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  1. I am more of a beach guy.
  2. here, here. the dudes manning the gun need to scream if shot and the gun needs to xplode if hit with he.
  3. Years ago I played a game and saw the name tag " I work at wendys"
  4. I think you need to get points for hauling , delivering ammo or setting up fms as a nod to the red ball express.
  5. need an icon for what language they speak
  6. fix= if defending a town you can resupply at a depot/cp. feature= if not marking enemy out of the blue you get punched in the junk/junkette. bonus points for white privilege.
  7. merlin for mod.
  8. how do I set one up?
  9. they need to have his/her head explode. neato.
  10. I found it. hey at least I am consistent. I wish I could get a brain scan. seriously.
  11. where?