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  1. I have been silet up until now on this subject. But....the last 24h of map changes make it so clear that all argument to the contrary mimic Bagdad Bobs; The ToEs and current HCs function must go. It is now more than well proven that it doesnt work for delivering an interesting gaming experience.
  2. I forgot to say "and" as in engine off AND not moving relative the ground. No matter how sneaky the paras are, the para plane is moving.... Speaking of radar, in my suggested scenario, radar/squares will not warn as long as the plane has engine off and not moving. I guess "enemy spotted" will display if the plane is close enough to a town.
  3. When an aircraft is: Not moving Engine off Turn the halo off so that planes can load, unload or just sitting on a "field base" waiting, with out atracting more attention than any other unit. Would add a new dimension especially to the Hurri and Stuka anti armour game.
  4. I have seen it, you are correct in your comment!
  5. Look for other ways of getting points to level up. Bombing bridges wuth AO. Ground fighting with Air assets. (ET kill with ATG is 50p)
  6. Id say ML spending the same time and effort setting a PPO that makes it possible to create a spawn area, as it takes today to set an FMS. (As opposed to for example HC setting the attack area with HC tools or similar.) By claiming I mean the " right to spawn in an area".
  7. I was not clear enough. The ML has to drive a truck to " claim " the spawn area, deploy some for of PPO, may be invisible but with a timer. It is much more realistic that the enemy is spotted in an area of the terrain, than at an opening in to a hillside like the current FMS. The distance of the spawn area from the city has to be carefully thought about. If you go in to that area ( say 100x200 meters/yards) with a tank, suit yourself. That is exactly what my suggestion is trying to solve, stop the camping.
  8. Remove the FMS as a spawn point. It focus the defending side on ether camping or destroying it, as opposed to actually fight a battle. My suggestion is that the ML sets up some form of PPO. Around this PPO in let’s say 200x100 meters the actual spawn point/where the ATG/inf persona appears is random. This would to a large extent prevent camping, both from ground and air. If someone tries to camp a 200x100 meter area (or whatever size) can be more easily avoided or defeated. The battles will be fought as intended, not like now centered around destroying or camping a FMS
  9. Have seen and heard abot this as well. It would be easy to test.
  10. I am sure that a lot of what has been obeserved in this thread is due to the problem reported here;
  11. And after all hot air, the mp 40 is still not close in the modelling compared to RL 9mm SMG. Mow THIS is a fact. (this might be true to other SMGs in game as well?) I game, if thats intentionally or a mistake that will be corrected is a different thing.
  12. Ok, I have never fired a Mp 40 RL. What I can share, is the experience of firing 1000s or 9mm parabellum ammo through a Swedish M45b. Its a similar weapon, firing the same ammo (the Swedish one being more powerful) with an open bolt full auto mechanism. The modelling of the Mp 40 is way off i my opinion. As a competitor (did both target and military style field shooting competition) with the M45b, I could place 6 rounds inside a 4" circle at 80 m, or hit a full size Ei figure at 300m. There is no reason that the Mp 40 should not be able to the same accuracy. Full auto the same, the recoil in the Mp40 model is way out of the Rl 9mm parabellum/luger experience. This is the gun I have the above experience with; https://youtu.be/73im_VBjM24
  13. Today, the top player for many weapon is calculated on kill/killed ratio. Example, as ATG if you kill 30 ETs and get killed 3 times that might be top score for a particular weapon. 10/1 = top score My suggestion for better team/side benefit; If you kill 200 ETs and get killed 200 times as ATG that is more damaging for the enemy than the 30 to 3 ratio above, and ought to be regarded as top performance from the team/side view. (ATGs are much cheaper than tanks) If the above is a good idea or not depends on if the game wants to promote team play or not. (in the example trading 200 tank for 200 ATGs surely is good battleground business) If stats mean everything for a player, such a system would also benefit the team/side when a competitive player would shift in to trying to kill as many enemies as possible. = better fights.
  14. In RL, holding a bolt action army rifle still takes a lot of practice and can only be done under short periods measured in seconds not minutes. They are heavy, around 4 kg / 8-9 lbs. I think this aspect is brilliantly modeled, except sniper witch is steady under far to long time compared to RL, but works fine in game imo.
  15. In the 90s, I bought a 1911 pistol for target shooting. The gun came to the Swedish gun dealer I bought from, straight from a Russian depot......... It was some kind of WWII support from USA to Russia, the 1911 was unfired and green parkerised. On the gun there was text saying; "property of the US army" or something to that effect. I don't own the gun now, and sorry I have no pics.