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  1. When this subject came up (again), I got on the training server with an axis lmg and tried to run and fire. It couldn't be done, neither could reloading be done. Can someone make a video demonstrating running and firing with a lmg? Time to put up or shut up.
  2. Intermission is the best time to switch sides and try out equipment. It shouldn't be forced on players in a campaign.
  3. IMO that died with the AO/DO. It really killed field battles and ambushes.
  4. The FG42 saps stamina so quickly, I avoid it if I have to move far and/or fast. Also, I avoid it if far from resupply because it eats up ammo so quickly.
  5. If you look at 0:32 in the first video, the soldier is holding the mg34 with the sling on; it could be interpreted that the mg34 was normally carried with the sling on.
  6. I was just addressing each point directly. You have a valid point about the sling. Maybe treat "slinging" like a reload?
  7. 1.Disable firing while moving under ANY conditions: Not based in reality (see posted videos) 2. Increase non-aimed (hip fire) dispersion: Based on what allied complaints? Better to use historical dispersion. The current dispersion from hip-fire is not realistic, don’t make it even gamier. 3. Increase hip fire muzzle climb: Again based on what? How about simulating actual muzzle climb (unlike the mp40) 4. Make reloading a stationary task (only): Fine 5. Firing LMG will reduce stamina some (does recover): Gamey- pulling a trigger is that exhausting? What I don't understand is why there is a "compromise" unless its to make everything even i.e. red/blue. Will a "compromise" be forthcoming for tanks? Will Axis get a nearly indestructible tank to equal the Matty? It all just seems to be an appeasement to the Allies constant complaining. It seems the old axiom "The squeaky wheel gets the oil" is very much in play here. Maybe the Axis needs to be more vocal with their complaints.
  8. My apologies if this been posted already:
  9. also the mp40 at 0:52
  10. Are triggers that tough to pull?
  11. MSK RULES!
  12. If that was true then Axis would always be underpop because they would always lose.
  13. Here's how it might work: When a campaign begins, the first time a player enters the game, the side he enters on is his 'official' side for the duration of the campaign. If a player switches sides during the campaign, he is subject to friendly fire from both AI and other players for the duration of the campaign. After a pre-determined time at the beginning of a campaign, maybe 24-48 hours, new players joining the campaign afterward are subject to the following restrictions: The new player may join the underpopulated side and be under the same terms as the intitial pick your side phase, but if the new player joins the overpopulated side he is automatically subject to friendly fire.
  14. Part of winning a war is destroying the enemy's morale and their will to fight. This causes the enemy to surrender, desert, or sometimes switch sides. It is something the game simulates very well. What the game can't simulate are the mechanisms armies use to prevent desertion: military police, courts, punishment; but maybe it can be simulated somewhat. How 'bout this: Players that play both sides in a campaign are always subject to AI from both sides. OR, and maybe better yet, allow friendly fire ability ( to kill side switchers only) to a special class of officer that can be purchased and/or subscribed to ( at a very premium price! ). Feeeel free-to-discuss. Just imagine the implications. Losing sucks and isn't fun. That's because this game is a simulation and in reality, Losing sucks and isn't fun.
  15. I too want suppression, not artificially coded in the game but from my fellow players! It's frustrating trying to cap with friendly tanks there to suppress, but not firing unless they see a target. That's not suppression. Suppression is constant fire on the spawn (in this case) until the cap is achieved or till (most probably) you run out of ammo in the process. That's why in those situations I usually make the comment "tanks are worthless", although it's not the tanks fault, it would be more accurate to say 'tankers are worthless'. Also, remember the dreaded camping that everyone hates is in fact suppression (kudos allies ). I reject any ideas of inserting artificial suppression (I hate AI), morale, or fear. When we're winning morale is high. When we're losing morale is low. I fear death in game because I don't want to spend the time getting back into the battle.