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  1. I wonder how many will multi crew.
  2. 1) how long will it go? 2) I will be at church praying for the allies. c) @ choad we old guys made murica great.
  3. rats for getting the beloved forums back up and running!
  4. that engs life wouldn't last very long imo.
  5. what is this witchcraft?
  6. ^^^ well?
  7. merry Christmas everyone!!
  8. wonderful news!!!
  9. I just tried and got oops message.
  10. ^^^^ if you came to the good side you wouldn't have to worry about your fbs. <hint>
  11. I am sorry to hear your news. I curse cancer in Jesus name. Die cancer die!
  12. I think with only one mg he was disappointed and didn't try. like when you got a bad Christmas gift as a child.
  13. zippy flies mattys now? impressive.
  14. I blame nily
  15. --------------------> door
  16. cuteness alert.
  17. a little birdy told me it will have train mounted, rocket launched b17s.
  18. We don't know, the saucy woman has covered up her elbows.- she pmed me the uncovered elbows gif- hawt
  19. I agree. still fun but...…... pc changed it.
  20. she has no faults.
  21. what tier?