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  1. Did you check the forced despawn link a the top of the page?
  2. I've heard of some other folks whose systems already updated, and I found this article that shows you how to backup your personal data, then roll back to an older version of MacOS. I hope it helps.
  3. I wouldn't mind a chance fight in all those new towns up north.
  4. DT, have you ever tried using AVG PC Tuneup? I use that along side their anti-virus. PC Tuneup let's me click a button to switch into "Turbo mode", this shuts down all the unneeded back ground programs and let's your PC focus on max performance. I've used it for years and found it quite helpful. I believe they have a free trial that you can download from
  5. I've always run mine as an admin myself, same thing with Discord. If you are in game, but find that you have to alt+tab out to the desktop in order to get your mic to function with discord there's a quick work around. Load the game first, get all the way to the persona screen. Now alt+tab out to the desktop and start discord, this seems to work every time, especially if you are using push to talk.
  6. I can agree that these weapons should not be reloadable while moving, that would be very difficult to say the least. However, I know that they could be fired while moving, you just wouldn't be as accurate with them. My father lugged an M60 through the jungles of Vietnam with the Marines, and he could use it in CQB while moving when needed. He started out with a Tommy gun (No way in hell he'd use an M16!). He's 6'2" and weighed about 225lbs back in the day. I remember he used to do sit ups with a 60lb barbel behind his head, and worked out daily with the weights. If you are fit enough, handling one of those in one hand is doable, for a while.
  7. Nobody promoted me to member, so I got bounced out after a week. Any chance of a return?
  8. Hi guys, just touching base in here for the first time.
  9. If you are experiencing a lot of issues with lag in game, or you see players zipping all over leave light lines and smoke everywhere, go into preferences and disable netcode3. It's helped a lot for me. Restarting your game client after a few hours play can help (sometimes), but after longer periods of play I will restart my computer just to freshen things up. Also, take a look at either AVG or AVAST anti virus, they both have options for activating "Gaming Mode", which automatically stops programs and clears the way for much cleaner and faster game play.
  10. A lot of it is just practice, the basic 200m setting is standard. One trick is to keep your weapon zoomed in after you've fired it (Keep the aim button pressed). This lets you see your fall of shot more accurately. For new players, I suggest aiming at your targets belt buckle. If he's closer than you think, your shot will go higher and still hit him. You can also practice at the firing range in offline mode, or at the training server. In game, try to avoid firing at enemies that are moving perpendicular to yourself until you have a better hang on the adjustments needed to hit. Also, be patient, use cover, and change positions after you have fired.
  11. I had to do a full install after the patch, that's usually required for me. Only twice out of the past 10 patches have they worked right the first time around.
  12. Ever since the last big patch, this has been happening. I play for short periods of time, no more than 5-10 mins before it starts. The game freezes, and a windows crash report appears on screen "searching for solution". It also locks up my computer so I cannot use my mouse. I have to CRTL+ALT+DEL to get out, and use the arrow keys to select "sign out". Then I can log back in normally and restart everything. This only happens with this game, no other program. I am running Windows 10, and I have netcode3 turned off due to all the lag/warpy crap I see with it on. I had the same problems when it was active. All my drivers are up to date. What's going on with this game?
  13. Tuesday is usually ASN. Wednesday is traditionally BK squad night. If we can get enough folks onboard from across the Allied side, we can ruin their evening. BK usually begins at 2100 EST. I can be on sooner, maybe 1800 EST. We can always target sometime this weekend too, though I may be working Saturday.
  14. Any chance of a squad night starting up sometime soon? We need folks showing up to really make things worthwhile, and not just squaddies. We need Allied players showing up in numbers to get a few smash mouth battles going.