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  1. They are PNGs I'll redo them if you need something different. They are all supposed to be 8.5 x 11? I don't know why the French one looks bigger?
  2. The Capture/Flag Buildings need them and
  3. "If you think that the wording in a language is terrible... then post or send the correct wording and translation, so that it can be fixed. Just saying "This is wrong/ terrible" doesn't help anyone. At least Downtown has tried to come up with a good idea and graphics for it. ," Quinncannon I got them from google translate, I've looked at a couple other translation sites which I didn't think were any better. If someone knows of one which is correct (which I won't have to pay for) then suggest it.
  4. If someone has a suggestion or improvement, please let me know. I will change the phraseology to improve the Language. I would rather use Axis than German, but will use German if every feels that is the direction to go. Yes I know I used German for the one poster and a "Germanic" font. I could have used Google Translate Italian, I don't know enough Italian to order a drink . Hint, the most important thing you can learn to say in German is "Zwei Bier, ein braut, und pommes mit weiss sause."
  5. Can someone link to or post video of what I should be able to see visually from each cockpit. The span expanse. I have trackIR. I'm trying to see if I'm not seeing something because my view is somehow limited. I swear I was looking behind me yesterday and a Spit appeared just as it fired at me right where I was looking, there was no indication it was there prior to it firing on me. Turns out there were two spits and neither was visible.
  6. Poster in the Spawn Building would match the flag on the Flag Building, that wouldn't be too difficult to code. The Bunker one would be a little more challenging because I blanked out the flag, you could make one for each country, or just change the flag on the bunker. I would put the Bunker one in the AB Barracks spawn, you could put in in the Depot spawns also.
  7. Google translate. I don't think the French is any better. I know some of each language, and I know some of the French words I know to describe Germans aren't very becoming of Germans and the German words for the French likewise. I was shocked when I said "French Flag" in Google Translate said drapeau Francois, because I was pretty sure it was going to be something closer to Bannerment Du Francois <sp?
  8. Cover for the guys coming in, you don't want them to have cover! You want an unobstructed view to that opening. There is the small little covered area in the middle with the barrels and crates and in the back there is the hay storage with a sandbag wall where you can set up an LMG and an Ammo Cache can be placed inside there. The barb wire I propose would make them turn away from the door and allow the defender a better view of incoming enemy forces.
  9. Remove the sandbags at the entrance and replace them with the boxed in barbed wire, one where the sandbags are now, and one if you were to turn into the bunker. See attached image
  10. I can work out something for FMS's as well.
  11. So if you aim the CAMLE flat it fires flat? but when you aim it up it doesn't? And when you fire it flat it hits the target at 500m, so I just need LW planes to fly right at me at 500m.
  12. Some people have joked that CRS made my game avatar five times the size of other people's avatars so that I'm easily visible to the enemy, I'm starting to believe that. It's either that or I have a hunter orange glow and the enemy can see my target icon from a great range. I read that you're supposed to see enemy circles for aircraft at 6000 meters, I do not see them, what I see is tracers, the plane appear, then the red circle, as I'm being shot from behind. I have TrackIR and I'm constantly looking around behind, above, below, I cannot see enemy aircraft. I remember when the game came out I could see the black dots of aircraft long before I could see target circles, I don't see them at all any more. There seems to be no maneuver I can do while flying to avoid an enemy aircraft and there seems to be no maneuver I can make to follow an enemy aircraft. The things I know about physics, gravity, weight, thrust, time and aerodynamics don't seem to apply in air combat in this game. I never see the enemy, though I stop and I look. I see rifle barrels sticking through brick walls and and I'm shot and killed. I hide in a shrub, I'll have foliage obstructing my view, I fire two rounds and I'm shot and killed by someone I can't see. I spawn in and there are no or few marks on the map, I get no indication of enemy presence. I'll get shot and killed by someone and they are in front of me three feet away on death cam. I have fired a full magazine of SMG/LMG rounds into a enemy and had them turn and shoot me. Ranges I cannot hit them, they EASILY hit me. I've shot an enemy at 200m with a rifle and had them shoot me with a pistol at 200m and kill me, I see red "Splooches" that indicate I'm hitting, but it apparently has zero effect. I get hit once I'm down dead, but I have to shoot three or four times, and I rarely get to shoot three or four times because like I said earlier I think I have cover and concealment and I fire two rounds and "blam" I'm dead. Why is it so easy for everyone to see me when I cannot under any circumstance see anyone else. I can't see them with binoculars, tank optics, rifle scopes. They apparently can see me concealed in a hedge, behind a brick wall, inside a building, above or below clouds, at distances greater than 6000 meters. It's not fun for me, it seems everyone is cheating or the game developers have put code in the game and are trying to drive me away. I have a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 (3 GB) I hard-wired my internet connection My ping trace looks like this. Usually it's around .64ms. I have an X-56 Joystick - throttle combo, combat rudder pedals, and TrackIR w/TrackclipPro. I'm looking for someone to help me go through my settings, make sure I have my game settings correct, my joy-stick set-up, help me figure out why everyone seems to be able to do maneuvers I can't do. I'm also looking for someone to help me figure out why I can't see any enemy apparently under any circumstances. Are there downloads or something that everyone else knows about that I don't, it seems like everyone in this game has aimbot but me. The other day I was in in Amiens and I was 200m away from some EI with a rifle when suddenly, before I could raise my rifle to shoot them, they turned around and shot me with their SMG. How did they know to turn around, how did they know I was behind them, how could they make such and accurate shot at that range with an SMG? I am exceptionally frustrated.
  13. Hint, Hint. Ammo Caches are not visible to anyone, and Mobile Spawns are only visible to people on the same mission. The Mobile Spawn and Ammo Cache need to be visible to people on the Same AO/DO.
  14. 1. I spawn in and I often don't see marks, I don't see marks from other peoples missions.. This is BAD. 2. Give people the ability to delete the marks they put up themselves, I.E. I see an EFMS and I mark it, people come out and kill the EFMS, I know it's gone, I can now delete it. People need to be able to delete marks. 3. Make the Friendly Mobile spawn indicator show up for everyone from either origin or target or give people the ability to make a "BLUE" mobile spawn mark that everyone can see (like a waypoint?) I know waypoints are only visible on a mission, I think they should be visible to Target, rather than forcing us to use the ESHIP icon. 4. a Blue Mark for an Ammo Cache also visible to anyone on Target or Origin. 5. A way for HC to mark the A1 (Attack Priority 1) A2 (Attack Priority 2) etc. and D1 (Defense Priority 1,) and D2 (Defense Prioirty 2) on the map and mission screen. 6. An indicator (*) asterisk maybe next to a mission when it is an HC Rifle spawn only mission so people don't try to spawn stuff other than rifles from the spawn list.
  15. I would like to be able to rotate the FMS before I place it, it is often difficult to get a truck exactly in position to put the FMS at the angle you want the opening of the FMS to be located at. If I could stop the truck where I wanted then rotate the FMS (say with my mouse scroll wheel) before I placed the FMS to get the opening at the direction I wanted, that would be a great feature!
  16. Caveat, make it universal, often the supplies dropped weren't close to whom they were intended for and fell into enemy hands. So if a plane drops an Ammo Cache make it usable by either side. Perhaps a shorter life expectancy than that of the standard Ammo Cache?
  17. I'm still hoping that they can either make it so I can do stuff on the training server or Area 51 on the Live Server. Is it true that you do more damage on the Training Server?