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  1. In a situation where there is 1000+ players on each side logged in at any time, I buy in to the RDP concept. As it has been for the 8 years I have been playing on-off, successful RDP bombing is just another reason to unsub for the ground player: 3-4 bomber guys ripping away the supply expected to be available for the ground war.
  2. Yepp I know that, I just went WTF over the dud killing an Inf. Is that per game mechanics possible?
  3. Sat in a PZ in AB spawn in AB under heavy attack the other day. A blen went in to bomb, just waiting for the concussion, nothing happened. What I did see was one of those WTF moments. I saw a black streak/fast moving object hitting just beside an 88, thing is there stood a freindly inf, hit directly by the unexploded bomb = Insta killed. Is this even possible, or did I see something else?
  4. Thats all thats needed to suppress a CP/spawn, if the tank has an Mg. In game there is limited use/value to see the expression in his face when a 10.5cm He fail to kill him. On the other hand, with an Mg and just a silhouette of an Ei, the optics are good enough.
  5. So the inf suppression tanks using HE, are by design not capable of delivering the grief they should due to game design. As I understand, u cant kill whats not rendered = high level bombing?
  6. That sums up the whole game mechanics and the resulting combat style VS history, were the equipment production value had a meaning.
  7. Being ironic dont work well over the key board, should know better. I dont agree with the reported consequences of the economic model, has no to little relevance in our limited game world imo.
  8. Because Axis had a 40% advantage, according to the economic model. (can be read in the forums) The StuH didn’t have an mg so we don’t give it any. Yes it did, at least according to this original manual page 22. Pic with Mg and smoke launchers As I can understand, the gun in the StuH was loaded with grenade and powder bag. That will explain a longer reload time compared with a case and grenade in one unit. With a max powder charge it had a firing range of 12 km, how far is the sight possible to adjust to?
  9. In this original manual, page 22, you can see the StuH 42 with shield and Mg. StuH 42 with Mg Here you can see that it carried 54 10.5 cm rounds and 600 Mg rounds. Not bad long range penetration; Armor penetration 10.5 cm L28 What AP grenade is modeled in game?
  10. Is THIS the purpose of the new spawn lists?..... At least it would allow the allied to win a campaign. example
  11. My bad, 8mm ATR.
  12. Or spawn inf and cap the nuts of the tank spawning side. You see, winning the campaign is FUN, some people say.
  13. All this talk of spawn lists are inconsequential, if an ATG cant kill a truck aiming at the driver. (just an example) Pls fix the FPS, the most basic part of the game first.
  14. Me think that this is a far better way of showing new people the game that FTP rifle accounts.
  15. M10, one shot flame by 20mm AP or 5 shot flame by 8mm atg.ATR From 90 deg behind the M10, one shot with 20mm AP, or 4-5 shots 8mm atg ATR (close) will flame the M10. Aim on the fuel tank, left or right. Tested on the server. Got killed in campaign in a M10 by a 232, thought WTF, now I know how it was done.