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  1. Update on this, squad is back together and looking for any veterans of the squad looking to rejoin. We're keeping it in the family at the moment, but recruitment will open up to new members in the near future. Website link is We've also now got a twitter to keep squaddies up to date on upcoming events at
  2. This. You're really looking at more of a 6 hour journey to assault the factories, as you'll most likely burn through all of your ammo taking out the shore AI just so you can get in range of the factories. That being said, I think 5k would be a good range. If you're very careful, you can.stay out of range of EWS, but I often find myself drifting into the 5k range by mistake.
  3. if I even download windows 10 at all (still very happy with windows 7) it'll be in a few months after they've had time to iron out all the little bugs and glitches. I heard from a friend it's basically Windows 8 2.0
  4. Free to play basically just has access to rifles and the most basic tanks and planes. Premium has access to everything in the spawn lists. Atm, I think the Rats gave everyone premium for 2 weeks, so it's a good opportunity to sample what it's like. Imo, even if you don't want to pay the $18/month for premium, even the $5 starter account would be worth it for SMGs and the ability to cap.
  5. Great squad right here. Watch out for that skunkmilk, though ( ͡͡ ° ͜ ʖ ͡ °)
  6. Yeah, don't worry about the HC tools. It's really only Country and up that use the browser-based tools for their duties.
  7. Maxios, I love you bby. Problem solved.
  8. It was working fine about a week ago, I was able to fly no problem. EA was harassing some of our boats tonight, decided to grab an E-4 and give it a shot. Spawned in and----- No go. Joystick acted completely dead. Tried re-detecting it, reinstalled drivers, reinstalled the game, nothing. I know the joystick still works, I was flying in IL-2 a few hours ago. Tested it offline, game just won't recognize the stick. It's a Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, if that helps at all. Any ideas?