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  1. Hello, A suggestion I have is indicating on the log in screen, where you select Campaign or Beta, that if the Campaign is currently in Intermission, to indicate that so a player does not have to log in, wait for game to load, and then enter the game asking "Are we in intermission?". Example when campaign is ongoing: Campaign Beta 1.35 Example when campaign is in intermission: Campaign (Intermission) Beta 1.35
  2. Thanks maxios! GSC also helped me with this in-game. Haven't had a CTD since. This should be a stickied thread or some sort of reference for players to know about that do CTD.
  3. Hey all, I was having some issues with the game so I uninstalled and reinstalled and I am now getting in game a lot of "reestablishing connection" or connection to host lost. I hadn't had this happened in forever. I remember that a long time ago there was a discussion post on a patch or plug in to download that helped with CTD/CTHL and then it never happened again after that, but I can't remember what it was that I downloaded... Anyone know what I am talking about it and can remind me what to install or have a link to the post? Thanks!
  4. Works perfect now! Thanks GSC
  5. bump - any ideas? Or just in general, what are your graphic settings set at on your graphics cards for this game? Thanks!
  6. Ever since I upgraded my graphic card drivers about a week ago, when I am playing infantry, the colors of the terrain do not stay consistent. If I look slightly left or right the color of the ground and brightness seems to flicker and is very distracting. It is still playable, but the flickering of terrain makes me double check constantly if it is an enemy. Any ideas on what caused this or how I can fix it? I have Radeon HD 7900 series (I think, I'm at work, not at my home desktop while writing this) with the catalyst control system. Any graphic card settings I should alter with in the Gaming/3D application settings section of catalyst? By the way, I have all the textures, shadowing, etc in BE set to disabled or as low as possible already. I hadn't experienced any of this until I upgraded the drivers. Or better yet, what do you all have your settings set to in Catalyst that seems to provide good performance for BE? Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance!