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  1. bumpy - aliens are welcome as well
  2. set vista sp1 compatibility on the Play Online icon, i never had to do anything else to get the mouse working.
  3. known issue, use Vista compatibility settings
  4. dropping a line here so that Leo and Messtin won't feel alone hehe I can only recommend these guys, a friendly group and very experienced - years of online combat makes you a killing machine
  5. Leo, ur a robot - UP:D
  6. i have an almost identical rig to hassel's: E6300 GF7600GT 2GB DDR2 800 I changed from my old A64 3000+ ATI X800 Pro and 2 GB DDR400 - performance doubled, minimum FPS jumped from 10-15 to 25 in town, heavy combat, otherwise its above 50-60. i can play the game again, fly or run with minimal stutters and enuf FPS
  7. New thread? What happened to the old one?
  8. Banjo Bump! Join the 91st, we like young boys and girls from the training fields:D
  9. Interesting bit of info about the sound problem: every driver updated - I started the game, then winamp and clicked on the 'Play' button. Nothing happened, no music, no sound at all, until I logged off from the game - the mp3 started to play immediately:)
  10. i always used DirectSound for TS, didn't have any problems with it, until 1.21.2. sound hardware accel is on max, it was always like that with any game, application btw, i have Abit KV8 with onboard AC97, but no other game has any prblems with it - only in WWII i'm not able to modify sound ingame volume, and not this (sound volume was always like that with 3 different motherboards)