTD's, than have at it. Overclocking was really made for single CPU's but with Dual-Core you litterally have 2 CPU's sharing the load. Quad-core is 4 There's a rule called "Moores Law" that CPU clock rates cannot go higher that a certain rate. So multi-cores share the load. A quad core can run WWIIOL while doing some Photoshop editing and maybe doing some recording with Protools. It aint the CPU people, it's the GPU, the RAM, the connectivity and the hard drive that are the main culprits for onlne gamers. Overclocking aint going to do doodie for you with this game.
  8. In Windows XP: Go to START > Settings > Network Connections and RIGHT-Click on your NIC card. Go to Properties. Remove the check next to "QoS Packet Scheduler". In Windows 7: Go to Start\Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network Connections, RIGHT-Click on your NIC card. Go to Properties. Remove the check next to "QoS Packet Scheduler". QoS is "Quality of Service". It moderates the data coming through your network connections. QoS can can cause serious lag because it compresses the amount of data which causes delays. Try it. Your lag may be signifigantly reduced.
  9. Does anyone have a guide to the Nvidia Control Panel? I'd like to find the best setting to use with WWIIOL. Thanks
  10. Dragon going for the bump record