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  1. Wow, Jetmo! It's been YEARS! Good to see you.
  2. I will likely be the oldest account to reply to this thread. I started playing before alpha, eventually made it into alpha test(well before the first city was ever created). This was way back in the day where only a forest and some hills existed. Mostly it was flight mechanic testing. I'm trying to find my screenshots from back then, hopefully they are on a harddrive some at home (will check tonight), originally I had them saved on which is long gone. I believe this was back in 1999 or 2000. I can't believe it's been over 15 years and WWIIOL is still going! I have yet to find a gaming experience that matches. Before the game launched I was very active in the forums. I started off playing with the 2nd Panzer group and later on the Iron Wolves. I've been Axis the whole time. The last time I played was I'm guessing about 2 and a half years ago or right around the time my Wife and I had our first child (a girl!). Totally coincidentally about 2 weeks ago someone in the Star Citizen forums wanted me to come back and play WWIIOL. So, I'll give be sure to download and jump in again sometime this week. Welcome back to all the rest of the veterans! EDIT: managed to grab at least the folder structure and ONE screenshot from my pre-alpha stuff. Here's the folder structure: And here's the only screenshot I've been able to recover so far, back from around 2000 (pre-alpha). *Mods, let me know if this is not ok, since technically this screenshot was taken back during the NDA of pre-alpha**
  3. Hello! As the title says, I'm a returning player, one of the original members of the 2nd Panzer-Grenadier Division (I don't know if they still exist) and I have not played for about a year. I have a very long history with this game, since 2000 (that doesn't mean I'm good, but it means I'm familiar with the general gameplay and would probably need a quick refresher and info about anything I've missed since early last year). Anyway, I've recently upgraded my PC and downloaded and installed the newest version (just finished). I'm looking for a squad to join so that when I get back in there I will have some potential friends to play with! lol Seriously though, I'm seeking a squad that uses serious tactics, a squad that really does work hard to have fun and get things done in an organized way. I'm a fairly quick learner and enjoy taking direction in a squad-based situation. I enjoy playing infantry and was (back in the day...) fairly decent at using tanks (primarily my favorite was the P38t and PIII). I can also fly (much better now I'm sure, since I've upgraded my PC) and aside from ground pounding, I love the ships and naval combat. So, as you can see I'm really interested in any branch to join in the fight! If there is any squad/group/whatever out there that is established, successful (doesn't mean you win, but means you are organized and do your best) then I'd like to get in contact! My play times are evening/night in the PST time zone (I'm west coast, USA), mostly weekdays and some weekends. I hope this isn't too long of a post! I just wanted to get my feet wet again, I've missed WWIIOL so much! ...err..Battlegrounds Europe.. haha Thanks for your time! -Landshark