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  1. What are the instant benefits by having a 64-bit client? * What can be done out of the box with more memory? * Will it have multi-core support? Can we have the whole chat system allocated to one of the cores to free resources from main CPUsed by the game? What else can we get on mid and long term developments?
  2. I am back with my game name "icewarp" to be used on Steam, but I lost my rank on the process ;/ I prefer to play the game from Steam on now on, it is also a Marketing so people see you spending zillions of hours in the game. Hopefully I reach my rank back
  3. I am playing on an Helios 300, it's too much for this game. Get the cheapest laptop with the latest generation processor (for example i7-8750H), and you will be fine with this game. Maybe a Dell G3, about USD 750.
  4. I´ve just resubed too but I took a monthly plan. Brazilian reais against USD is around 3.4, making BE subscription almost impossible to keep. Will put some months in to help the game though.
  5. Thank you. I was able to use keyboard+mouse changing the combo both in the lower right of the screen. Why isn't that the default for all players? Or maybe an option would be asking a questions for the player like "Do you have a joystick?" beforing enabling it. I am sure the majority of players don't have a joystick, so I don't see a point making it the default.
  6. Hi, I am returning back to the game and having some difficult getting used to controllers once again. I tried spawing an AT Gun, but wasn't able to get out of the place using mouse+keyboard. In the past, I used a .cfg file with configuration pre-made by players. Today, I don't think this acceptable anymore. I am doing something wrong that I can't start playing right away using mouse and keyboard? Regards