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  1. Dropshooters ballet twirling around with massive BAR's as if it was goddamn swan lake.
  2. That's what I was thinking, a limited number of infantry available only from infantry or LW brigades armed with VG1s or MP507s, but only enough rounds for 2 full reloads and a single Panzerfaust to represent their cheap dispatching with limited supplies. They don't last long in sustained fight because they don't have enough ammo, but in ambushes or in rushes to clear CPs, they would be effective. They also provide a last ditch alternative to push out armour. Would be awesome if the Americans had a National Guard equivalent in later tiers for infantry brigades as well that are armed with M1 Carbines and a single M18 Recoilless Rifle for balance.
  3. Sounds good, but it needs to be a larger zone imo, about 100x100m.
  4. Going through my stats, here are my biggest enemies in reality: Gretnine: Killed by him 34 times this campaign. I have killed him 8 times. Heduo: Killed by him 15 times. I have killed him 16 times. Croman99: Killed by him 15 times. I have killed him 8 times. Eccles: Killed by him 8 times. I have killed him 3 times.
  5. In WW2 Online, we have the tier system in game which effectively represents a year forward into the war etc in the war: Tier 0 being 1939, Tier 1 being 1940, Tier 2 1941 etc. Effectively, we've got a campaign that is now in Tier 9, and has been going for over 2 months. Axis is currently slowly pushing westwards from the campaign start positions, but they are still yet to seize Brussels and Antwerp - and at any time it could easily swing towards Britain throwing the campaign back the other way and further dragging it on. With it currently being Tier 9, we are now effectively in 1949 by maintaining the general logic of the Tier system that the game uses. Assuming technology continues to be developed as the war progresses, should we add in some of the technology that WAS developed during the war, but finalised into production too late to reach the frontlines of Europe by the time of German surrender? In addition, what about some really late war equipment that DID see service in WW2 but isn't in game? Here are a few examples of such equipment: UK: Centurion Tank w/ 17 Pounder: November 1945 Gloster Meteor Jet Fighter: July 1944 Sterling Submachine Gun: September 1944 Browning Hi-Power: March 1945 Hawker Tempest: January 1944 de Haviland Vampire: June 1946 Sherman Firefly: June 1944 France: ARL44: March 1946 MAS-44: January 1945 Grey Ghost: June 1945 USA: M2 Carbine: April 1945 P51-D Mustang: May 1944 P82 Twin Mustang: June 1945 T20E2: May 1945 Germany: Sturmgewehr: October 1943 ME262: April 1944 ME163: July 1944 MG42: July 1942 VG1: October 1944 MP507: January 1945 Panzerfaust: November 1943 Panther: June 1943
  6. widowmaker, stankyus and rebel357 have been sticking in mind lately.
  7. Paratroopers being able to AO behind the lines is pointless because you can't AO targets behind the lines, unless both sides get a designated, "para AO," that is always available and is an invisible order to the enemy, so as to keep them guessing as to where paras will be dropped. I would much prefer faster cap times as well because they were elite troops meant to quickly surprise the enemy and seize a target, holding it long enough for reinforcements to get in.
  8. You could do a concept similar to what they do in Squad. Mission leader places the FMS and can do it as infantry, truck or armoured car, but he has to have a certain number of adjacent units within his mission first, and he can authorise the construction of defensive structures or spawn buildings within the ZOC that infantry can then dig up.
  9. I'm back boys and got a premium subscription. It's been quite a while too!
  10. It would be cool to see as a type of very light AA gun, rather than a PPO.
  11. If you want to talk about historical accuracy, a lowly little rifleman or SMG should be able to climb on top of your tank, stick his gun through the entry hatch and mow your whole crew down with automatic fire or a dropped hand grenade. So don't complain about HEAT satchels being historically inaccurate until we can do this.
  12. Yes, it would completely change how people plan to setup attacks for those still learning the map.
  13. Spitfires are extremely agile and fast, to the point that you pretty much pass out when you execute any maneuver if you aren't careful or familiar with the plane. It easily gets you killed.
  14. Then drop your paratroopers on bridges or airfield?
  15. AA gunning is a lot of fun, I loved doing it last night. It really isn't hard. Drive an FMS out to deploy from, or push a light AA gun out of a depot instead of the AB - hide it somewhere that it isn't expected to be like an alley way, in some trees, aim the gun towards the enemy path of flight and wait. Last night I solo AAed against the 250 and co using the 25mm. I got 4-5 shoot downs on a 190, a 111 and some 109s. Just shoot at them, bait them into attacking you. They have to go head on with their machine guns/cannons - easy kill. Bombers are a bit more tricky of course, because they don't need to go head on. But they are slower and less agile and thus easier to hit. Set up on the flanks of its expected targets, lead the target and fire into the side. Or again, bait them head on and aim slightly below the plane as it dives. I would that being said love to see dedicated AA vehicles, like the Flakpanzer and Wirbelwind, or the Quad .50 halftracks. It would add a new element to the game - mobile gun platforms to catch planes with. These vehicles also made great infantry killers as well, but would be very vulnerable to tanks due to their light guns. They're also harder to hide because of their size. AA bunker PPOs would also be cool - with hard walls on multiple sides and an exposed ceiling to shoot into the air with.