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  1. Hello Guys, I like playing both sides and normally play on whichever side is under pop at the moment. And I see lots of other player doing this. Then a thought occurred to me! Why not establish a squad that is dedicated to playing on whichever side is under pop. Wining a map is no longer the most important thing to me, but how good the game play is. Most allied and axis squads are dedicated squads that do not allow squad members to switch sides which is fine. An under-pop squad would allow players to play both sides which would normally be the under pop side. We could name it the UnderDog squad. It also could be good place for new players, similar to the Weasel squad, who are getting bumped from dedicated squads because they are side switching. I know they are just trying to experience both sides to determine which one they want to play. The UD Squad would allow this side switching without penalizing a new player. This was just an idea. Any thoughts on this idea are welcome. Chasf
  2. I downloaded the 4gb_patch.exe. Opened a command line and ran it but my Win 7 32 bit OS said it can't. Is this patch just for 64 bit OS? I have 8 gigs of ram but my Win 7 OS is only using 2.24 gigs for the game. That makes 5 1/5 gigs being used somewhere else. I am showing 6 gigs of virtual memory! Any suggestions? Thanks Chasf
  3. I have upgraded to the 32 bit windows 7 using the same box with my old ati 4670 card but have never experienced CTDs as often as I have here lately. I was 40 klm from Amiens, lined up and on my final approach ready to release....then I CTD!! This happens a lot especially anytime I fly a lot or go on a long air missions. Will that memory patch for x64 platform for on a win7 32 bit. I am running 8 gigs. Chasf
  4. Well, my FPS has gone to the crapper these last 4 patches. I'm lucky if I get 40 fps alone in the air and it goes down from there to 3 or 5 over towns! The box I originally built for this game is getting a little long in the tooth as it is about 5 years old. Gigabyte board, AMD X2 6000 3.2 ghz 4 gigs rams and ATI 4670 and XP Pro. Any other game I play with this set up works great. Only game I have problems with is this one! I was told an Nvidia 560 or ATI 5560 would help increase. Since this is the only game I have trouble running not sure I want to invest in another box just to play this game! Would it help if I switched to a 64 bit OS? Chasf
  5. I would like to fly or do a DD. Which ever is available. Chasf
  6. The 1st RCM is one of the original squads formed in the early days of the game and was started by Canadian players. In the early days the squad numbered over 100 members and could field 2 laffys loads of inf to do hot drops on Axis FBs which were always an adrenalin rush! Through payer attrition the squad has lost players, as have most others squads, and thus we are currently in a rebuilding mode. If you are interested in Infantry, Armor, Naval Action, Airborne infantry and/or Air combat, 1st RCM is there! We try to help new members with the learning curve in the game and help them rank up so they can use some of the better tier equipment. Plus we like to stress team work and squad play when we have our numbers up in the game. If you are in came and have any questions please PM me. Our squad chat is 68 Our website is
  7. Had the game up and working great last nite and this morning. Game froze around 6:30 CST. Now everytime I try and start the game it starts to go to the BE Load page but crashes my system and I get the blue screen. This has happened 3 times so for. I have not installed or added any programs since my last session. Getting a prompt that Windows want to send a report as it has recovered from a serious problem! Games was working great. Hell game just came up! Chasf
  8. I have unistalled 1.29, deleted the registry folder playnet from the 1.29 version. Re downloaded and installed 1.30. I seem to ge authenticated. Click play game and my entire system crashes. The last I tried to start the game got the dreaded Blue Screen. Downloaded and installed the connection Untility. This is what it says. === Test Started @ Thu May 28 05:31:19 2009 UTC === Test 1: Auth Pri -OK- 36ms Test 2: Main Pri -OK- 12ms Test 3: Main Alt -OK- 11ms Test 4: Main PingPri WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 5: Main PingAlt WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 6: Main Chat WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 7: Event Pri WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed Test 8: Event Alt WSAE:: Connection refused (10061)*** FAILED: Connect failed *** Partial failure. - Check firewall I have been trying to install and play my game for over 3 hours and it still will not work. I am going to bed. Chasf
  9. I have an Asus Mobo M2N-MX with 4 Dimm slots with a AMD 5200+ CPU currently running 2 Gigs of DDR2 800 PC6400. My purpose in life is to add 2 more 1 gig sticks in order to have 4 gigs so that I can evade VonWiggle when he and his 09F re-enters the atmosphere and bounce me. Recently I found out that Windows only sees 2, 2.5 or maybe 3 gigs at most. MS says you can add a /3GB switch in the boot.ini and that will tell windows XP to use 1 Gig for windows services and alot the other 3 Gigs to programs. Should I use 4 x 1Gig sticks, 2 x 2 Gigs? I don't really want to mess with my Boot.ini. Does any know anything about how to get 4 Gigs of ram to work with windows XP? Any help or information would be helpful. I really don't want to have to go to Vista in order to do this. Thanks Chasf
  10. Since this last patch have been getting kicked out of the game a lot with a smartheap error. The last time I had that problem my hard drive was over loaded with snap shops. Cleared them out end of problem. In this new case, I have 15-20 gigs of hard drive space still available. Anyone have any suggestions. Chasf
  11. The 1st RCM is one of the older squads with a very colorful history as well as having some very colorful past players. The squad is a multi-national squad which currently consists of Americans, Canadians, Europeans, Brits and Aussies members. All nationalities are welcome. The Squad speaks english as the game language but has been known to attempt other languages. We mainly play Allied and have an Infantry Brigade, an AirBorn Brigade, an Armor Brigade, and two Air Wings (1 RAF and 1 FAF). We participate in main attacks directed by our AHC, but we do special ops behind the lines, armor attack, Airborn assaults as well as. If you are new to the game, we would be very happy to help show you the ropes and train you into becoming one of the most effective soldiers or pilots in the game. Currently the squad is in a rebuilding phase so for those who would like to step into command and leadership roles there is plenty of opportunity. Whatever your fancy you can pretty much find it in the 1st RCM.
  12. I have just started getting an error message ' Smartheap memory error. It only happens when I play the game. I will go on fine for a while in the game then I may be respawning and up pops the error and my game crashes. I did have my virutal memory set but was told to let Windows manage it. But it is still happening. This has never happen before with any other game patch upgrades prior to our last one. Do you suppose this might be game related? Any help would be appreciated Thanks Chasf
  13. Within the last couple of days I have getting an error message from a program called smartheap telling me I am out of memory. It does not come up untill I have been in the game a while. It mostly happens when I am respawning or changing from Inf to air. This has never happened before and I was wondering if the new game patch may be causing this. And I is anyone else getting the Smartheap error messages. Can anyone help me solve this problem? Thanks chasf
  14. Hello Blood, I see by your posts that you are having a hard time getting your password and account started. CRS are good people and they will help you get it all straighten out. When you do, get ready to Lock-N-Load. This game is awesome, the only true virutal battle field on the internet. I am with the 1st Royal Canadian Marines, when you get into the game our channel is 68. Look us up! We will take you where few dare too tread! LOL Capt. Chasf 1st RCM
  15. Thanks a lot Ziporama, I have been playing around with the Keymapper Joystick deadband settings and it has improved a little. I don't seem to have this problem in IL2 or Pacific Fighters. Will keep tweaking! Thanks again. Chasf