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  1. Potthead! I have smoked my last joint and I have analyzed your theory and I have some thoughts to share. dropbear couldn't have said it better actually. Good comms and engaging leadership whether it be HC like yourself pott or a good ML; These are things that easily persuade people to "stay on a bit longer", or like myself stay up till 2am when i have to work at 8am. I am having fun and therefore willing to sacrifice my time. Opposition starts to get frustrated "ahh [censored] it ill call it a night" next thing you know we are overpop and on a roll. momentum begins with a few then numbers start to grow and opposition numbers begin to wither. This is why I love squad nights and not only attend the squad I am in (BK) but other squad ops as well, such as JG51 for example. handful of guys come up with an ao and stay persistent next thing you know you got half of axis kickin [censored] and take like 3 towns in one night. Awesome! And also potthead, referring to another post you made recently, I think that roleplay aspect you mentioned is a really good tool to achieve this, even when we are near the end of the campaign and LOSING! Those panzer columns from the end of 158 were dope! Didn't matter that we were about to lose campaign, we managed to make some fun and got our numbers up. So yes I really admire your leadership style, and I dont intend to kiss your [censored], just being honest!
  2. cappable FB now that could be interesting. And the forest combat: limited vehicle movement, infantry focused, definitely different tactics than town/city
  3. Not sure how I feel about a trench flag to capture but I do think something other than the standard cp buildings would be cool, and maybe some out of town objectives as well, like on a hill or in a forest or something
  4. BK BK BK!
  5. This reminds me of the BK Clown Car ^^ We had a little over 30 in that axis truck with the mg on top (the name is on the top of my head) and almost 30 in an opel. We usually do it when attacking those huge cities on squad nights.
  6. A great squad/family made up of great players!