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  1. Historically, the axis had crappy tanks but knew how to use them and the allies had superior tanks but used them poorly. With 20/20 hindsight, ours is a battle between crappy axis tanks vs superior allied tanks (not to mention the allies getting a 1944 grease gun in 1940 ). And axis still wins 50% of the campaigns.
  2. The cut was completed early in TZ2, I was there. Allies only have themselves to blame. I don't think Laon was a soft cap ( I may be wrong, we were taking towns so quick). From my perspective, the allies didn't show up to fight.
  3. Any info out there comparing concussion vs fragmentation grenades?
  4. More weather, please. How about using historical weather in the game tied to tiers (years) and the actual calendar? For example, If the campaign starts in March, the game weather should reflect the historical weather March 1940. Tier 1 starting March or April would have the historical weather of March/April 1941 and so on.
  5. I posted this question in July and got no answer. Is this as good as it gets? (i.e. lag kills, unkillable enemy, rendering etc.). I'd like to hear from CRS on this subject other than the usual lip service. I'd like some specifics and a timetable. My sub is up in 8 days and I can't see paying for the game in its current state. Lag is THE issue.
  6. It's the ever-present lag problem. It used to be worse. Since 1.35 and netcode3 it has gotten better but inconsistent. To avoid it, avoid close combat cp battles in a large population (i.e. fun) and go guard a FB or find a low pop. battle.
  7. I frequently have an fms set. If the mission leader (me) isn't present at the fms, he has to rely on players for accurate info. I am often called to delete an fms that's camped by what turns out to be one rifleman. I prefer to kill the one rifleman and keep the fms that I usually worked hard to set. I guess it comes down to what your definition of what "camped" is.
  8. still get the same result. I sent an email to the gm listed on the page.
  9. I downloaded 9.2. But can't get in the game because it says I'm banned for now. I started to download again to reinstall but it's 9.1. For some reason my system added the .2 as a counter, its 9.1.
  10. Or is this as good as it gets- still lag and some rubberband effect?
  11. How about a marketing campaign targeting regions whose TZ3 is their local prime time?