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  1. Maybe a formula that will force players onto sides during TZ3? so that during TZ3 each side is balanced? Each side will have a equal number of players during TZ3, maybe they'll fight against each other, rather than capping undefended towns and killing AI?
  2. I had lifted from Maubeuge and was climbing for alt before you crossed the frontier, searched the yellow square and started calling out your location, tried to put guns on you, damage an engine slow you down. Took that DB7 to Essen, no Axis fighters tried to intercept me. I've done three bombing runs today, the only time I've seen fighters is when I broke towards Nandrin on my RTB and tried to BNZ some. I'm watching the map, I see the yellow squares I'm up hunting the enemy bombers, reporting their position, trying to bring them down. It was bad timing for you that I was already climbing to 5K when you crossed the frontier where you did. Last night there was a big raid on England, I had upped a Spit1a from Antwerp when the raid was over Vlisslingen. I kept climbing and working my way to the yellow squares. I found four 111s, a 109 and a 110, I was trying to set up the 109 when he jinked so I dove at the 111s, I shot two up pretty good, then had a dog fight with the 109 and a 110. I got the 109 then the 110 bugged out. I started trying to chase the 111s again but my engine died. I started trying to glide to England and two more 109s bounced me, I didn't have enough alt after this to get to England so I had to bail. I also reported the position of everything I saw, where in the square, altitude, etc.. helped the other fighters that had gone up to find the rest of the raid. I often loiter behind the front a square or two back on a picket patrol looking for the yellow squares and move to intercept, many boring hours and burning up a lot of fuel.
  3. Early Hurricanes had canvas for part of the wings, aluminum fuselage and wing root. The P-36 (H-75) & P-40C (H-81) had canvas covered control surfaces (aileron/rudder/tail planes) I believe SpitI also had canvas control surfaces, can't speak to the Spit IIB, pretty sure they were all metal by the SpitV, Hurricane also became All Metal. Wikipedia says all the Canvas Winged Hurris were out of service or had wings replaced with all metal wings by The Battle of Britain.
  4. Someone suggested this today in the game chat.
  5. Top Bombers list those who drop bombs and get a K:D with bombs or shoot down enemy fighters with bombers, nothing about those those who put 8 in the box. Should have something for sorties, how many bombs hit in the box. Etc.. How many different factories you hit. How many RTBs you get.
  6. If we had a moderator, if someone on one team used a grenade or firearm, the moderator would simply despawn as many from the team that used the forbidden weapon = to the casualties they caused +1 thereby penalizing the team that used the forbidden type. I'm guessing each team would have a leader, make sure everyone spawns a similar type and uses all the forbidden ammo before the two freighters meet. If everyone is using a sapper or mortarman they don't have much ammo and can use it all up quite quickly. The Freighters are SLOW you'll have time to use it up before they get close.
  7. Saitek was bought out by Thrustmaster, I had an X55 which was getting wonky, couldn't get a new X55 and when I got a X56 discovered the company was now Thrustmaster. Thrustmaster seems to be doing a better job. X56 almost identical to the X55 seems a little more robust, I bought the separate Combat Rudder Pedals for the Toe Brakes, prefer the rudder pedals for many applications (driving especially armor) frees up the hands.
  8. I believe I can get the freighters right up next to each other and they'll be able to run across. I'm thinking we'll need a moderator. No guns, no grenades. Smoke Grenades allowed. Teams must be of equal strength.
  9. We get two equal number teams, each team loads up a freighter with infantry, the two freighters meet somewhere on the open ocean, "BOARDERS!" cross over to the other freighter, Knives only?" Team with the last survivor(s) wins?
  10. There are US skins for the P-38 and P-40 in the offline/practice version of the game, has been for years.
  11. Please add this function (It works in game) to the Key Mapper, so that we have the option to change the key mapping. Is there someone who knows what CFML we can alter now to make a change?
  12. When I drive I am quite frequently killed by a Heer firing one round from a rifle at my Bedford or Laffly, but Opels will ignore a full burst in the face from a LMG. They seem to be modeled with Armor Glass. Glass Shatter may not be modeled, but there should be some level of parity. An aimed shot at the driver through the front windshield should be fairly devastating. I set up ambushes along the road and have fired two full magazines into an oncoming opel from a .30 caliber machine gun and then two more as it drives by, it effectively ignores 120 rounds. I often will get in other shots as it drives off, I know I see hits, but can't say they have the same effect as the first burst aimed at the driver. I have long promoted leaving some range of notification of EWS for the truck, but something should be done about the vehicle sound, you should be able to use the terrain to mask the sound of your vehicle, using hills, treets, etc.. should diffuse the sound your of your vehicle which would allow you to bring it in closer if you used the terrain to mask your approach. Cut the sound of the Truck back by at least 1/2 and then let hills and trees block or deflect or obscure the sound getting to the enemy. You should not be able to clearly hear a vehicle masked by a hill, masked by a wood, masked by a valley. Regardless of whether or not CRS can model the ability of the terrain to mask the sound of the vehicle, they should still cut the sound detection range of trucks in 1/2.
  13. In the vein of the DLC NCO who can place an ammo crate, a Tugboat that will go out and resupply your DD or Fairmile? A one time use Tugboat, sail it out, it resupplies your Ammo, torpedoes, etc.. But in order for it to resupply you again it would have to go back to the Docks like a ship does.
  14. I often set up ambushes, have caught more than one fly, but when there are flies I don't want to catch I want to be able to warn them. I have been using the Danger Icon but I don't think people read when I also write that I've been putting barbed wire and tank traps along side the road. If I could put up the sign back of where I'm building my web they would know to steer clear of my impediments.