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  1. Any chance they had Burma-Shave signs? (Am I showing my age?)
  2. Yeah, it's just I've always been into winning (or losing) campaigns. It's why I log on even things are not currently going my side's way. I would have rather it come as a surprise (even with a draw called) to keep the possibility open that the campaign might conclude.
  3. the patch release has currently killed the game. Time watch some movies or read until Sunday.
  4. But timers haven't replaced spawn delay; we have both.
  5. When typing comments in the forum, if I hit "return", most of what I typed is deleted. It seems to occur if I use "return" to double space. It's very frustrating.
  6. I'm having trouble with the term "historical spawn list". My dad was a WW2 vet and he never mentioned spawning.
  7. Just blow a cp while your mates cap it- always good for a laugh.
  8. Here's an idea I had for balancing sides which uses FF as a motivator: 1. When a campaign begins, the first time a player enters the game, the side he enters on is his 'official' side for the duration of the campaign. A. If a player switches sides during the campaign, he is subject to friendly fire from both AI and other players for the duration of the campaign After a pre-determined time at the beginning of a campaign, maybe 24-48 hours, new players joining the campaign afterward are subject to the following restrictions. The new player may join the underpopulated side under the same terms as 1 and 1.A, but if the new player joins the overpopulated side he is automatically subject to friendly fire as in 1.A
  9. Not much, starting 1944 feels like an extended intermission.
  10. Interesting, worth exploring.
  11. Very rarely have I read every post on a topic. I have on this one. Good comments and work all around!
  12. Me too!
  13. There has to be a better way than capping a cp then getting camped by 5-6 et. Tired of the cp system.
  14. When this subject came up (again), I got on the training server with an axis lmg and tried to run and fire. It couldn't be done, neither could reloading be done. Can someone make a video demonstrating running and firing with a lmg? Time to put up or shut up.