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  1. EFMS' destroyed and FMS' set.
  3. As a mac user, I'm used to simple solutions like drag and drop; And from past experience, I avoid convoluted pc/windows processes which most of the time doesn't work with a mac. I'll stick with my CRS issue negative cameo. CRS could adopt a drag and drop process with a size limit on images like all the other sites do.
  4. Reminds me of the old saying: "type and die"
  5. I could see its use if restricted to show those that are logged into the game and is constantly updated live.
  6. I clicked on SCKING's link and started a second download. The first download then sped up. I currently have 320/380 MB downloaded with 39/42 minutes left.
  7. I'm having trouble downloading the full client from the get started page. It was taking 5+ minutes to download .1MB with a 10 hour (and increasing) download time. I then found this post and clicked on SCKING's link. Now the first download substantially sped up. I now have 2 downloads going at different speeds. The one that has downloaded the most has the longest time left. Both downloads are listing an hour more or less to finish. I guess I'll keep both going and hope one works. This patch seems to be off to a rough start. OS 10.13.3
  8. I tried to download patch from start icon. It almost completed then I got an error. I'm currently trying to download the full game. The download is barely happening. The download time list anywhere from 5 to 10 hours. It's actually/currently taking about 5+ minutes to download .1MB. I'm not optimistic.
  9. I remember a few camps ago HC requested everyone spawn an Opel for new AO. We did and no shortage of FMSs.
  10. Unsupported tanks subject to infantry attack?! How unrealistic!!!. Take the sappers away and replace them with panzerfausts. How's that for realism?
  11. Wired in with nothing else connected.
  12. It rarely happens to me, but fighting in Longuyon on March 4 seemed suspicious. It happened twice, both times while I was trying to cap. Not to mention ei flying across the river at Huy the previous day. Congrats Allies on your upcoming victory, it seems to have been preordained.
  13. Historically, the axis had crappy tanks but knew how to use them and the allies had superior tanks but used them poorly. With 20/20 hindsight, ours is a battle between crappy axis tanks vs superior allied tanks (not to mention the allies getting a 1944 grease gun in 1940 ). And axis still wins 50% of the campaigns.
  14. The cut was completed early in TZ2, I was there. Allies only have themselves to blame. I don't think Laon was a soft cap ( I may be wrong, we were taking towns so quick). From my perspective, the allies didn't show up to fight.