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  1. Hello Problem: can't log in as Axis persona, CAN log in as Allied. Not good.
  2. This is extremely well said. Morale, and player numbers are what need to be addressed. I haven't played for quite a while, until the last couple campaigns, but before real life caught up, the Axis were on a few-campaign losing streak, and were imploding too. Both sides have the tools to win. Memories are also very short, and side bias, huge. Incentives to even out the numbers. If there were still FTP, I'd say give FTP on the low pop side access to ALL the gear, save a few top end units, and restrict the high-pop side to rifles. That might help somewhat. People like toys.
  3. I'd like to see something dynamic and combat inducing done with FBs for sure. My preference would be something like this, where FBs allow you to spawn closer, BUT aren't something that make or break a town attack. All too often, a great fight is stifled by an FB ninja, which really bites for both sides, when you are rolling. Yes, I understand guarding FBs is important, but at the same time, I see the same patient people doing it all the time, at the cost of their fun, to keep things rolling. Most just scream "Guard the FB!" and never do it. If it was a CONVENIENCE, and not a necessity, then its a choice, and a plan of attack, and a battle in the hinterlands to further your main operation, and not a boring but necessary duty.
  4. I would like to see warping removed. It smacks of exploitable glitch, rather than combat realism.
  5. Awesome, Syd! Congratulations
  6. Good vid, thank you. We have a WW2 Luger in the family, and though the barrel is shot out, and it isn't particularly accurate, my father, grandfather, and uncles were quite impressed that after thirty years, it never had one failure to fire when they ran a bunch of 9mm through it. One wonders WHY the barrel is shot out, and the stories it could tell.
  7. Yep, base of the tower, inside the beams, works pretty much every time.
  8. Agreed. Give it a less Lazer-like accuracy, a wobble factor, if you will.
  9. I'm with you, Imded...Steam bites. I'd rather see a separate, stand alone portal as well.
  10. I would like to see personalized gear or even just a helmet or medal insignia on the persona. Nothing obtrusive, that sticks out at a distance, but if you are standing ten feet from the guy, you think: "Uh oh, that's a black helmet bar" or "oh crap, that guy has the Order of Old Timers on his chest" just before you die. Exclusive, infinitely variable, and the coolest ones are at the top. You get the idea.
  11. I understand, and again, this is just one guy's opinion. To my mind, if you have attained a rank, you shouldn't lose it. Also, to my mind, if you are not willing to LEAD a division or army, and do the HC grind (and I feel for you, because I don't think I would enjoy it either), then do you really deserve the rank of General? I just hate the thought of time servers who never contribute attaining that rank. This is not meant as an insult, man, or directed at you...I know your value. There are a lot out there, when on, who never contribute in a meaningful way, though.
  12. I like this idea, very much.
  13. I rather like the system where only people who dedicate their time in game to helping others, and moving their side forward, can attain general. Ranks higher than colonel should only be attained via command, not time. IMHO, obviously...but it gives people more incentive to join HC, if rank is of import to you.
  14. Speaking as strictly an Axis ground pounder, I cannot express enough how much it means, when Luftwaffe appear to take out something trying to kill me, or a bridge that the enemy is crossing with tanks, or when they secure the air overhead, when you are fighting for a town. You just want to fricking cheer, and we frequently do. What other game would give you that...to know you made a difference.
  15. This is perhaps High Ozarkian. It is reminiscent of another recent poster. Sadly, I do not speak it :/