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  1. I shunt drink any more coffee today.
  2. sounds elitist. where my participation medal?
  3. we need moar rules/laws because people always follow them.
  4. no wonder I die all the time. when I try to do stuff like that I break things.
  5. I do die a lot.
  6. I turn off my monitor and get 10k kills.
  7. .AF

    See what af are active.
  8. hush nurgle.
  9. I wore green for 6 hrs.
  10. as a fellow suck pilot I feel your pain. only thing I can tell you is join a squad. you HAVE to be on comms. never fly alone unless you resign yourself to die.
  11. https://youtu.be/NQhwNtY3N2k
  12. of playing on the eyetalian side?
  13. if discord was a woman WNB. I hate discord.