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  1. fify
  2. thanks zeke
  3. sooooooooo thanks for the help guys but its way over my head. I ll just whine, swear and rage quit.
  4. I dont have a lap top. its a desk top.
  5. processor- amd fx 870k quad core 360 ghz ram- 160 gb system 64 bit x64 based processor.
  6. lenovo s/n R3022GYGG
  7. where do I find this info?
  8. very cool. I know computers like I know Swahili. 2 fps in schilde!! <rage quit> I did a speed test and it looks like I should have moar fps.
  9. I had 19 fps at schilde. shot a guy looking at his map from 5 ft away. he shot/killed me and ran away. funnnn!!!!!!
  10. fify
  11. &^%$# my fps are 30-33
  12. have this hanging on hallway wall in our house.
  13. I shall be running the trail mix booth. maga= make mikeaz rich.