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  1. I'm fine with a draw. I'm more excited about the new patch.
  2. I'm fine with Sick Lesbians.
  3. as I'm reading this at 11 AM.
  4. Thanks for the correction.
  5. 1. Lag 2. Rendering 3. Off-set/clipping and a note about the lmg42- not a regular user, but in my experience, when deployed, it's very accurate. Firing from the hip is a waste of ammo usually resulting in no hits or maybe 1 or 2 lucky hits with the result of me dying. Running and firing? I haven't figured out how to do that, is that a hack?
  6. Don't forget this game has a strategic level as well as tactical. Realistically, not every town had occupying forces (soft caps). Boring guard duty is very realistic, but nobody is forced to do it. If you don't want to guard, don't (and accept the outcome). Is it unrealistic to sneak into a town to reconnoiter and take whatever opportunities present itself? It seems most complaints are that one can not spawn into an instant fight like in a...uh..... arcade game. One realistic aspect of the game reflects the old military axiom of "hurry up and wait". At a strategic level, it is not all action all the time which would often filter down to the tactical level. How many vets from pre-AO times remember setting ambushes for attacks that may or may not happen? Realistic? Yes. Exciting? No, unless that attack happened, then very, very exciting.
  7. EFMS' destroyed and FMS' set.
  9. As a mac user, I'm used to simple solutions like drag and drop; And from past experience, I avoid convoluted pc/windows processes which most of the time doesn't work with a mac. I'll stick with my CRS issue negative cameo. CRS could adopt a drag and drop process with a size limit on images like all the other sites do.
  10. Reminds me of the old saying: "type and die"
  11. I could see its use if restricted to show those that are logged into the game and is constantly updated live.
  12. I clicked on SCKING's link and started a second download. The first download then sped up. I currently have 320/380 MB downloaded with 39/42 minutes left.
  13. I'm having trouble downloading the full client from the get started page. It was taking 5+ minutes to download .1MB with a 10 hour (and increasing) download time. I then found this post and clicked on SCKING's link. Now the first download substantially sped up. I now have 2 downloads going at different speeds. The one that has downloaded the most has the longest time left. Both downloads are listing an hour more or less to finish. I guess I'll keep both going and hope one works. This patch seems to be off to a rough start. OS 10.13.3
  14. I tried to download patch from start icon. It almost completed then I got an error. I'm currently trying to download the full game. The download is barely happening. The download time list anywhere from 5 to 10 hours. It's actually/currently taking about 5+ minutes to download .1MB. I'm not optimistic.