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  1. 1) FMSs setup a. Ammo Crates 2) Passengers a. Tows 4) Rearming other EQ (Tanks/AT Guns/Etc.)
  2. Need the ability to RTB your truck at the FMS you set. I don' t know why you can't RTB everything to an FMS, the Bigger AT guns, etc.? Why the hell do you have to drive all the way back to get an RTB?
  3. These are all 8-1/2" by 11" don't know why some show different sized, but they could be posted in the spawn buildings. Never heard a Rat answer on this. It would educate people to the fact that the building they spawn in is not the one to be defended, but the one with the flag building is. But also they have to do something so people can't walk into a flag building and absorb a hail of gunfire and kill the defenders and capture a Flagged Building, I find it exceptionally frustrating that individuals ignore being shot.
  4. I added QEII to the English Version, don't know why the background is white on the Yanqui!
  5. The number in the window is about 1/2 of what I get when I type ping, why? I see green, is there a yellow, and red?
  6. You want a tab something like this...
  7. All the info can be moved to the left side opening the right side for more information (I personally would like to see a fixed scale map of the target) Town/Foward base etc, airfield, etc.
  8. This has some redundancy, why have the "Deployed Forces" column all the way over to the right when the first window is "Mission Members" which lists the Callsign, Equipment, and whether or not they are in? Resize those columns (half that screen size to a quarter of this window) and you have more room for more information. Leave the details alone. The Orders should go where "Deployed Forces are.
  9. Mmmm.. Spicy Sriracha!
  10. People say those sandbags protect people inside who are covering the door but at a minimum there are these areas that also protect someone inside covering that entryway.
  11. This is 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" ?