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  1. Cool, thanks. Looking forward to seeing what this game is like with crazy numbers.
  2. When Steam launches will those playing via Steam be playing those not playing on Steam yet? Just one campaign period, right?
  3. Wow, cool video ... about fell off my chair when I saw a quote from myself.
  4. I just want to see it when it's ready and not a second before.
  5. Log in as axis? Ah, no.
  6. Checked it out, but couldn't find how to check ram speed, but I'm not really all that concerned. This thing is absurdly fast anyway.
  7. Yeah, forcing me to play one side or the other is a non-starter. I would quickly end my account and I doubt I'm alone on this.
  8. Thanks for the tip. Not sure how to check the BIOS, but I'm sure I can find it somewhere.
  9. Ended up getting a Lenovo Y900. $899 i7 4.0gb cpu, 256gig SSD, 650watt ps, Threw my old HD in it as well. Spent another $140 on 32g ram of DD4 2666 Already owned a Nvidia 4gig 970. Quiet like no computer I've ever owned before. I mean whisper quiet. I have caught myself checking to make sure the fans were on multiple times as I was putting it together. Really nice non-liquid cooling set up. Great intake in the front and exhaust out the rear design with very easy fan screen cleaning (removable) both front and back (under PS actually). Played last night with everything maxed and was getting well over 100fps and typically inbetween 135-145 fps. I'm very happy with my set up. Very happy.
  10. Looking for suggestions on a new desktop rig. I have a good desktop video card, case, but need new motherboard, cpu, ram and power supply to put it together. Or a good full rig that is a good value. Any help (especially with links ) appreciated.
  11. Ah, one of my all time favorite squad nite commanders. Was some good times.
  12. Good to see you too.
  13. Yeah, it's me. How is the game with 1.35.2? My hardware isn't cutting it to play unfortunately.