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  1. IN a way, it gave the allies a Massive advantage, but i'm Truly Grateful it's not here-that would completely destroy the game as a fun thing.
  2. Most importantly when you first start out playing, go with what you already know, then work into the other things. Then watch what others are doing and ASK questionsNot asking or asking belligerently are the #1 reason you don't get an answer. Good luck and good hunting.
  3. When i worked there, there was a lot of issues in NE palameda, section 8 people trying to cause issues, and SE, where more of the berkely style dufus types lived, near the CG station and the bridge. Do you remember the "Bridge" tunnel from oakland? from that area slightly north was the "Bad" neighborhoods (the Hood), where my carriers were attacked on a regular basis by "Residents". It was a sad thing when the navy packed it in and the base area had no respectability since then. It's Nowhere Near as bad as "Berkley" but there's a few hardcore dufus types who believe "Any war is bad" no matter what the reason-one even tried to tell me he was "Going to kill" the president because not even 9-11 was worth going to war-he's enjoying his extended vacation still-CHP got him when he tried to force my wife and i and our then-2 yr old daughter off the rd for his left leaning self to slam a sticker on the car-i thought it was a GD bomb at 1st, got everyone away from the car and everything because of how he was acting and yelling about killing. Wish like hell i'd been a cop then-i'd have popped him and saved the taxpayers some hard earned $ that's for sure. CHP said i'd have been justified esp with the 2 yr old in the car and his verbal threats. More than anything, that's what i remember most about Alameda.
  4. Now that you mention it that Does look like an M551 sheridan. only armored AFV we had that was air-droppable for the longest time, with the saucer shaped turret. Sorry to hear you haven't left "Palameda" yet. I worked there for 3 yrs and it was one of the Worst assignments i ever had-so many liberals, all around anarchists and "Peace at any Price" types so "Ready" to commit acts of violence to "Prove thier peaceful intent" just made me want to run out of handcuffs every time i drove thru, esp if you drive by the post office and see all the Condoms washed up on the beach.
  5. Best way to kill inf is LMG or with light ATG if you're not in AFV-i've used both 2lb and 37mm guns against EI and both can be devastating if you remember 1 Very Important lesson-Aim to hit Between Yourself and the Ei-the "Splash pattern" of fragments will be projected Toward the EI, rather than away, and he Won't get the chance to kill you. Nothing worse than being naded by Ei aside from being shot in the head with his pistol-lol. Additionally-Your Light ATG has a Serious Range Advantage over Any EI, and can still be effective on ET's if used correctly.
  6. Things are happening, so i'm out for awhile. If i make it thru Christmas, i may be back. It's looking interesting as in body armor time. Rounds Out.
  7. I may be a little late as i leave work thurs at 5pm, but asap i'll be on, and we'll be Rockin!! Still learn from Roy, and everything i learn keeps the bad guys from acting overconfident-lol. Took a pan out this AM for instance-got a 232 AND 2 pz 2's with it. Sapper got me because the armor shot the wheels off the Pan, but i think i did my part. Helped finish an SDKFZ that was backing away smoking-engine on fire after 1 hit-what he gets for acting overconfident and messing with My friends. Cat-thank you for a Seriously Great AM before work! Made my day start Right!
  8. Any way that kills them is Fine with me!
  9. Hope it comes today so we can officially start Kicking some BUTTS!! (ATR in the Engine got a StuGB yesterday) Didn't think they were that vulnerable, but had used my Heat charge and it didn't do squat, so as the defiant mouse............Wow!
  10. Like to Earn the 0-2 rank 1st please-lol-never was good at taking things i didn't earn-turned down a bronze star once in military because i wasn't involved in a firefight but someone claims to have seen me there-was in hospital -GD camel spider found me. Be glad once the training server is back up though. S! to all potential recruits and current members.
  11. 1 More thing-as a Squad we support each other and if any squadmate has issues we solve it as a squad or resolve it. Outsiders attacking a squadmate won't find any sympathy or tolerance either. Teamwork gets things done, teamwork Makes a team and solidarity As a team is what we're after. If i see one of my teammates getting hit or swarmed, it's On. Just an FYI:D
  12. As will I, using my Bofors to the Maximum effectiveness in Anti Personnel as well as AAA. Practice sessions as soon as Training Server is Available. Using Arty Spotters for effective NLOS fire -will need people willing to train as Spotters/Inf Support-once they start recieving fire, all hell will break loose, and they're going to want it Stopped, so Combined arms will be a Must. Learn Directions, Range Est and Spotting Techniques to make maximum use of the ammo available and create maximum Havoc amongst enemy-if they don't know where it's going to hit next, they can't react. They'll no longer be able to have troop concentrations in attack or defense. Become a Professional, in the 61st Royals! (NLOS-Non line of sight)
  13. Thanks bro-yeah they're good, and best of all they take the time to teach people how to be more effective and not so rash=more kills, less deaths. People come and go for reasons of thier own, but We, as a team, are better than we as individuals every time.
  14. Been in a couple squads before them, been treated mixed, sometimes ok, sometimes a LOT less, but if new or old players want Good people to play with, by all means, come check out 22nd Mech. We welcome people and treat them right.
  15. That was you in the Pz3? sorry it had to be a bro, and my whole squad is allied this time, but sides don't matter as much as friends. They'll always be friends. Your bro with the 88 almost had me like 7 times, got closer and closer, and i was out of HE, so i had to scoot-lol. then someone else got me anyway, but that's life. Once i reach lvl 7, it'll be open season, but one thing i learned as a real sniper-Everyone hates you, and it's more important than ever to be unseen because things take on more meaning when you can see the face and the other guy never has the chance to deal it back. Only time i never regret taking someone like that is now, as a Sheriff's Dept Sniper when some dufus has a hostage-that's Lame, cowardly and deserving of nothing to hurt someone innocent-and 95% of the time, hostages get hurt bad or killed in real life unlike the movies. We all do our jobs, but it hurts sometimes. That's why friends and family mean so much. So have a good one, bro and either way, hope you dont hold it against that we're allied this time-lol.