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  1. lutenint. In those modern games, is there a side playing with super tanks and planes as well, or things are totally balanced?. Just curiosity.
  2. My congrats to all allied players who finally got what they wanted for so long. it's not strange to see all your joyfull replies in this thread. You are awesome guys! I never imagined this would happen. Next step will be to ask for German panzers to be nerfed a little more. Then you will have a lot of fun winning campaigns and fighting only the AI of every single town. I'm so dissappointed that I have no words Xoom. It is impossible to take this seriously.
  3. Congrats to all brave defenders of Wavre and my appreciation to Shager for taking the job to create a list of awarded players while fighting, instead of just saying "medal for all defenders/attackers of XXX".
  4. Thanks Oldzeke for the video. Can you try the same with a spitfire and firing through the roof of the tent. When they killed me it was a plane coming from the side of the tents and the bullets went throught the roof (exclusively the roof). I wonder if there is a specific angle of penetration (45 degrees or whatever) which allows that to happen. And thank you a lot for the job.
  5. Thanks all for the replies and ideas, but I'm still missing some words from CRS. I mean, if there is a "game ideas/suggestions" topic, it would be nice to read some feedback from the designers saying something about the ideas and suggestions posted by the players: was it good or not and why; will it be taken in consideration for next developments or not; is it going to be discussed some day or not, etc... Otherwise you (in my case) have the feeling that this topic hasn't been read by the staff and player's suggestions simply go to waste.
  6. The EA that killed me knew very well what he was doing, he came from the side of the tent, so there was no open space to introduce the bullets that went into from the roof of the tent
  7. veh tents do not stop bullets from EA, I've been killed many times from EA inside the tent and from my tow saw the bullets going through and killing my main account. Maybe there is a problem in the design of the roof of the tent, because those bullets go inside the tent (maybe only from EA and from a specific angle?... I don't know). Anyway, if an opel can create a structure that offers a solid defense, such as fms, why not to have more or less the same type of cover at the FB?
  8. Hi. Is it possible to redesign tents at FB to offer some cover?. When you are inside the vehicle tent at FB it is impossible to spawn an atg or bofors if it is camped because it offers no cover at all. The bullets from any EA will go through the tent and kill you and it is impossible to try to do something. In my opinion the tents at veh spawns should give you the possibility to spawn safely and deploy your atg/bofors to have a chance.
  9. Have already used it a while ago, and it is too slow. The only improvement required was the zoom, now looks like you are using a super heavy atg when it is simply a small one. Do you test your "improvements" before releasing the patch?, if so, why do you think that this super slow cannon is funnier than the previous one?. We have enough with our paper made panzers, now please don't start with our atgs. Thank you.
  10. ok, thanks
  11. Hi, I have already resubbed my tow account esbirro250 (ingame name) to premium account, do I have to tell someone? from now on 2 accounts will play from my IP addres
  12. Agree every single word from this post. I'm one of those who would like a full side lock for every player after chosing side at the begining of the campaign, but I'm also sure that we are a minority. Have never ever spawned a single time as allied during campaigns (only during intermission to know the enemy's toys). The proposal from Lob12 to lock sides weekly sounds more doable, hope CRS considers it seriously. S!
  13. Yes the side with more players will probably win if the difference is significative, but in equal conditions of ammount of players allies have much more chances to win. Imagine both sides with exactly the same ammount and quality of players (by quality I mean type of players: veterans, teamplay style, etc...) in these ideal conditions of balance you can see in the map that allies have an important piece of land (England) with about 25 cities which can only be attacked by crossing the sea with freighters transporting opels (95% of transports wouldn't arrive alive). Only this is an important strategic advantage. Therefore Axis weapons/panzers were nerfed time ago to "balance" the game. Both things make it impossible for axis to win unless they are clearly superior in numbers. Note that this is my personal opinion, allied players would (and will) say that I'm telling you lies, that our nerfed weaponry/panzers is just a myth and will deny the existence of any unbalance that favours them, of course. You are free to believe what you want, if you are not comitted with a side just try both and soon will have your own opinion. S!
  14. But what is wrong with playing 2 accounts if you always play for the same side?, do you see this as something unfair?, if so, tell me why please. S!
  15. I'm a fanatic extremist defending the 2 pay accounts for a player, I have my tow (esbirro250) and, even tough the beginnings are difficult, when you get used to it, and only if you have a good pc that can support both accounts, you have unlimited possibilities: 1.- Guarding at the same time 2 ab bunkers or any combination of important places (docks, spawnables, FB etc...) when it's needed. To do this you have to be the type of player who can sit somewhere guarding it for hours. 2.- Add your tow as crew member (specially good in planes and ships) 3.- Tow you anywhere fast at any moment. 4.- Use mortar with your main account with the unlimited ammo that your tow gives you (I love to do this). 5.- Blow an FB alone in kamikaze missions (opel+sapper, also very fun), when the map is boring you can just play to blow any undefended FB in the map. 6.- Set your own fru fast (opel+infantry) and then capture at double speed with both accounts. There are many more things but these are the main I use to do. Now I never log in only my main account, I'd be missing too much. S!