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  1. error message about "voice" when I start up. also I have no idea where the download went.
  2. nope! I dl it but cant get the overlay to work/show up. I ll just type to people.
  3. That's baaaaaaaaaaaad.
  4. You know you get a red image when you try to set a fru uphill. Need to do that when body part is sticking out a structure.
  5. I don't know how but good luck!
  6. A legend I tells ya.
  7. Great story!
  8. I am sure there were soldiers with colds and gas problems.
  9. I love bushes.
  10. Do we have minor wounds in game? I would think wounded soldiers would go to a hosp and be lost for sometime.
  11. undt exercise if you are able to.