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  1. I agree, I have the towing account so I've been setting an ammo cache near where I have been testing, but again it's kind of a pain in the [censored] because you want to set it close to the spawn point, and they have blocked the ability to set the cache in some areas. I want to spawn in something, shoot at it for a while till it explodes and spawn in another and repeat, without having to waste time running trucks and tanks and ships and planes back and forth.
  2. I think it would be funny too if my game experience was something other than log in and get shot and killed by something I can't see 4 seconds later 90 percent of the time. Sometimes I'm in the game world longer before I'm shot and killed by something I can't see, on rare occasions I see something and shoot it, then it turns and shoots me once and kills me. So my comment about it being unfortunate that I hit Beny has more to do with the fact that it's a circumstance out of norm. I wanted to test with Beny because I understand that he experiences many of the issues in game that I also experience.
  3. I was in the Military, got basic training and then I went to tech school. My tech school was like six months (satellite communications) and I went to some specialized schools on specific communications systems as well. You get training in the military. The people who used the AAA guns in the military also got training on them, the weapons in this game (AAA) seem to me to be completely unusable. I see people use the 40mm bofors but not have a lot of success with that either. I don't know anyone who plays allied who has any success with the 25mm AAA gun. I would think after a couple of weeks you would get decent with the AAA guns, but after 18 years as you have reported most of us can't hit the broadside of a barn. I think there is a fundamental flaw. Part of what I was trying to show was that I can put the V right on the button and it still won't hit, unfortunately in my test I was able to hit Beny. I need to test this against someone who I have never been able to kill like a 250 squad person, gretnine, etc.. I believe that my front end may show hits but they will not see them on theirs. This is why I have been asking for the Equipment to be put in Area 51. I sent a route trace to CRS on a Saturday night over 1300 packets, zero lost, ping times under .63ms with the largest delay in Dallas. (.31ms)
  4. Yes there was a packet bar, I edited the video to fit it on the internet and was just testing. It was just Beny and I near Conde, we were talking to each other because he reports many of the same experiences I have in game. I seem to be able to hit him though. I took this screenshot because this seems to be the way the CA MLE-25 Sight is, the round never goes through the V as far as I can tell. Also Beny told me you can adjust convergence on the fly with an AAA gun but it had no effect as far as I could tell. Round always went through the same spot. I have another video where he's in a 190 and I hit him three times, one time he felt it but it did not seem to affect his aircraft, the second round appeared to go into the engine and he reported it was running rough and became more difficult to maneuver. Third hit again into the engine and it stopped immediately, he was unable to land successfully. Video has to be under a minute.
  6. Propaganda? Education?
  7. If EWS was extended 2000m or 2500m you would have time to react/deploy, even ACT! If the sound of incoming trucks was deadened it would give them a chance to get in closer and set an FMS, they get too close to get detected easily, or put a FMS in a common locale, that's on them. My main difficulty in finding a truck is Friendly aircraft, friendly armor, and friendly trucks are 3X louder and almost immediately drown out the sound of approaching enemy trucks. I don't have a problem with a line "in the sand" that can't be crossed to keep the enemy from magically appearing in your rear area (unless they decide to jump out of a perfectly good airplane.) We already have people spawn in their 2nd account and have them sit in a bush to keep EWS active for 36 hours, why not have them spawn in and keep EWS active in a truck for 36 hours.
  8. Tanks, AAA, and AT are mobile you have to put the Ammo Caches where they are, this is an attempt to get people to go into the Flagged Buildings Carrot/Stick thinking.
  9. Increase the EWS range but deaden the sound some more, the issue is that a truck is hunted down and found by the sound it makes almost immediately. Let the EWS go off and let the defenders have a chance to spawn in and set up, and let the truck have a chance to get in set up a FMS and the attackers a chance to get in. The way it is the truck is often destroyed almost immediately by a cagey defender who can locate it via sound. Move the EWS back out but deaden sound. Figure out how to make it so that things like TREES and TERRAIN can be used to mask sound. Trees block sound, hills block sound, valleys block sound. If I'm driving on top of a hill my sound will carry down into a valley, but if I'm driving in a valley my sound isn't going to carry flat across the terrain into town. If I'm behind a hill/berm/trees that will dampen the sound energy that gets to the town. I say move EWS detection ranges back out but the sound detection ranges need to be cut in at least 1/2.
  10. Ideas for the Standard Bunker. First Floor. Or second.
  11. Option B: in the back room (the Ammo Cache comes out of the closet.)
  12. I posted a while back about putting an Ammo Cache in the Flag/Capture building (in the back closet) as an incentive to actually get people to go into the Capture Building, as with everything else this fell on deaf ears. I would limit the range on this resupply cache so that you actually had to be in the building to get the resupply, you couldn't get resupply standing outside near the Capture Building.
  13. Can one of each type of unit please be moved to Area 51, American Infantry, American Armor, (American Air?) , British infantry is there, British Armor, British Navy, British Air, French Infantry (there), French Armor, French Navy, French Air, German Infantry There, French Armor, French Navy, French Air, Axis Navy There, Axis Infantry There, Axis Armor. Please. I've learned that if you shoot the top of the funnel of an Axis DD with 40MM from a Bofors long enough you will sink the destroyer
  14. So obviously I don't understand the functionality of Area 51 and how to spawn in there. I am unable to find any equipment in the "Training Brigades" there, a few days ago there were other brigades there, which all appear to have been moved out. My expectation was that I would spawn in on my main account and spawn in opfor on my towing account and try to recreate circumstances I've seen in game and test weapons performance against the various platforms. With limited results I have been able to do this, but it is time consuming to find a close FB to a close town, you still have to run from the town or FB to the target area, and each time you expend your ammo or kill the target you have to repeat the process. If I could set an FMS near where I spawn this would cut town the time and allow me to rearm to continue testing.