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  1. ^^^^ if you came to the good side you wouldn't have to worry about your fbs. <hint>
  2. I am sorry to hear your news. I curse cancer in Jesus name. Die cancer die!
  3. I think with only one mg he was disappointed and didn't try. like when you got a bad Christmas gift as a child.
  4. zippy flies mattys now? impressive.
  5. I blame nily
  6. --------------------> door
  7. cuteness alert.
  8. a little birdy told me it will have train mounted, rocket launched b17s.
  9. We don't know, the saucy woman has covered up her elbows.- she pmed me the uncovered elbows gif- hawt
  10. I agree. still fun but...…... pc changed it.
  11. she has no faults.
  12. what tier?
  13. 1 croissant to go plz
  14. ^^^ unpossible. he has the hearing of a dog and eyes all around his head like a fly does. in fact matamore means fly in teh French.