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  1. Background: Having max rank axis and been playing allied the last 4-5 campaigns. One major reason for the lack of kill streaks for axis, is that when ANY Pz rolls up to a FMS, allies just kill it frontally with the FMS spawned ATG. When an allied tank (not Pan) roll up to an axis FMS, killing it frontally with the Pak 36/37mm atg is not possible. Of cause this is not the only reason for the unbalance delems point out, but still a huge difference in how/if you can defend a FMS.
  2. Or connect it to rank. Above rank XZ, you can remove the chat bar.
  3. "Fix? Get rid of the brigade system and put in town supply." This! As for feature: Implement the ammo and gun audit.
  4. This happen to me a lot. From my observation, firing at ET, set him on fire without damaging what ever triggers a kill credit. He will brew and or blow up, but no kill kredit. I often aim for the "brew" spot on different tanks/Pz , as mentioned, happens a lot I dont get the kill credit.
  5. You cant blame anyone from playing the other side if the game cant be played for the first side, i.e. no supply. I think that RDP needs to be stoped from have such a huge impact on the playing experience of so many, for the joy of so few.
  6. Then we have agre to disagree. I log if I cant spawn any of the "toys" I play with. (on edit, O wait, I can log in to the side that HAS the equipement I pkay with, reinforcing the overpop, bad idea.) How did the majority of allied players react when supply became scarse, I noticed a lot of Axis over pop........... As for the motivation of the bomber pilots. lets stop speculating and let them speak for themselvs.
  7. Remove the emediate game busting damage resulting from RDP bombing. Instead, let the damage accumulate in a scoring/point system. Those points will then be used as a part of the victory condition formula for the campaign. Example Side a own y number of factories, AND has destroyed XYZ number of factories over W time. = win. This will achive two thins (if not more): 1 Ground supply will be avalible for all to use, not cut in half by RDP. 2 The pilots can effect the outcome of the campaign without destroying the game play for others.
  8. May be this can be solved by SEVERLY cut down the supply of heavy bombers. Now the most expensive kit in RL, bombers (and DDs) are more plentiful than 88s, Chars, Zooks, and so on. As it stands now, killing 2-3 bombers on route to a factory dont mean anything for the supply of said plane. Bomber guy just respawn a new bomber and tries again. If the bombers get through, the consequence is out of proportion for the other paying customers. I mean, we limit Zooks/Shrecks for the sake of playabillity, the RDP is not on the same scale as a game killer. The RDP success/ points scored for each side could be included in the victory condition formula. How, I dont know enough to have an opinion on that.
  9. It not common, but happens just the same, riflemen kill planes. Just extremely unusual that it done with an ATR, since they are spawned so seldom compared with rifles.
  10. Torpedoed a German DD camping a UK naval base, THAT was fun. Wasted 4 DDs before I hit him, only in Int
  11. Seems like we have good pop even now in int. Do the greentags really care if intermission or map? Now they can burn out any amount of stuff and also fight someone, as opposed to practice off line.
  12. Im using this cooler, works well.
  13. I just upgraded my old PC. I have found thet the GPU can be anything remotly modern. CPU frequency seems to be the main factor of FPS for this game, since it use only one core, get the cheapest and highest ghz you can find. I got I-5 7600k @ 4.8, 16 Ram, 270 chipset, and a 1050 i graphics card. EDIT, checking, I settled on 4.4 ghz, not 4.8. From this combo I get, at maxt out in game settings, 80 - 150 fps, extrem situations lately I have been down to 30ish or up at 200+. I actually loose Fps if I overclock the graphiscs card for this game, not so in benchmark software. I would not worry about future WWI needs, when we have a new game engine your build would still need replacing for age reasons alone.
  14. Yesterday I saw a stream of green tags like 10-15 people advancing to recapture a CP. Prolly a squad from another game trying this game. Looked promising. They didnt do bad at all from what I saw on the map,( I was not close.)
  15. I have had a Tiger engine knocked out by Pan, rear shot. It is/was possible to flame a Tiger frontally with the 57mm ATG, have not tested it lately. No update has been done since the new rats took over to armour or gun performance to my knowledge. (reading the forums and upades info)