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  1. When talk of having garrisons started, I never envisaged garrisons strong enough to mount offensive operations as we currently have.
  2. When there are 2 or more AOs
  3. IMO, side switching squads results in one "pity" campaign after another. One side wins 3 in a row, let's switch sides to give the losers some victories, if we do it for 3 campaigns it won't be seen as a pity campaign. Rinse, repeat.
  4. How about ovepop tags visible to the underpop?
  5. No mobile spawns for the overpop side (extending to no fb spawning for extreme imbalance}.
  6. I've never really been concerned with balance, you just go with it (and I am in the anti-AO camp). My concern is about play experience regardless of winning or losing. I'm not trying to fix the population problem, just improve game play. If the overpop side rolls the map in TZ3, why does it really matter if there is 1 or 2 minimum AOs? The map is going to get rolled anyway.
  7. Is this an example of a thread being highjacked? Just curious, I really don't post stuff that much but I keep running across the term reading the forums.
  8. Then why not a minimum of 4 AOs in your terminology (2 AOs in everyone else's terminology)?
  9. But when each side's AO is the opposing town, from a side perspective it's 1 AO and 1 DO. No feigns or diversions, just straight up headbanging on a minute section of a "300,000 sq km battlefield". It seems a waste of space not to have access to it (and maybe somewhat false advertising).
  10. If I told you that, CRS would take this post down too. So this is re-worded from a previous post in positive language.
  11. I miss the impenetrable forests. It'd be nice to have enough rocks and boulders placed in some forests (Ardennes region) to prevent vehicles from moving through them.
  12. Variable AI. What if extra AI were deployed for the underpop side?
  13. Here's my idea again: 1. When a campaign begins, the first time a player enters the game, the side he enters on is his 'official' side for the duration of the campaign. A. If a player switches sides during the campaign, he is subject to friendly fire from both AI and other players for the duration of the campaign 2. After a pre-determined time at the beginning of a campaign, maybe 24-48 hours, new players joining the campaign afterward are subject to the following restrictions: A. The new player may join the underpopulated side and be under the same terms as 1 and 1A, But if the new player joins the overpopulated side he is automatically subject to friendly fire as in 1.A
  14. The only stat I care about are campaign victories.
  15. Didn't need more than 2 opels, we quickly got the spawn in town. Unfortunately, I started a new gig Sunday and haven't been able to play since the short time I played on Sunday. I'm going to try to log in the game tonight (Tue) with an Opel ready.
  16. Wow! You gave it a whole 30 seconds!? I guess that puts you on the twitcher/AD side of the argument. Around 11:00 game time on the 23rd we had two opels running infantry to Ridderkerk, quickly taking the town south of the river before the Allies started to respond. I guess you missed that in your 30-second evaluation. I see you joined in '06. So I assume you never experienced the game prior to TOE/AO. Your critique would have more credibility if you actually had experience with both systems.
  17. Huh? I'm not seeing posted screenshots to prove "this"? What is "this"?
  18. I was looking for something to replicate in computer games what I had been doing in board games (Panzer Leader, Squad Leader, etc.) combined with an fps like Medal of Honor on a tactical through strategic scale. I ran across a very positive review in MacWorld (in '02 I think) and tried it out. The rest is history.
  19. ya must have missed this earlier.
  20. It comes down to graphics vs gameplay (fps/lag). We could have WoW type graphics but probably end up with 2 fps due to everything being on one server. I'd rather fix the lag issues with what we now have before improving graphics (eye candy). There are trenches in game (usually surrounding woods) that I assumed represented leftovers of WWI which I have used effectively. Some trenches are quite extensive.
  21. Historically, I think 1943 had the greatest parity of opposing forces in terms of weapons and equipment. I wouldn't mind doing a whole campaign in 1943. Later tiers are hard to take seriously due to no panther tanks (the german firefly in game terms) and other disparities. Otherwise, I enjoy moving through all the tiers.
  22. OHM, You're the Man! Thank You. When those AOs started going up I grabbed an Opel, called for infantry, and made multiple runs until I had to log. And I didn't kill a single passenger. Good times.
  23. Just came from intermission. I think for no ppos to work you have to eliminate AO/DO. As of this writing, there is 1 AO/DO and its a tank standoff with dead trucks getting nowhere near the target. Eliminating AO/DO would be true old school. Do that, and I'd dedicate myself as a truck driver taking infantry to attack... who knows where?