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  1. good to heart you all are ok.
  2. R.i.p.
  3. Very nice video.
  4. People cheating on a game. lmao!! I cant imagine what they are like in real life.
  5. *soon
  6. yes but not during hockey season.
  7. whats a kompfershutz?
  8. xooms baby.com/org. whatever.
  9. An acceptable way to get away from the wife!
  10. on 3/8/2017 I could not rtb. I would get a cancel and ok button but no count down. had to turn off computer and restart game. how come?
  11. not when your 61 years old they aren't.
  12. error message about "voice" when I start up. also I have no idea where the download went.
  13. nope! I dl it but cant get the overlay to work/show up. I ll just type to people.
  14. That's baaaaaaaaaaaad.