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  1. Thanks guys. Been wondering how to do this for AGES!
  2. I know this isn't strictly Mac support but its the only place i thought this thread would fit in: How do you change the writing under your name that you see in when someone posts a reply (e.g. Member, Allied High Command etc.)?
  3. this may be a bit off topic but i play on a Macbook Pro full graphics settings and its fine. considering MBPs are not regarded as very powerful gaming machines (due to their graphics cards), i would assume most other laptops could run it.
  4. I am still able to log on every time but I crash when I right click on map unless I'm in the field. As I'm about to join HC this will be very frustrating
  5. makes HC very difficult, but it works when i've spawned in
  6. Anyone else get a CTD when they right click on the Theatre Map?
  7. The Brandenbergers are happy to take you on board. Next time you're online just contact me and i'll send you an invite.
  8. The BSOR are recruiting Axis players any rank just contact flyswat ingame when you can if you want me to invite you or leave a post here.
  9. AMD Radeon HD 6490M can run game on full specs easy no lag at all. in my new macbook pro summer 2011
  10. i forgot to add that when i disconect the controller it works fine again
  11. im trying to use a PS3 controller, which should be fine i think. it doesnt crash it just take for ever. i havent got onto the game yet with the remote, but it takes forever on MultiTextures and Vehicle Models as well as infantry Models. This is reall annoying. im running 10.6.8 (latest software)
  12. My game was working fine until i tried to connect a controller to the game. Now when i try to load the game it stops at MixedTextures (or something like that). Its really annoying and i just dont understand it. The game has recognized the controller and i have calibrated it so whats wrong?