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  1. I am in the middle of your 14 day trial. I was thinking about a subscription. I checked your available subscriptions. I stopped right after I read your subscriptions. Any other MMO I have ever played offered a one month subscription plan. Why doesn't your game? Aside from the fact that your game has an extremely high learning curve, why wouldn't you want to promote people to play by offering a cheap and affordable option? A 6 month plan is far from what the majority would be willing to invest in. If I get the hang of your game and I get sucked in month after month then I might think about subscribing for a 6 month stint. Right now the game is so hard I don't want to invest 6 months of my money for a game I might be through with in one month. Is there anyway you could offer a one month subscription? I think it would go along way to attracting more players. If you can't/won't offer a one month plan then I will have to say good-bye to your MMO, because I won't sign some deal saying I will pay for 6 months when I am not sure I can/will play your game for that long.
  2. I would like some support with Air to Air combat. My game name is: Sandwich69. I played the game about a year ago for a short time. I don't remember it being this hard to do A2A. I really could use some help. My timezone is: EST. I can be active almost anytime day or night, whatever is best for the trainer. I am flexible. Currently I am on the AXIS side. Thanks in advance.