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  1. Obviously the people who chose to play the one side aren't interested in a fight, they've chosen their side, they don't care if they outnumber one side 3:1. They aren't logging in for a battle they're logging into to slaughter, if CRS wants to change the Mechanics about how to balance population that is a different discussion. I actually see this being little different than the current capture mechanics, in fact because of the occupation requirement it would make it more difficult, you can't capture and run out because someone who's run past you the opposite direction would negate your advance.
  2. We have over pop rolls now If you've established ownership of a Spawnable facility, you would be able to supply with the brigade that did the capture, if you bring in more forces then you're establishing more ownership. You bring a brigade from town A you can't capture the link to town B and spawn you have to capture the link to town A (currently). This option would give you the ability to spawn which ever CP you captured, but you would have to maintain ownership. If you brought more Brigades in and established more ownership, then they too would be allowed to spawn, you have to establish and maintain control. You could also lose a lot of supply very quickly if things go badly, your Spawn Building gets camped you could lose a lot of Infantry in a big hurry, three camped spawns from the same brigade could be devastating.
  3. Units are on Area 51 but spawn is blanked. I was also trying to set an MSP from Fort Montgomery to Fort Rommel but it wouldn't let me (No Link) We need the ability to spawn stuff very close together for testing, so if you add a Super AB in the Middle of Area 51 or something so you can spawn any piece of EQ there any infantry for testing that would be swell.
  4. I would like to be able to rotate the FMS before I place it, it is often difficult to get a truck exactly in position to put the FMS at the angle you want the opening of the FMS to be located at. If I could stop the truck where I wanted then rotate the FMS (say with my mouse scroll wheel) before I placed the FMS to get the opening at the direction I wanted, that would be a great feature!
  5. Well they could modify these and drop them along where the Maginot line was as Permanent Fortifications (Man's Monuments to Stupidity). You need to be able to place Ammo Caches at them as well (I hate the restrictions on where you can put ammo caches) You need to be able to put some firing slits or crosses in your wall or have a step for infantry to step up to fire over the wall. Since we don't have artillery (and I know that the U.S. used the Self Propelled 155MM Howitzer for a "Door Knocker" against German Bunkers at the Siegfried Line, I think HE from AT Guns/Tanks should be able to take down the doors as well as ENGs/Sappers. I'd like to see heavy mortars introduced (which could go in the tank pits I've put in my PPO thread) and they could also be used to pummel these!
  6. Here is an example of a Field Mobile Spawn (FMS) and an engineer sets up some Infantry Fighting Positions (IFP), Anti-Tank-Gun Pits, and Fox Holes (rifle Pits) around it. This would be a fairly well defended position, put a tank or two with it and it's even more of a Field Fortification, then Sand-bags, barbed wire, ammo-caches... that's something that is not easily camped and can be fought over. Think of the Open top tank emplacement with AAA Guns in them.... or TANKS! added to this mix.
  7. My thinking was that the Fortified Heavy LMG Position would be near towns and Forward Bases that you own. You couldn't put them near where you are attacking. The model would would be like the curved sand bags, and you would be crouched with the LMG deployed. But maybe you could deploy Standing and deploy the LMG on the Head Post/Board and use it as Anti-Air as well? I set some sandbags on the backside, as well as the ammo cache. With some dirt, debris, and shrubbery they may be slightly concealed? But with the infantry fighting position I already posted about, I'm thinking that is more of a near the Forward Edge of Battle - Near a FMS type object, while the Fortified LMG Position would be closer to the towns or forward bases that you own. If you think about it, with any of these I've put out, with an FMS near, Fox-Holes/Rilfe Pits near, Tank Fighting Positions, Gun Pits, Infantry Fighting Positions, Barbed wire, some "bell traps" and sand bags you could do quite a bit of damage. But I don't think we have the engineering force in game right now to do it, a couple of engineers per brigade and the delays to build PPOs and how quickly they disappear and how easily they are destroyed
  8. The way I believe capture dynamics in this game should work is through occupation, holding a position. You "Hold something, you own it." Advance in a Line, defend your flanks, and occupy territory. Generic Town Blue dots are the Side that own the town, red dots are enemy forces moving in. Enemy force eject the Owning forces from these structures and keep the structures occupied or move force beyond these structures and occupy them, if Owning force reoccupy those structures enemy forces lose ownership. Enemy forces advance their occupation and maintain control of the structures they have occupied. Enemy forces now control everything but the AB, which is cut off and would eventually be over-run. I feel you should gain the ability to spawn from any spawn building you own the Capture Point for, but you would spawn from the Brigade that Captured that Spawn. So you could spawn from five or six spawn buildings but it may only be from one brigade. I think you could build a mechanism to allow other brigades to spawn in, to that spawn building. An officer from that brigade comes into the Capture Point and stays long enough (some set period of time) then a mission is set, or someone from the linked Town comes in and stays in the Capture Point long enough to allow for the brigade to set a mission. Someone attacking from Town 'A' captures a Capture Point not linked to the town (brigade/forward base) they've spawned from, they can post a mission in that spawn building from their brigade. In order for another brigade (a different brigade from Town 'A' or a different brigade from Town 'B" to spawn into that spawn building they essentially have to meet a portion of the capture mechanism. I don't believe it should be the same duration as the original duration but perhaps 75% of it? If you "HOLD" the Capture Building, why should you be denied the opportunity to spawn, you just shouldn't get a "Fresh Brigade" to spawn from because that's not who initially captured the building, for that "Fresh Brigade" to spawn there you need to get them to connect the link. The Brigades which can spawn must have links to the town which is being attacked (as it is now).
  9. Fortified LMG Fighting position... this is a LMG position with the curved sandbags and an ammo cache, a little earth in front of it, also the LMG is allowed more swivel/rotation than they are when currently deployed in game. Not a 180 degree arc but maybe a 120? Also give these a "Head board" so the LMG is firing through a slit. Maybe put Camouflage netting over these to help conceal from the air? Here is a revision with Camouflage netting over it. This makes it harder to see from the air, but doesn't stop bullets, bombs, grenades, mortar rounds. side view of Heavy LMG Fighting Position.
  10. Tripwires/Rattle Traps/Bell Traps/Explosives? I would like simple traps, you know a wire across a path that rings a bell? I would LOVE to be able to have something where I could leave an explosive charge in a Road that would be triggered by a wire. It's a PPO and say I have the wire in the road and 10 meter from the wire is a satchel that detonates 1 seconds after the wire is broken? Maybe makes these are "HEAT" which would Track a tank" or HE which would kill a truck or knock it off the road. I'm facing the town and the charge is just right of facing the town in the road. (depending on where I set the wire.) Others would be the simple "Bell Trap" we don't have doors so I can't set a couple of beer cans on the door knob. how about a wire with four tin cans I can put at just below knee height to a Doorway? The there are two cans (one on top of the other on either side of the door) when someone comes through the door they knock the cans over and there is a "clattering noise" also "Bouncing Betty's" or Grenades (Pin is pulled/spoon is released when the wire is disturbed/ .5 second fuse) could be done in this fashion. There is a Clever doormat to welcome visitors and help conceal the wire. This is part of my thinking of expanding the roles of engineers and giving more Engineers per Unit (perhaps as I have suggested engineering brigades.) Again, redo your new bunkers with sections which can be blown out with satchels. Maybe you add a "Demolition" Engineering class or "EOD" class that can make the traps. The ENGINEER Class that sets these should be able to disable them (maybe if they disable them they get to "rearm" and can carry extra of the ones they disarmed? So if I'm an engineer and I find a tripwire on the road and I disable it I get to carry it like someone over supplied me with a trap.
  11. The infantry fighting position? I don't think it should be invulnerable and I thought people should be able to throw grenades/drop mortar rounds into the top of them. Perhaps a leeway with Camo Netting at the entry? I have nothing against anyone gussying these things up. These are the basic ideas and yes I know they are not "DOD Approved" I didn't account from them to slant downward so you can kick grenades into a can and they would be covered to protect you from shelling (we don't have to worry about artillery ) The Idea being that these would "blend in" to the terrain, hopefully the shrubbery would help conceal people. If you set one out in the open, then're asking to be a target trap.
  12. Concertina wire, I'd make this the same width at the "Boxed" barbed wire PPOs you have now, height should be above the knees and below the waste. It would be cool if you had these which say had a number of coils (say 25) and you could stretch them a certain distance (say max 15 meters?) you could adjust them from a starting point to a determined point but you couldn't go beyond that point. So you could stretch them out five meters, 10 meters, or 15 meters. These would slow vehicles (flatten tires?) and infantry, but tanks should ignore them. May be worth it to add a leather or canvas sheet to engineers for getting over barbed wire!
  13. Tell me how to make the image posting work, because I tried about 35 times <blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/8XIjz3O"><a href="//"></a></blockquote><script async src="//" charset="utf-8"></script> <---That's from Imgur This is a Tank Fighting position, essentially the existing gun pits we have now. Dirt and shrubbery all around, open on the top, I don't know, it would have to be large enough to fit the tiger, but I don't think low enough for the Vickers? Consideration may have to be given to hull sizes something more generic to british tanks, american tanks. The R-35 and H-39 are low, the B1-Bis has a Hull Gun. The Pz3 Frames are all about the same but maybe a "V" front for STUGs? Maybe an Option of the type of Armor Fighting Vehicle Position you want to build, because I think these would be handy for SPAA and AAA guns as well. These would also work for mortars. So now I just copied the image from Imgur and it pasted right in?
  14. Infantry Fighting Position. Slightly taller than a standing infantry. five sided with firing slits on four sides. Has "brush" around it. firing slts should be height of kneeling infantry. There is a "Step" in the center that Infantry could stand on and fire from the top. LMG should be able to deploy at the top and in the slits. Open at the top. Cut-away of the Infantry Fighting Position. Logs at the top to rest rifles on, sand-bag in the interior to set upon (kneeling) and sand-bags to rest rifle on (like prone) or deploy LMG, firing slits to fire through. Open at the back. I guess there could be the option to cover the top with Camouflage netting, but I think the enemy should be able to fire mortar rounds or throw grenades into these. The Green Mound in the middle simulates the firing step which you could stand upon to fire over the top.
  15. I believe that there is an intention to allow enemy infantry some access, you can configure what we have now in a way that will hinder their access significantly, but it takes work. I have been doing a lot of work with the PPOs and I'm not at all happy. I think there should be Engineering brigades, more engineers. The PPOs need to Last longer, be less fragile, (destroyed by a single bomb blast in the AB after hours of work ) and the cool downs all need to be shorter to build them, and I need to be able to build more of them. Things I would like to see is a Coil (concertina) something like the box. A Tank emplacement (like like the AT gun emplacement but with dirt and logs in the front and no top, and hedges/bushes instead of the tank traps.) I put a long barbed wire fence, get ready to make the next one and side step lining it up with the previous, waiting for the cool down. I side step till it just turns green once the cool down is done then build the next one. There is maybe a meter between the two fences. I then stand in the gap and put a box barb wire on the opposite side in the gap and a curved sandbag on the back side. this is the long barb wire |------|-----| and this is the box X-X-X , curve sandbags @@@@ You end up with something like this. X-X-X X-X-X |-----|-----| |-----|-----| |-----|-----| @@@@ @@@@ I'd like to see more PPOs and more rolls for ENGs, Engs with more Explosive options (damage buildings, blow bunkers, etc.?) Maybe build some trenches, machine gun nests/fighting positions?