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  1. I've been anti-AO since day 1.
  2. I started envisioning a wwii style Alesia while reading through the comments.
  3. With something as trivial to the game as stats being fixed, surely the long-overdue Mac upgrade will come very, very "soon".
  4. The Catalina upgrades I've done with some other software are a little buggy in 10.14. Waiting eagerly.
  5. This was my introduction to Downfall parodies which led to too much time watching them. I have even occasionally been working on one myself which I'll probably never finish.
  6. I like it, especially the b&w newsreel look. I think it will attract players.
  7. I just updated the last of the software I use to comply with Catalina. WWII online is now the only software I'm waiting on. (just sayin' )
  8. WWIIonline is not alone. I'm still waiting on other software (from much larger companies) to become 64 bit compliant.
  9. I just submitted a ticket. It looks as though I'm being double-billed because I updated for recurring credit card payment. I hope this is answered very, very, quickly. Xoom- thanks for the quick response.
  10. It's what I've always been saying. 1943 had the best balance of equipment between opposing forces.
  11. I think it's always been while jogging with infantry, maybe running also. edit 10/26- game/mac froze while driving beddy- The problem seems to be related to constant movement.
  12. The game randomly freezes my mac. I have to unplug it to restart. This has been going on since OS 1014.5. It continues with OS 10.4.6. I've even reinstalled the OS to no avail. I've never gotten a reply on this issue.
  13. Edit- I finally got it paid. Paypal confirmed it and so did my credit card. What a TIME CONSUMING convoluted mess!!! Side note- Paypal sucks. I have an employer that started paying me through Paypal. I then transfer it to my bank account which Paypal says takes 1 business day, which in real life takes 3 business days.
  14. Interesting. I got an email saying my sub is inactive. I can't enter premium forums. But I can log into game. What a mess! Edit- Ok I can log into forums but not through frequently visited button (direct to forums on Safari). Paypal shows no recent activity from CRS. Overall, things didn't quite work like on the support ticket instructions. This is from my account history: Oct 20, 2019 08:06:18 Insufficient credit to complete purchase. Oct 20, 2019 04:28:03 Subscription plan transferred to $12.99 Recurring. Oct 20, 2019 04:17:40 Successfully updated billing method to PayPal Payment Solutions.
  15. Today is my renewal date and following instructions from my support ticket I still wasn't able to renew. No pay button appeared. So I guess this is so long everyone. Edit> I was randomly clicking around on playnet support pages and a pay now button finally appeared. I clicked on it but have no idea if it worked. Edit- I went directly to my paypal page and no activety was listed.