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  1. I'm still about mate, if I'm not one of the 4 count me in I just can't get on at the moment. My PC room is being renovated.
  2. me too, although I'm new to the game. Don't drive tanks or planes atm but I can aim as I used to play far too much counter-strike.
  3. Has to be said that this is a major own goal CRS. I'd been thinking of playing this again for some time, of really trying to get into it this time and eventually convinced myself to part with cash to try to enjoy it to it's full potential and now I'm disappointed. If it's PayPal related because they changed the way they operate shouldn't there have been a contingency or someone looking at forthcoming release changes from PayPal to identify these issues, I don't think they would just change their system on the hoof with so many companies using them that's bad customer service on their part if they did. I think a lot of frustration is borne out of the lack of communication too. We log support tickets and nothing happens, so we come here and get told to log support tickets again. As customers we're probably not happy to go and log support tickets again if the lack of communication on a ticket we've already logged is the reason we're coming to the forums anyway. I agree with the other fellow regarding credit to make up for this, at the very least I would expect the start of our subscriptions to move to the date where we can actually play the game rather than when we subscribed because at the moment I've paid for 4 days of nothing.
  4. same here, still locked. I logged a ticket on Friday @ 3:00pm, it's now Sunday at 5:30pm and I still can't play
  5. I have the same issue, logged a ticket about it days ago and I'm still waiting
  6. http://forums.battlegroundeurope.com/showthread.php?t=397943&highlight=Persona This guy had his fixed within hours of posting on the forums, why am I different?
  7. I've tried to un-install and delete the folder in My Docs, reboot and re-install twice now with no success. Logged my support ticket about this issue on Friday 15th Aug and still had no reply, it's now Sunday (for me anyway).
  8. thats how my game looks
  9. It says Active for a premium subscription
  10. Hi hope someone can help me. When I'm at the selection screen for allied / axis all I see is Subscription Locked on all of the persona's and when I attempt to click on one of them I get a pop-up message telling me my hourly subscription has expired and it closes the game, goes to desktop and launches an IE window to a URL which no longer exists generating a 404 error. I'm pretty certain I paid my $17.99 so why are the personas locked?