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  1. I uninstalled my game, but the link on the download page keeps trying to give me Will it be updated to 1.36.2 at some point?
  2. 1. Enter world bug 2. Can't get up from prone bug 3. Stamina drains really fast when sprinting some times, and not others. No obvious reason/constant factor.
  3. I think he means no French or US SPAA models. They'll both be using the UK model, right?
  4. I still can't figure out why they didn't put the armored box around the gun/mount. I assume they're trying to replicated the Crusader AA Mk1? I know it was occasionally fielded without the open-topped turret, but in those cases it had a splinter-shield instead. And it really needs one or the other. The current model's a lot better than the one used in the kickstarter, but the gun & mount still look badly out of proportion to the hull (too large). They might not be, but the look like they are. And the overall impression is of a Frankenstein-like model. Putting the open-topped turret around the gun solves so many problems. I guess that might imbalance things a little, as the Sdkfz 7 doesn't have any kind of armor, but so what?
  5. Fix: put the audits in already! Feature: STO for bombs (and other long range ordnance; 88's, destroyers etc., and artillery once it's in)
  6. They tried that, about 5, 6?, years ago. It was going to be the 'great savior', lots of Chinese players paying to play a Chinese version of the game (same map, but everything translated into Chinese, and on Chinese servers) . Even paying a very low monthly subscription, there would be SO many playing that it would make CRS financially secure. There was a LOT of hype about it, and then... it all went mysteriously silent. I suspect the failure (whatever form it actually took) is what precipitated the financial meltdown of a few years ago. But it's never been spoken of again, so it's just a guess. Don't get me wrong, I wish it HAD worked. The potential is audience is yuuuuge. But like captcrayon, I'm worried that Steam won't be the panacea we all hope it will be. I'm a Day 2 player (not Day 1 'cos it took the disk an extra day to get to NZ!), and, like others, I pay even when I know I can't, or won't, play. Simply because the potential this game has is unbelievable. For that reason, I'm very pleased by Xoom's and Badger's responses, and I've got all my fingers and toes crossed. But I really do see Steam as CRS' last chance. If it doesn't work, I don't see them recovering. So they should take as much time as they need, 'cos, as far as Steam goes, CRS has to do it right the first time, 'cos they won't get another chance. Oh yeah, if v2.0 gets native VR support, then I'm gonna need a stack of new pants every time i play.
  7. Load times when switching CPs were a lot better during the last 1.35 beta, and also for a few days after the release. But since then they've got a lot worse again and now it's back to the bad-old days of 1.34
  8. Very stable, faster load times, and better FPS everywhere except big cities. In 1.34 it takes me up to 60sec to load into the game when switching missions, today it took ~5! Loading the game from start-up (from 'enter' in PlayGate to selecting a side) was also noticeably much faster. I normally play with 8-12FPS (yes, it's past time for a new rig!), but today I was getting low 30's a lot of the time with the occasional dip into the mid-teens. Which was a lot more playable. I usually get the the offset-bug pretty bad but today I didn't see any instances of it! Also, enemy units didn't skate or warp at all, it was a real pleasure shooting them! I played off-and-on for ~3 hours and didn't have single problem. Release it already!
  9. Who you want to ask a question to: Any rat working on new weapon art Your Question: It may be because I have textures turned all the way down but both the sten and the grease-gun are almost textureless on my computer. The FG42 and MP34 both have good textures even on the low setting, but the sten and the M3A1 look like they're made of large metal lego blocks (I'm exagerating a bit, but not too much). Is there any plan to do an extra texture pass on the new allied weapons (assuming it's not my crappy computer)?
  10. Who you want to ask a question to: XOOM Your Question: In last weeks update you mentioned that you're evaluating new software that would allow the introduction of new weapons. Assuming it all goes well and you can afford it (I'll pony up!) does this eventually allow the possibility of the fabled-mystical-fairy-tale player-developed units/weapons? db
  11. I had a similar mouse freezing problem that also resolved after setting all my compatibilities to Vista. I don't think I'm getting much of a performance boost, but at least it's running fine.
  12. They probably do, but; A) I didn't know that, and how on earth do I use a repository to install them, especially if I'm trying to install a patched version of the program and thus can't use my package manager to install it (and them) for me? Obviously I can figure it out given enough time (and Google) but given that i didn't know they existed there I didn't know to try to do it! Don't get me wrong, I REALLY appreciate your post, and you're patch is great. It's just that if Linux (even Ubuntu) is ever to be more more widely accepted/used you gurus gotta dumb things down a whole lot more... at least at first anyway. I mean I've used a (very primitive, very basic) command line before, but for your average PC user who grew up on Windows GUIs they're a really scaring/confusing thing and people simply aren't going to migrate to Linux if they have to resort to a command line. I've installed Linux, in one flavour or another, ~8 times now, and each-and-every time I've had to resort to the command line to getting it running (even with Ubuntu 8.1). The idea that my aged parents (or even most of my, college, students for that matter) would go to that extreme to get their computer running is simply laughable. At one point I started writing a Linux-noobs guide to getting WWIIOL running under Ubuntu but I realized that I'd tried so many different things that I couldn't remember what had worked and what hadn't! Oh well, at least WWIIOL is working, now 'just' to get Ubuntu to recognise my TV tuner card and I might even be able to finally wipe Windows of my machine.
  13. I'm a Linux newb and it took me a long time, and a lot of additional reading, to figure out how to follow your instructions. I used DOS back in the day so the whole concept of a command line isn't totally foreign to me, but I had to figure out what the syntax for Linux was. The one thing i want to mention is that when i ran the 'compile' command I got a 'command not found' error. After reading the Wine 'readme' I replaced 'compile' with './configure' and everything worked thereafter. I also had a lot of trouble figuring out how to install the wine dependencies from the shell script until I found the 'CHMOD 777' command. Damm, I've just realized I've 'make'd the unpatched version of wine! Doh! Back we go to the start! Ok, I downloaded the pre patched version and am now 'making' it, it's taking a looooong time It's probably also worth mentioning that if you apply the patch yourself the terminal appears to pause/freeze for quite a while while it does it. I closed the terminal down twice 'cos I'm so used to the WinXP progress bar and the lack of obvious activity freaked me out... sad!
  14. Hmmm, loads Ok for me but the mouse doesn't move
  15. I have an Uncle who was a Wellington pilot. I know very few details as he won't talk about it, except that he once said he remembered flying above a burning Berlin sometime towards the end of the war. He described it as 'a sea of fire'. I asked if he didn't mean Dresden, but he said no, it was definately Berlin. I know he completed at least one full tour, and possibly more as he made some comment at the same time about having the time to look at Berlin burning 'cos they didn't have to worry about nightfighters anymore. My Father had just finished basic training in the British army when the European war finished. Because he spoke good German he was transfered to an intelligence unit and sent to Germany a few weeks after VE day. He ended up doing something as part of the effort to hunt war criminals. He didn't actively hunt then himself though, I think he more searched records and did interrigations, again he won't talk about it. He has mentioned that he visited several concentration camps relatively shortly after their liberation. He won't talk about that either and always gets very upset whenever he mentions it and we have to leave him alone for a while afterwards to recover his composure. My maternal grandfather was the intelligence officer for one of New Zealand's (2?) Pacific fighter squadrons. I know very little about their operations except that they flew Coursairs towards the end of the war, primarily in a ground support role. Unfortunately I have no idea what they flew before the US entered the war. He kept a private diary (a big no-no) alongside the official squadron diary, and both are now on display at the New Zealand Air Force Museam. The only time he ever talked about the war he said how much he hated having to write the letters to the families of the men who'd died. He said he wrote them because the Sqd. CO just couldn't handle doing it. My Grandfather was very specific about how much he hated doing it, it was one of the very few times I ever heard him swear. He also started crying a bit and because I was only a young fella (12 or 13) I got embarresed and stopped asking him quesitons. My brother read through his diary after our Grandfather died and said Pa had personaly written over 60 of those letters during '42-'44. He also found a copy of one my Grandfather had been working on and said it was beautifully written (he was a very good lawyer in civilian life), very caring and kind. So much so that my brother copied it for his own use as an Army officer, fortunately however he never had to write one.