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  1. I managed to connect to the patch server after several attempts which resulted in the play gate crashing out. The patch loaded and installed cleanly on Windows 10. I input my game name and pw, manually selected the campaign server and clicked play. Received the red letter message, "log in aborted". If the requirement is another 2 hour DL and clean install of the game client, well, I'll be playing HoI 4 for awhile.
  2. Simple fixes, requiring no changes to the game, thus costing nothing. 1. Learn to shoot an AA gun properly. 2. Moving targets are harder to hit, that being said, MOVE! Suicide diving a bomb onto the target is nothing more than using the Dr. Strangelove tactic all the way to the target, so have fun in game.
  3. Gun boats yes, MTBs, yes, E-Boats, yes. You could even look at armed trawlers/Corvettes for coastal AI controlled convoys. Have AI controlled convoys bringing supplies for US/British forces on the continent, with limited AI escorts. Let players provide for more escort vessels and aircraft. That will up the naval game. Later on, look at adding light cruisers and up.
  4. You'd have to expand the map to realistic scale for heavy bombers to come into their own. It would also be the only way to bring in real artillery. I'd settle for HMG teams and medium mortars though, plus mobile AA guns.
  5. Quit checking, they'll post it once it's done. World of Warships for me until then.
  6. I'm still plugging along here. Every 10 minutes another batch of my cookies come outta the oven. I made 96 yesterday, 96 more today.
  7. Where's the update at? I get a 10057 error every time I try to connect to the server the normal way. Edit: Still down I see, oh well, back to baking cookies. Merry Christmas!
  8. Try building a fru immediately after this happens, it usually tells you that you have to wait for the timer to complete. After this, it seems to reset the timer and it functions normally. I've had this happen several times myself.
  9. You can do the same thing in return to the Panhard, Vickers, and Daimler using a rifle or an LMG. Just get up to touch range and aim for the driver or gunner to get the kill credit.
  10. Found that, did it twice. Now it works, not sure what happened the first time. Fixed.
  11. Brand new gaming machine, I have sound in any other game and in online videos. Here I have nothing. I don't even see BGE in the volume mixer. It's like it doesn't exist. How do I fix this? I've tried all the sound settings to no effect. Playing deaf is worthless.
  12. A small but elite band, we are always looking for more recruits! We specialize in infantry special operations (Para/Glider insertions), but also have pilots and skilled naval players as well. Several members also serve within the ranks of the Axis High Command structure. Look for vozz, wstriker, eggert, vanhefty, judge, or jgk in game for recruitment opportunities! We are willing to train new players! We have only 2 rules, 1) Get TS (teamspeak) and be on it, even if you can't talk, so that you can hear. (Comms are important!) 2) No playing allied during campaigns! Do as you like during intermission!
  13. FF is always recruiting! Look for us in game!
  14. We do it all, Heer, KM, LW, and FJ! Check us out here to apply! You can also contact one of us in game and ask to speak to a recruiter! See you on the battlefield!
  15. The Flying Fallschrimjager are still open for new recruits and veteran players alike! We do it all! Land, sea, and air ops! Look for one of our recruiters in game, or put your request to join us at the link below!