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  1. Thanks Branko, email sent.
  2. Can someone from CRS get Playnet support to look at ticket 46587 as I am still waiting for a response.
  3. Have you tried running the game as administrator?
  4. I use a pre-pay Mastercard to pay for my WW2OL sub with no issues, so not sure if it is a playnet problem. Do you use this card for other subscriptions without issue?
  5. Well for me LOD makes no difference. Everything at minimum and I still get <5fps quite often. Before I was getting circa 60 fps. If the intermission event is released as it is I will have to unsub as it is unplayable.
  6. I am not sure an upgrade will do much for your performance. I have a similar setup to the OP (though my gfx card is a few models higher) and my CPU rarely gets above 60% load and my GPU on the GFX card is rarely above 30%. Even while with these light loads, like Lando above, I occasionally get down to 5fps. I dont have difficulties with fps or lag in other MMOs so I dont think it is ping related either. I suspect the main culprit at the moment is the new net code that CRS are beta testing which is trying to sync all the action together. Note: I have noticed that when there are a lot of aircraft around the fps drops but this may just be coincidence.
  7. I have a friend I invited over. He is 7 days in and has just had the same issue. Hoping this is a bug and is quickly fixed as it would like to keep his interest in the game.