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  1. See previous post.
  2. Awesome, Welcome aboard guys! It's always outstanding when a great group of guys steps up and leads.
  3. S! welcome, Guys. It's always awesome to have more high-speed guys willing to step up and help out. Feel free to msg me with any questions or concerns. Windhund CO
  4. 08/15-08/21 - AAR / Windhund Starting Numbers 1347 Ending Numbers 2607 I think overall this was one of the better rotations that we have experienced as far as interaction with the "Newbies" and with them coming in on Squad oriented missions and coming onto TS3 as well as even joining the Squad as a member. I noticed on the first day it was a new playing field by the the fact I had 10 of the 15 recruits on my mission from the start Only a fraction of them were on TS3 but it was a far larger fraction than previous rotations. I also had a significant uptick in the amount of players who went through the process of becoming members to Windhund as well. I've also have had 3 members of my Squad from previous rotations apply or already in HC and some of the recruits this rotation expressed interest in it as well (I told them of the subscription requirement). I definitely believe that these new players (those who stick around) are the future leaders and aces of this game and it's very rewarding to help these guys get their foundation to better understand this game which at first, is very complicated. The number of players was a little excessive and it would be beneficial, if this is the caseload that we should expect on a continual basis, if I would be able to request more trainer slots if it is at all possible. I just couldn't cover nearly enough of the recruits to do it justice but we tried to touch base with as many as possible. I think this F2P stuff is working and it is really getting the boots on the ground and hopefully they start putting their money in CRS's wallet. Keep up the great work CRS and our fellow Host Squads and I look forward to our next rotation. ROSSHOLE WINDHUND CO
  5. Honey Badger?
  6. Copy that, Big guy!
  7. Windhund's belated AAR. Started off with 820 members and ended up with 1300. We had it for about 7 days during the first week of the campaign I think. We got roughly 8-10 new members and a few more roughly in TS3. We are still sifting the recruits out to see who wants to stay and who needs to go. Tried to get the Allied players switched over. After 7 days of it, we we're pretty burned out from it. The rewards from this far out way the bad parts as long as a proper rest rotation is in place. Edit: We look forward to our next cycle.
  8. No worries, we got some good members out of it.