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  1. 1) FMSs setup a. Ammo Crates 2) Passengers a. Tows 4) Rearming other EQ (Tanks/AT Guns/Etc.)
  2. Need the ability to RTB your truck at the FMS you set. I don' t know why you can't RTB everything to an FMS, the Bigger AT guns, etc.? Why the hell do you have to drive all the way back to get an RTB?
  3. These are all 8-1/2" by 11" don't know why some show different sized, but they could be posted in the spawn buildings. Never heard a Rat answer on this. It would educate people to the fact that the building they spawn in is not the one to be defended, but the one with the flag building is. But also they have to do something so people can't walk into a flag building and absorb a hail of gunfire and kill the defenders and capture a Flagged Building, I find it exceptionally frustrating that individuals ignore being shot.
  4. They are PNGs I'll redo them if you need something different.
  5. I added QEII to the English Version, don't know why the background is white on the Yanqui!
  6. The number in the window is about 1/2 of what I get when I type ping, why? I see green, is there a yellow, and red?
  7. You want a tab something like this...
  8. All the info can be moved to the left side opening the right side for more information (I personally would like to see a fixed scale map of the target) Town/Foward base etc, airfield, etc.
  9. This has some redundancy, why have the "Deployed Forces" column all the way over to the right when the first window is "Mission Members" which lists the Callsign, Equipment, and whether or not they are in? Resize those columns (half that screen size to a quarter of this window) and you have more room for more information. Leave the details alone. The Orders should go where "Deployed Forces are.
  10. Mmmm.. Spicy Sriracha!
  11. People say those sandbags protect people inside who are covering the door but at a minimum there are these areas that also protect someone inside covering that entryway.
  12. Remove the sandbags at the entrance and replace them with the boxed in barbed wire, one where the sandbags are now, and one if you were to turn into the bunker. See attached image
  13. This is 4-1/4" x 5-1/2" ?
  14. 1. I spawn in and I often don't see marks, I don't see marks from other peoples missions.. This is BAD. 2. Give people the ability to delete the marks they put up themselves, I.E. I see an EFMS and I mark it, people come out and kill the EFMS, I know it's gone, I can now delete it. People need to be able to delete marks. 3. Make the Friendly Mobile spawn indicator show up for everyone from either origin or target or give people the ability to make a "BLUE" mobile spawn mark that everyone can see (like a waypoint?) I know waypoints are only visible on a mission, I think they should be visible to Target, rather than forcing us to use the ESHIP icon. 4. a Blue Mark for an Ammo Cache also visible to anyone on Target or Origin. 5. A way for HC to mark the A1 (Attack Priority 1) A2 (Attack Priority 2) etc. and D1 (Defense Priority 1,) and D2 (Defense Prioirty 2) on the map and mission screen. 6. An indicator (*) asterisk maybe next to a mission when it is an HC Rifle spawn only mission so people don't try to spawn stuff other than rifles from the spawn list.
  15. For The Spawn Areas of Area 51 I could say something about greentags shooting friendlies, but I don't think greentags come here. I need greentag repellant.
  16. Convert the Vickers so it can place an FMS (the 251 has an MG) and model the French Version of the Renault Tank with the .30 Cal Mgs (take the cannon barrel off the R-35) or just leave the R-35 alone and give it the ability to place FMS (It's already slow as |=v<|<.
  17. I have been to Gettysburg a couple times, the stories of the battle as Confederate snipers in the rocks of Devil's Den, 670 yards from Little Round Top Sniping the Union Officers on Little Round Top as they directed the cannon has always fascinated me. 670 With Open Sights in 1863. Shot one guy in the heart and when his friend bent down to hear his last words they shot his friend in the head. How long until we get this?
  18. Those are inside, I believe the intent is to slow an attacker, which the barbed wire boxes would do. The second barbed wire box (there is no sandbags now) would make them turn (hopefully away) from the bunker entrance giving a defender more time to fire on an attacker. Also further into the compound there is a small covered area with crates and barrels that offers protection inside the gate and further in, is a hay storage area with a sandbag emplacement which is PERFECT for setting up a LMG to cover the entrance.
  19. Die Punt <---German for Punt.
  20. We have enough trouble now with EI running into the barracks and camping us in the AB and on the ground floor of the spawn building. I think of these as military buildings but the spawn building is not a fighting building (as it is now). My suggestions make it more of a Military Building. I don't like the idea of Infantry jumping from 3 stories that's why I added the 2nd fire escape. I was thinking today that that Flag Buildings should be some kind of Headquarters and a portion of the Town's forces are controlled by them. If that Flag Building is Captured you lose that portion of your spawn list.