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  1. I dont have a lap top. its a desk top.
  2. processor- amd fx 870k quad core 360 ghz ram- 160 gb system 64 bit x64 based processor.
  3. lenovo s/n R3022GYGG
  4. where do I find this info?
  5. very cool. I know computers like I know Swahili. 2 fps in schilde!! <rage quit> I did a speed test and it looks like I should have moar fps.
  6. I had 19 fps at schilde. shot a guy looking at his map from 5 ft away. he shot/killed me and ran away. funnnn!!!!!!
  7. fify
  8. &^%$# my fps are 30-33
  9. have this hanging on hallway wall in our house.
  10. I shall be running the trail mix booth. maga= make mikeaz rich.
  11. I think that a zook can kill a tiger if you hit the gas tank looking cover in the rear a sherm should too. what are your thoughts about if a tank catches on fire there is a message to abandon or die.
  12. well done!!!!!!!!! perhaps kgarner will explain how he is so good...…. p.s. I know you were at the same town as me but couldn't find you on the map.
  13. ^^^^ ban him. non medal winner go away.
  14. https://youtu.be/gcJjlL3izVc
  15. https://youtu.be/gcJjlL3izVc
  16. tazz now would be a good time to post my internetz Asian girl.
  17. all well and good. perhaps patch 1.39 said bean eaters will have the toots.
  18. Americans should get ether Amy Schumer or Kathy Griffin ban him!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. I kinda have a thing for #4
  20. merlin "it will be fun" go have a great time!
  21. r.i.p.