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  1. In addition, the closer one can spawn into action the less likelihood of teamwork. The fms was supposed to foster teamwork and some of us really tried with ZOCs but it didn't work. The next logical step would be to eliminate the fms. Would teamwork increase having only the fb to spawn from? History would say yes. Still not enough teamwork? Eliminate the fb and attack from town which takes us back to the beginning of WWIIOL. When I joined in 2002 I was a Lonewolf the first 2 days and quickly realized I had to join a squad to get anything out of the game. I joined a squad and it was a blast from then on. I'm not saying go back to the old days (I've said that enough elsewhere); these are just my experiences from a teamwork perspective.
  2. From what I've experienced so far, it seems bad lag is back in exchange for auto-despawn.
  3. Last time I used a pistol, I swear it was firing blanks. Fortunately, the knife always works so I'm all for it.
  4. 1. All players on the same target see all FMS marks and marked enemy for that target regardless of switching missions or newly created missions. 2. More accurate sound proximity- someone shooting a rifle 700 meters away is often just as loud as a rifle being fired right beside you (and same for vehicles). 3. A more accurate map depicting what is really there: more and better topography.
  5. Also, black smoke from mortars and small arms fire.
  6. I'm self-employed and always looking for opportunities to hawk my wares (sell merch for you youngsters). How about a section in the forums for members to post their business websites?
  7. Although spawning into the active battle page was done for players to find action quickly, it often leads to confusion-such as when there are no active missions. Would it be better to spawn into the brigade page where its easier to see where AO/DO are and what needs missions?
  8. Nugitxx I favor an unrestricted open front like the old days but the original intention of the game was to operate with a player based squad system. Although you can play as a lone wolf, it's not what the game is intended or geared for. I support having the choice to lone wolf it, but I don't think provisions should be made to accommodate it. The game itself already discourages lone wolving. A move towards a more open front would naturally do so even more, and rightfully so.
  9. 02 or maybe early 03 (old account), whenever it was reviewed in MacWorld. Panzer Lehr
  10. Hindsight checking in- This game is ethnocentric. Players from the occident easily relate to the game. Most current players are from the west and often had fathers and grandfathers who fought in the Armies represented in the game: Western Europe and America. Those from the orient have less relatability as their culture isn't represented, therefore a less historical connection. The only major country involved in WWII that bridges the gap between the occident and orient is the U.S.S.R. Would a game based on the eastern front attract more players from the orient? And what about Russian participation? Do they look resentfully at WWIIonline as another attempt to make WWII all about the west? Would players from Russia, China ('Gina for Trumpsters) and Japan- all very large markets- come to the game if it was the eastern front? If so, how many more?
  11. Intermission would be a good place to test out ideas. It would keep me and probably many others from complaining about pointless intermissions.
  12. Again, why not have an open front with AO? Players/squads have their choice.
  13. I'm I correct in perceiving that, in general, Allies is pro AO and Axis is pro open front? I never really saw it as a side issue until this topic got rolling. I'm Axis and prefer an open front, but not because I'm Axis.
  14. You had me up until "But...", then you lost me.