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  1. Remove the sandbags at the entrance and replace them with the boxed in barbed wire, one where the sandbags are now, and one if you were to turn into the bunker. See attached image
  2. I don't think a lot of people have a clear idea of what buildings people are talking about in game or their functions, I believe a lot of people believe defending the three story spawn building is tantamount and ignore the two story Capture Point/Flag Buildings. Rarely do I see people defending the Capture Point/Flag Buildings but the Spawn Buildings are packed full!
  3. Last night I marked an EFMS and killed the opel within seconds of it being placed, I got killed by a spawn in almost immediately afterwards, but I had set a DFMS early and moved back to the EFMS. There was a tank between this EFMS and my DFMS, I was able to flank the DFMS and kill five more EI as I worked around to the EFMS, I got behind the EFMS and the EI had to move to attack me as I was able to start killing them on spawn in (Camping) but I was overwhelmed by enemy forces. I did this alone, because there were 10 other infantry around me, plus the tank, and NOT ONE OF THEM MOVED UP IN SUPPORT. The third time I flanked that EFMS, Snappled moved a tank around to the rear of the EFMS, other infantry finally then moved up and before an engineer or rifles with satchels arrived they took the EFMS down. If one other person had moved up with me the first time that EFMS would have been contained the whole time, but as it was it survived over a half hour and many EI got out of it, I died three times when maybe I should have died to the first spawner.
  4. Ownership through occupation, something I have proposed.
  5. A lot of this could be mitigated with smart play, groups of players working together in concert, like an actual infantry squad, establish a position, defend the flanks, then move forward and secure a new position with cover cover fire. I get in game and I think I have someone on my flank, or doing overwatch and suddenly they are gone? Also people just sit back and wait for an EI to walk in front of them, so they don't expose themselves EVER, which allows the enemy to move in and overwhelm their isolated position. I dream of the day I find a group of players who will actually work with me to do basic things, but I find myself having to attack an EFMS alone because people want to sit back and snipe from their Depot windows, and won't move out with any aggressive spirit. No communications, no marks, no warnings, no support. This coupled with my game play experience of 90% of what kills me is only rendering on deathcam, there is quite a bit of frustration.
  6. SPAWN BUILDING: 3 Story Building where the infantry/AT/AAA/Trucks spawn. Capture Point/Flag Building/CP: Two story building with the flag that controls ownership of the spawn building. Spawn building 1 Charge, Flag Building 8 Charges, I do see killing the Enemy as Effective and I don't tell people to "Rush the Building." I try to get a bunch of people to throw grenades in, but CRS has seen fit to make allied grenades only good at killing the allied player who threw them. But several players throwing several grenades and then several players moving in can clear and recapture. I also try to get people to "Camp" spawns and FMS because I believe, especially since 1.36, attrition is plays a key role in winning a battle. But no one listens or works with me. We should have three or four grenadiers firing into the CP, while others are throwing grenades in then others move in with smoke and satchel charges, and more grenades. I have never seen a coordinated effort to retake and rarely see coordinated efforts to hold CP (capture points/flag buildings.) What I see are 10,000 RAMBOs who rush in headlessly and are mown down by the SMG with 2000+ hours and a throttled connection.
  7. That is not part of this discussion, the current design, in my opinion has made one side more attractive and more playable than the other, and there is a core group that will not change sides during low pop to balance the odds. As I said above, that takes a discussion to drive away those individual who are causing the imbalance, cause them to create a balance so they have someone to play against, or make the other side more attractive to draw more players during that period. This discussion does not solve that problem. You want a balance mechanism, something that makes both sides equally competitive, equally attractive to play, something that will draw players from one side that is "over pop" to the "under pop" side that will make the gameplay worthwhile. A reward or sense of accomplishment, start a discussion on that. In real life areas that were not defended were occupied by the opposing force, the defending force had to decide where they were going to defend, what was important to them, again in my opinion it makes the mechanism I discussed more realistic.
  8. I posted about "Occupation through Ownership" a while ago, which the essential theory was that you would own and occupy portions of the town and you would be able to spawn in those buildings. I feel this is a more realistic capture dynamic that, where you can spawn in a town would be based on the territory you control rather than a single building. You would have to maintain that occupation to maintain the ability to spawn into that group or area of occupied terrain. People didn't like it because of "TZ3 Steam Rolls" but mechanics can't solve TZ3 Steam Rolls, those individuals have made a choice that they don't want to face opposition so they continue to log-in on one side and throw the balance to that one side. CRS either has to make the one side more attractive or the other side less attractive to attract a player base to the other side during that time zone or drive the other side away, or those individuals who have made the choice have to get tired of clubbing baby seals and decide to divide their forces and have some opposition during TZ3.
  9. What good are the Depot Snipers when someone walks right into the CP and captures the building they are supposedly getting all those kills defending? I've seen people lay back and simply shoot into any window in a depot and lay depot snipers to waste. Why can't you get out of the building and set up between the CP and the FMS and "Snipe" the enemy as they move toward the town? Why not try to cover the entrance to the CP and get your kills that way, prevent them from even getting into the CP? I'm all for attriting the enemy, but I'm not seeing Depot Snipers being effective and preventing the enemy from capturing a town, especially when I spawn in and see piles of bodies in front of windows. Additionally one satchel blows the Spawn Building and kills all those depot snipers, so one rifleman with one satchels gets a "bunch of kills" with one satchel on all those depot snipers.
  10. And enemy infantry walk right in and capture the capture point then spawn in behind the useless window snipers and kill them all.
  11. Tnup is punt backwards if you did not realize this.
  12. I use them, and I think they are important, it says MISSION LEADER, I know a lot of people aren't "MISSION LEADERS" and I wish they wouldn't post mission. People put up FMS and walk away from them, then they get camped and 60 people get attrited spawning in at them because there is no Communication. People put up a FMS and they don't even know how to manage them, they don't know how to delete them, and people are spawning in oblivious. I would like them to have some awareness before spawning in. I usually try to cover my FMS and try to advise people who spawn in where contacts are so they can avoid walking into a killing field. If I had my way I'd have people learning infantry tactic, squad discipline, refusing flanks, etc. advance and cover etc. They way I feel 99% of the time in this game is isolated and alone with 0 support and information, blind and deaf, anyone who dies to me should be ashamed.
  13. I meant something like this, up in the corner, as you scroll the missions, you can slide that Mission Leader, Origin, Target/Type, Mobile SPawn to the Left and use that entire right area to fit the orders in.