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  1. daaaaaaaaaang.
  2. One of my favorite otians
  3. when did players start marking?..
  4. good pics, thanks.
  5. I have witnessed merlins killing ability 1st hand <shudder>
  6. hunky studmuffin- mikeaz
  7. sara could make it work.
  8. 1) don't hate the game hate the player 2) old age, bad eye sight, shaky hands 3) do mirrors in air game still exists? chase yellow sqs c) discord messes with my comp big time I went over 3 plz don't ban me.
  9. opel/laffy racing champion.
  10. I shunt drink any more coffee today.
  11. sounds elitist. where my participation medal?
  12. we need moar rules/laws because people always follow them.
  13. no wonder I die all the time. when I try to do stuff like that I break things.
  14. I do die a lot.
  15. I turn off my monitor and get 10k kills.
  16. .AF

    See what af are active.
  17. hush nurgle.
  18. I wore green for 6 hrs.
  19. as a fellow suck pilot I feel your pain. only thing I can tell you is join a squad. you HAVE to be on comms. never fly alone unless you resign yourself to die.
  20. of playing on the eyetalian side?