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  1. Hey ark. How about that bombing run to england last night? LOL. Anyway, its not shooting them down thats the problem. It's outmanuerving them. I can never get on their ass. No one. Unless they havn't saw me or are target fixated. But if Im flying along and come head to head with a Spirtifre at 3k...I don't know what to do! I turn, barrel rolls, whatever...I just...suck. I need 1-on-1 lessons bad.
  2. I have about 20 hours of flight time so far. I can takeoff fine, I've read In Pursuit, all flying guides I could find, and spent alot of those hours flying around at different altitudes and pulling different moves to become familiar with my 109, as to what I can do and what I cannot. The problem is everytime I engage an enemy, Spit, Hawk, what-ever, They always end up on my 6 and down I go. Any barreling or inverted reverses just postpone my fiery death. Which brings me to my biggest problem. 20 hours of flight time. I've shot down 2 planes. One was a Blen on my very first sortie after I bought my joystick, and another bomber last night. But I am no match for fighters. I can't gain ANY points for rank to get a better fighter. I realize experience is key and what separates a good pilot from a novice, and in time I will get that. But I could really use a heads-up and some advice with in-game flying. I have my joystick all setup great, and I'll probably be ordering a TrackIR because the flight part of this game is the main reason I am going to subscribe. I'm on ALL the time! - desertfoxx