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  1. I'm using the same mouse, same driver as with 1.29. In 1.30 the more you move the mouse (the more you turn) the more sensitive the mouse becomes. I have no problems with small turns but if I want to turn 180 or 270 degrees, i suddenly turn around so i often lose my way, especially inside...
  2. i've tried the game with build 7000 and 7077 - no such issues, only the mouse pointer problem, but that can be solved with Vista compatibility setting
  3. interestingly, 1.29 live does use the previous key settings correctly, i have no issues whatsoever with the config that i pasted in here before
  4. honestly, i don't see any boost in performance - i'm thinking it's because my laptop's GF 8700M, as it's not that powerful, especially when it comes to trees and smoke still have to test it with a considerable population, need at least 50 players on both sides
  5. index=10 only allow extremely limited movement which is very bad in planes (roll and pitch) i'm trying to find an alternative in the meantime, but i don't really have a clue on the index settings
  6. damn , i forgot to mention that i use the exact same setting for the rudder (with different keys of course) - this is why it's strange that it works i've sent you the air.cfml file - i haven't changed it at all, the exact same file is used in 1.28 without any issues
  7. no, it's there, i just missed it when i copied the config here - sorry about that a d as i said, i worked until 1.28 - only the beta has this issue
  8. this used to work before for steering: a d now it's buggy, as the second option does not allow full movement, it only moves a little - the effect of the first key has not changed at all though ps1: oddly enough, it still works for the rudder, and if i set onrelease=100 for the first key, it will still move to 100% (the opposite direction where the second key should move)