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  1. Could this new, hard-objects resistance to HE, be the same cause as the FB resistance to HE satchels that was discussed and looked at in a different thread?
  2. Whats new in this offer? Cant see any difference on my account page under special offers …….
  3. M60 has lower rate of fire but is lighter then the Mg 34, but still...……. Anyone think he couldnt have walked and fired?....dont forget the skill factor….he do know how to hold that gun.
  4. Is he cheating or is that Gooood? Whats your opinion?
  5. There are two major things I have bee waiting for, paying the sub in the mean time. Fix the bugs related to armor and gun performance. = HE/KE + armor review. Fix the intolerable fact that other players/lack of other players totally can destroy the game experience = "HC must go"/1.36
  6. As soon as 1.36 with HE and KE audit are in, the same soon I will chip in with a full sub again.
  7. In the name of open communication, what happened? Keep it up Rats!
  8. Going back a few years, I think CRS have tried every variant of FTP that is/was possible with the code as of now and the past. This resulted in a big hole in the income stream, did not work. Simple as that.
  9. Just a FYI, I think Ltarflak was refering to the air quake experience from a recieving point of view. Dont you also, really? As a reciever of a bomb, anyone is entitled to have an opinion on bombers.
  10. Allied view of the above, Ei and Pz come to FMS, ATG kill Pz frontally, atritt works Axis view, Ei and Tank come to FMS, Axis can not kill ET frontally, FMS overrun. A fundamental problem/unbalance, is the ATGs abillity to destroy ETs coming for the FMS. If its historically coorect does not matter, it is very different defending a FMS from ETs depending Axis or Allied.
  11. What mo said. Remember a couple years ago, the air was so filled with Ea that i got 2-3 Ea kills with a MG34 from a bombed out building. (wich they chose not to bomb again
  12. I thought I saw bouncing betty......
  13. There is definitely a problem with the damage model of trucks, both sides. One example is shooting with a ATG/PAK in to the radiator, dead head on shot. In game they just drive off.......... In RL that would end the truck at once, taking out the engine block and pushing the remains through the driver.
  14. So why are axis so popular among the player base? (causing the axis being overpop and dominating in Tz 3) I think that needs to be analyzed apart from increasing total pop and so on. My answer, from experience of playing both sides as hardlead and other accounts, is that I feel welcome on the Axis side, not so much on the allied. With my max rank as hardlead, there is an explanation but no excuse. As for my other "untarnished" acounts one being exclusive allied, I was welcomed when I had a brainfart and spawned axis. (In one of my allied campaigns) Allied side does not communicate if your not in a squad (lone wolf) Axis do. Just my experience from the last 6 years.
  15. Yepp, but you did not use the tree or bush line to move, out of view from the EA. All alternatives are better than moving over open ground, even if it take 3 times a long to get there.