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  1. Received a turret lift in a Church CS from a 111 after HE update. German bombs are not 500 lbs, but 500 kg I believe. And arnt they also AP/"hard nosed"?
  2. Maybe give a lot of points for the first xx number of people spawning in, but set a cap of how many points a FMS can give. That would make it interesting for the guy ranking up, and promoting team play.
  3. It was proppably Piesport, looking at CSR.
  4. There are a few docks where the FMB get stuck on spawning in. Cant remember the town I last experienced this, but it was in the E part of the map, this campaign.
  5. The HE satchel lost energy a while back, could explain it.
  6. Maybe thats the difference compared to the Axis......
  7. Resubbed a few hours ago. Thought that I might try allied this campaign. What immediately became clear, is that nothing has changed!! Allies dont mark on map, dont use text to communicate. How do they expect to be successful. This is in strak contrast to axis.
  8. Double track = kill. Doable with 37mm or 20mm. You do end up with a pissed pillbox though...........
  9. I would actually prefer pbveterans suggestion, a 50m ATG would be awesome. ................. On a serious note, I think the Pak38 in tier 0 is a good idea to counter the matty. It is still very difficult to knock out a matty with a Pak38, but at least possible.
  10. Now thats a challenge with the 20mm AAA
  11. Axis ground vehicles are never going to be the equivalents of the Allied glamorous uber toys. Thats my opinion.
  12. How to find the recorded chat?
  13. The most important things that need a fix is the bugs/functionallity related to shooting each other. New guy spawn in for the first time, #1will he be most concerned over that ei that ate a mag full from his SMG turn around and killhim, #2 OR will he be most concerned about the mechanics of the frontline. I say #1 is by far the most important, still do after 7 years. The nagativity in the forums can be dealt with in two ways, #1 Fix and be totally open with what is going to get fixed and what is going on. #2 Do as I experienced the old team did, heavy cencorship. WITCH IS BAD. That frustration led to the creation of paralell forums witch only purpuse was to rant and bad mouth the rats and the game.
  14. 2007 85Th Flyingfall. / 85th fallschirmjäger. Got a mail the other week that 85th might be back this fall.
  15. Whats wrong with paying for what one use? May that be a service (game) or hard prodct. If you want to play, pay, simple as that.