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  1. While the naval aspect of the game is very limited in it's roll, it is really in need of some upgrades. I don't know about you guys, but it seems kind of silly to me that a 20/25mm AA gun at 800m is capable of rendering a DDs guns useless, not to mention the five inch guns and AA batteries (the 20mm) are severally under powered. #1) 5" Guns: While there are some cases of high damage outputs and 'one shoting' tanks, they seem a bit under powered when you have to bombard a tank, with the more common, 20-30 shells in order to kill it. This coming from a gun that is capable of rolling a 3000+ ton boat a good 5 degrees when fired (Which is WAY to much by the way). Even if the tank still functions, a 5 inch shell blast would kill anyone inside that thing with just the shock wave. Yet, these same guns are easily taken out by one or two shots from any tank as long as they hit the turret. While I understand that it's not suppose to be a destroyers roll to be sitting in a harbor killing tanks and enemy infantry, 7 out of 10 times, that's what they are used for. The other 3 out of 10 are turn into naval fights purely because said DD got intercepted on the way to do just that. DDs were originally created as TBDs or Torpedo Boat Destroyers and there only goal was to prevent larger ships from falling to torpedo boats. Later they were used as submarine hunters. Seeing as how we don't have torpedo boats to destroy, bigger ships to protect, or submarines to hunt, they are going to be used as anti land weapons. #2) AA: The forward facing 20mm AA batteries are practically useless. Neither one will turn more than just past center-line to the other side. The rear 20mm AA are a significant amount better, but still fairly insufficient at gunning down aircraft. There are two 20mm AA stations missing that are suppose to be located just forward of the life boats. The C30 are actually really good, my preferred methods of flak gunning. As long as you get lined up right, they can delivers a devastating blow to any aircraft the is attempting to bomb or torpedo you and pretty damn good at anti gun as well. #3) Armor: Several times now I have seen, both first hand and witnessed, plane cannons destroying a DDs engine. Now while these cannons seem to do nothing against the DDs actual armor, meaning it still floats, it seems improbable that a pass or two with a 109 or spitfire and that DD isn't ever going to move again. Now bombs on the other hand, are devastating against a DD, and rightfully so. It doesn't take more than 2 or 3 well placed bombs to sink a destroyer. But then again, it's a freaking 250kg bomb. That's not exactly small. The armor on the turrets also seems a bit thin. As I mentioned before, a 20/25mm AA gun should not be able to disable a DDs main guns. I would completely agree with them being able to disable just about everything else, though those are all non-shielded stations. As mentioned before, I understand the limited roll the DDs play in the game. However, there roll is even more impacted by how fragile they are in comparison. What they really need is just a little bit of tweaking and I think they will become a much more important part of what little roll they have. ---Increase armor on the turrets. The hull armor is thin and weak, but most of the time, their hulls were on 1/8th to 1/4th inches thick. That will stop most rounds under a 20mm AP. But the turrets are way to easily disabled. Tank turrets require a direct hit from a substantial gun to the turret gun itself to disable it. Why not do the same for DDs? ---Add in the 2 missing 20mm stations. The platforms are already modeled, all that would need to be done is to put the turrets on them. ---Link all of the 20mm turrets together. Since when you are by yourself, you can only be on one station at a time and when you are multi-crewed, the second person gets both 20mm stations. Have all of the 20mm guns firing on the same direction and converge at range. This is already in place with any two turret system on the DDs and Freighters. Just expand it to all the 20mm fire from one position. Set that position close to where the C30s control position is and allow the controller to switch sides like it already can. ---Increase the punch of the 5 inch guns. One direct hit or 3-5 near hits should kill just about any tank. This will also allow Naval fights to be over faster. Right now, unless you disable a EDDs guns, he can fatally wound 3 or 4 other DDs before sinking. So even after you kill him, you are still going to sink. If you increase the damage dealt, it will end the EDDs ability to fire more quickly, possibly allowing the winner of the fight to actually live for once. ---Decrease the recoil of the 5 inch guns. These guns roll the ship way more than they should. All of the guns firing to the same side at once should roll the ship about as much as one gun firing does right now. I'm not a programmer so I have no clue, but it seems these changes would be fairly easy. The only real difference would be the added 20mm guns. But linking all the 20mm together as well as changing armor amounts would be fairly simple I imagine. As far as the damage ballistics for the 5 inch guns, I have no clue again, but I imagine it wouldn't be too terribly difficult. I have no idea about how hard it would be to change to recoil so, whatever. But, these changes alone would allow DDs to play a much bigger role in fights. They will actually become valuable assets instead of, what a lot of people view them as now, a waste of a person that could be capping CPs or defending a bunker. The flak improvements would turn the pilots around from saying, "Oh hey look!!! Target practice" to, a some what organized effort to kill one. That's with out adding the VT (proximity) fuses that they had.
  2. -Radar stations would only be in big cities. -As the distance from the radar station increase, radar accuracy decreases. -Max effective range of 10-15 km with a maximum range of 20-25 km. -Radar displays estimated altitude. -Radar station are destroy-able and require engineers to rebuild. (Same system as bridges) -This would add realism as well as adding precise radar where it is needed and no radar over open areas of terrain. -Keep the aircraft sited system for each town that is currently in place.
  3. I've spent quite a lot of time in the boats and ships and I was wondering how hard it would be to get an anchor system for boats and ships. Maybe have it 'deploy' kind of like ATGs do. Once the anchor is dropped, after a few minutes for it to ' hit bottom', The boat or ship would no longer be able to move. This would allow the weapons to be fired without propelling yourself around. Once the boat or ship wanted to move, all it has to do is raise anchor, wait until anchor is aboard, and then carry on.
  4. ATGs, while powerful when placed in good positions, are incredibly vulnerable to anything that sees them. Would it be possible to to allow ATGs to build "Bush like Concealment" like the INF can with combat berms? -Take a few minutes to build. -Allows very good concealment for ATGs from direction it is facing. This will keep enemies from seeing them from 2km out. -ATG can see through concealment better than finding a bush and parking in it. In order to see out of most bushes, you have to stick you gun out almost all the way. -Can't move until the concealment is torn down by ATG. This will keep people from just building a wall all the around themselves. -Can only be set after the ATG is deployed. This would allow the ATGs to be just as potent as having tanks, but without wasting supply. It would also draw more player to use ATGs to defend towns.
  5. Late game gets pretty bad in the air. While I'm not saying that either side has a total advantage over the other, the P38 in the heads of an ok pilot will annihilate most of the Axis planes. Same goes for the 190. But the variety of aircraft is more of the hindrance that I'm talking about. The Allies have the P38 and the Spit 9 as well as a few other that, in all fairness, were superior to the axis aircraft. It's a historical fact. But, Germany had a lot more aircraft than just the 190 and G6. Basically, what I'm getting at is, is it possible for the Axis to get the 262. Obviously, it would have to be in very limited numbers so the Axis don't spam them like the allies do the P38 and Spit 9. But, it would level the playing field at high alt.
  6. Is there a way that we could get some sort of a customized load out system? Not necessarily the guns themselves but rather ammo types. What I mean by this is, say you have a tank and you know that the only thing you will be doing is killing other tanks, you could get rid of some HE rounds and replace them with AP. Or, if you are just going to be shelling a depot, you could get rid of your AP and replace it with HE. Maybe change bomb load outs on planes as well so instead of have a few really big bombs you could have a crap ton of smaller bombs and vise versa.
  7. It's a good idea but it makes it a lot harder to defend FBs. Unless, of course, you make the damage so minimal that it wouldn't be worth it.