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  1. I had a prob installing and i found it was my firewall blocking it. Try disabling your firewall and antivrus when you install.
  2. I'm back in game now!
  3. I had that to and the way i fixed it was to go to Setting, User Interface and disable enable Tool Tips.
  4. I was billed for a name change 8 of March but my in game name hasen't changed. Who do i talk to about this?
  5. " I have dual screens though (its my work compuer) but I hardly see how that can make the game crash." I bet that could be your problem.. i recently tried setting up dual displays and running this game with both monitors and got major stutters and then the game would lock up and crash. also i have problems with some other games to with dual displays. Whats your total computer specs?
  6. Wow no i haven't done anything to be banned... heck i haven't played hardly at all lately. Well this sucks! Nor did i get a email saying anything about it. Thx for the reply Merlin.
  7. Eh can anyone help? Or is this there way of saying no more Smug? lol
  8. I noticed that there all on leave for 74456356 seconds lol what the hell? Have i been kicked from the game or somthing?
  9. Hi i need help all my personas are On Leave and i can't log into game. What can i do?
  10. I bet he could find a 9800 Pro close to $100, at www.ncix.xom they have one there for $175 canadian thats like $145 US so thats pretty close I had a 9700 Pro up untill a little while ago and it preformed well for this game and many others so i'd say the 9800 pro would be a perfect cheap card for ya.